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Fedora 24 Articles & Reviews

7-Way Linux Distribution Comparison For Summer 2016   Operating Systems   2016-06-23
A Brief Look At Fedora 24   Operating Systems   2016-06-16
Power & Performance Tests With Fedora 24 Beta, Linux 4.6 Kernel   Operating Systems   2016-05-17
Fedora 23/24 vs. Debian vs. Ubuntu 16.04 vs. CentOS 7 vs. Clear Linux Tests   Operating Systems   2016-04-06

Fedora 24 Linux & Open-Source News

From Botched Releases To Exciting New Features, Fedora Saw A Lot Of Changes During The 2010s   Fedora   2019-12-24
Snap Support Available On Fedora 24 And Newer   Fedora   2017-04-11
Fedora Getting Ready For Linux 4.10, F26 Likely Shipping With Linux 4.11   Fedora   2017-02-23
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   2016-12-28
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   2016-12-28
Fedora Linux Had A Heck Of A Year, Finally Hitting Wayland-By-Default   Fedora   2016-12-26
Fedora 25 Finally Makes MP3 Playback Easy, Fedora 26 Might Ship It By Default   Fedora   2016-11-10
Trying Out Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, Wayland Session Not So Great   Ubuntu   2016-10-13
Fedora 24 Users: Don't Run "DNF Update" From The Desktop   Fedora   2016-10-04
An Easy Way To Try Intel & RADV Vulkan Drivers On Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-09-30
How Ubuntu 16.10 Beta 2 Performance Compares To Some Other Linux Distros   Ubuntu   2016-09-30
The Upgradeable Allwinner Dev Board That's Laptop-Compatible Raises $50k So Far   Hardware   2016-07-30
GTK4, RX 480, GTX 1070/1080, Nextcloud & Other Popular Linux Announcements In June   Phoronix   2016-07-01
Fedora Users Now Have An Experimental Firefox Wayland Package   Fedora   2016-06-22
Flatpak Officially Announced For "Next Generation Linux Applications"   GNOME   2016-06-21
Fedora 24 Officially Released: Powered By Linux 4.5 & GNOME 3.20   Fedora   2016-06-21
I Am Super Excited About Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-06-21
Fedora 23 vs. Fedora 24 On A Core i5 Skylake System   Fedora   2016-06-21
Fedora 24 Is Cleared For Landing Next Week   Fedora   2016-06-16
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Will Very Soon Have GCC 6   SUSE   2016-06-15
PHP 7.0 Is Being Planned For Fedora 25   Fedora   2016-06-14
Fedora 24 Has Been Delayed Once More   Fedora   2016-06-09
Early Virgil 3D Results Show This Virtual GPU For QEMU Has Room For Improvement   Virtualization   2016-05-19
Fedora 24 Beta Looks Nice, But Will They Ever Stop Mucking Up Anaconda?   Fedora   2016-05-10
Fedora 24 Beta Released   Fedora   2016-05-10
Fedora 25 Not Scheduling A Mass Rebuild Is Raising Some Concerns   Fedora   2016-05-03
Windows 10 & People Learning I'm Not A Robot Were The Most Popular Stories This Month   Phoronix   2016-04-30
Fedora 24 Beta & Final Hit By Another Delay   Fedora   2016-04-28
Fedora Cloud Would Like To Remind You They've Stopped Spinning 32-bit Images   Fedora   2016-04-22
Fedora 24 Prepares For Its Beta Release   Fedora   2016-04-20
Fedora 24 Alpha Benchmarks   Fedora   2016-04-01
Fedora 24 Alpha Released For POWER & AArch64   Fedora   2016-03-31
Fedora 24 Alpha X.Org vs. (X)Wayland Gaming Tests   Fedora   2016-03-31
Fedora 24 Alpha Is Looking Great, Running Well   Fedora   2016-03-31
Fedora 24 Alpha Released   Fedora   2016-03-29
GNOME 3.20 Gets Ready To Shine With New Features   GNOME   2016-03-22
Sadly, To Not Much Surprise, Fedora 24 Alpha Has Been Delayed   Fedora   2016-03-17
Fedora 24 Will Ship With Linux 4.5 Kernel, Linux 4.6 To Be Offered As Update   Fedora   2016-03-16
Developers Are Trying To Make Sure Qt Apps Fit In Well On Fedora Workstation   Fedora   2016-03-16
Today's The Alpha Freeze For Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-03-08
Wayland Will Not Be The Default Of Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-03-04
Fedora 23 vs. Rawhide Performance Tests, Xorg vs. Wayland & More   Fedora   2016-03-04
NetworkManager 1.2 Beta 2 Now Available   Linux Networking   2016-03-01
GNOME's Mutter Gets Primary Selection Protocol For Wayland   GNOME   2016-02-27
Fedora Has A New Live USB Creator Coming For F24   Fedora   2016-02-21
The Wayland Issues Still Ahead Of Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-02-19
GNOME 3.20 Beta Now Available   GNOME   2016-02-18
The VirGL Virtual OpenGL Renderer Is Growing Up   Virtualization   2016-02-15
More Fedora 24 Changes Approved, Including GNOME 3.20 & Glibc 2.23   Fedora   2016-02-12
More Fedora 24 Changes Being Discussed: Glibc 2.23, Graphical System Upgrades   Fedora   2016-02-03
Fedora 24 Will Get Qt Web Engine, QGnomePlatform & Other Changes   Fedora   2016-02-01
More Features Officially Approved For Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-01-22
Fedora 25 Scheduled For Release On 8 November   Fedora   2016-01-22
Remote Wayland Preview, GNOME 3.20 / Fedora 24 Is Shaping Up Well For Wayland   GNOME   2016-01-22
DnD Actions Land Within Wayland's Weston, Already Being Used In GTK+   Wayland   2016-01-19
Hundreds Of Ubuntu Packages Are Failing To Build With GCC 6   Ubuntu   2016-01-13
Fedora 24 Will Likely Ship With Golang 1.6   Fedora   2016-01-12
Astronomy & Neuro Proposed For Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-01-11
GCC 6 Will Warn You About Misleading Code Indentations   GNU   2016-01-10
Fedora 24 Will Indeed Be Delayed, Plus Other Changes Approved   Fedora   2016-01-08
GNOME's Mutter Now Supports Screen Rotation On Wayland   GNOME   2016-01-07
Fedora 24 Will Likely Be Delayed   Fedora   2016-01-07
How Close Fedora Is To Switching To Wayland By Default   Fedora   2016-01-05
Three More Features Proposed For Fedora 24   Fedora   2016-01-05
Primary Selection Support Still Being Worked On For Wayland   Wayland   2016-01-05
The Biggest Wayland & Mir News Of The Year   Wayland   2015-12-29
GCC 6 Is Being Planned For Fedora 24   Fedora   2015-12-22
Dell Will Begin Making Their UEFI Firmware Easy To Update From Linux   Hardware   2015-12-10
I've Been Running GNOME Wayland On My Primary Dev System: It's Been Going Great   Fedora   2015-12-06
Fedora 24 Slated To Receive Default Local DNS Resolver & Node.js 4.2   Fedora   2015-12-02
Fedora 21 Reaches End Of Life   Fedora   2015-12-01
Fedora Could Use Your Help Testing Wayland   Fedora   2015-11-24
Fedora Rawhide Enables Wayland By Default, Where Supported   Wayland   2015-11-10
It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would Switch To Wayland   Wayland   2015-11-06
Changes To Look Forward To With Next Week's Fedora 23   Fedora   2015-10-31
The State Of Fedora Workstation 23, Looking Ahead To Fedora 24   Fedora   2015-10-28
Fedora To Finish Phasing Out System V Init Scripts   Fedora   2015-10-28
Years After Wayland 1.0, Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Wayland Desktop?   Wayland   2015-10-25
Fedora 24 Poised To Have NetworkManager 1.2   Fedora   2015-10-05
Fedora 24 Is Planned For Release In Mid-May   Fedora   2015-10-01
Python 3.5 Planned For Fedora 24   Fedora   2015-09-29
Features To Look Forward To With GNOME 3.18   GNOME   2015-09-22
Wayland 1.9 Tagged For Release   Wayland   2015-09-21
Fedora Linux Is Looking For Those Still Using 32-bit AMD CPUs   Fedora   2015-09-16
NetworkManager 1.2 Pre-Release Soon Coming For Fedora 24   Fedora   2015-09-01
Fedora Linux Moves Ahead With Effectively Demoting 32-bit x86 Support   Fedora   2015-08-29
Fedora 24 Still Planning For Wayland By Default, Still Some Work Left   GNOME   2015-08-19
Fedora 24 Server Plans To Drop i686 Support   Fedora   2015-08-19
Fedora's Rawhide Kernel Adds In KDBUS Support, Ready For Testing   Red Hat   2015-07-30
Fedora Begins Preparing For RPM 4.13   Fedora   2015-07-28
Future Plans For Changing Fedora's Installer   Fedora   2015-05-29
Future Fedora Releases Likely To Be More Atomic-Like   Fedora   2015-04-03