Enlightenment is a lightweight yet feature-rich open-source window manager.

Enlightenment Articles & Reviews

Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Gaming Performance Comparison   Operating Systems   2013-01-31
gOS: The Conceptual Google OS   Operating Systems   2007-11-03
Pentoo Mini LiveCD v2006.0   Operating Systems   2006-02-06

Enlightenment Linux & Open-Source News

Wayland Protocols 1.33 Released With DMA-BUF Stable, Adds Transient Seat Protocol   Wayland   2024-01-19
Intel Meteor Lake, Emerald Rapids & Other Popular Topics For December   Phoronix   2024-01-01
Enlightenment 0.26 Released With Various Improvements   Desktop   2023-12-23
Linux Can Now Natively Handle CXL Link Protocol Errors, Fixes For Next-Gen VH Topologies   Hardware   2023-11-05
Microsoft Increasing Linux Security On Hyper-V With VTL/VSM Support   Microsoft   2023-03-01
RBOS Updated As The Linux Live Environment Showcasing The Latest Wayland Code   Wayland   2023-01-17
openSUSE Leap 15.4 Released   SUSE   2022-06-08
Enlightenment 0.25 Released With Improvements To This Lightweight Window Manager   Desktop   2021-12-27
Archinstall 2.2 Released For Improving This Easy-To-Use Arch Linux Installer   Arch Linux   2021-05-28
Valve Now Funding Blumenkrantz - Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan To Continue   Mesa   2020-11-23
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Driver - Performance Is Turning Out Better Than Expected   Vulkan   2020-09-08
Experimental Zink Patches Get OpenGL 4.6 Running Atop Vulkan   Vulkan   2020-08-24
Enlightenment 0.24.2, Terminology 1.8 Released   Desktop   2020-07-26
Enlightenment 0.24 Released   Desktop   2020-05-17
Experimental Linux Live OS For Showcasing Wayland Updated With Latest Desktops   Wayland   2020-05-07
Enlightenment 0.24 Alpha Released For This X11 Window Manager / Wayland Compositor   Desktop   2020-05-02
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
KDE Plasma 5 + KDE Applications Matured Rather Well   KDE   2019-12-26
Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare   GNOME   2019-12-14
Enlightenment 0.23 Released With Massive Wayland Improvements   Desktop   2019-08-24
Systemd-Free, XBPS-Powered Void Linux Releases New Images   Operating Systems   2018-11-13
Samsung Open-Source Group Reportedly Shuts Down   Free Software   2018-10-27
GNU Guix/GuixSD 0.15 Released, Closing In On v1.0   GNU   2018-07-06
Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland   Linux Events   2018-03-15
Samsung/Enlightenment Developers Are Busy At Work On EFL 2.0   Desktop   2018-03-14
Samsung Proposes Session Management Protocol For Wayland   Wayland   2018-02-26
Wayland Made More Inroads In 2017   Wayland   2017-12-29
Improved Wayland Application Redraws Coming To Enlightenment's EFL   Wayland   2017-12-16
Wayland Had An Impressive 2017 With KDE Support Maturing, Mir Switching Focus   Wayland   2017-12-13
QEMU 2.11-RC1 Released: Drops IA64, Adds OpenRISC SMP & More   Virtualization   2017-11-15
Enlightenment 0.22 Available For Download   Desktop   2017-11-06
Enlightenment 22 Is Packing Much Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System   Desktop   2017-11-04
Enlightenment 22 Alpha Strikes With Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System   Desktop   2017-09-13
Enlightenment EFL 1.20 Released   Desktop   2017-08-05
Enlightenment 0.21.8 Released   Desktop   2017-05-28
Watch The openSUSE Conference 2017 Sessions Online This Weekend   SUSE   2017-05-27
Samsung/Enlightenment Experiment With Wayland In A Widget   Wayland   2017-05-20
Enlightenment Working On OpenGL-Accelerated Evas Filters   Desktop   2017-04-25
Enlightenment's EFL Wires Up A Focus Manager   Desktop   2017-04-21
Atomic Mode-Setting Support For VMware's VMWGFX DRM Driver   Linux Kernel   2017-03-28
Some Of The Lesser Known Wayland Compositors   Wayland   2017-03-19
Wayland's Weston 2.0 Compositor Released   Wayland   2017-02-24
Intel's Linux Graphics Driver To Enable Atomic Support By Default   Intel   2017-02-12
Enlightenment Wires In Wayland's Pointer Constraints & Relative Pointer Support   Wayland   2017-02-04
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   2016-12-28
Mir/Ubuntu Developer Talks Up Mir Outside Of Unity 8   Ubuntu   2016-11-28
Atomic Mode-Setting For Wayland's Weston Has Been Revised   Wayland   2016-11-16
A Walkthrough Of Enlightenment's New Launcher "Luncher"   Desktop   2016-11-15
Luncher: Enlightenment Has A New Launcher   Desktop   2016-10-30
More Details On Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Atomic Modesetting   Desktop   2016-10-27
Enlightenment's EFL Continues Dominating In The Embedded Space   Desktop   2016-10-10
Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Library Is Working Out Well For Wayland Support   Wayland   2016-10-07
Enlightenment EFL Adds Atomic Modesetting, Nuclear Page-Flipping   Desktop   2016-09-23
Enlightenment's EFL 1.18 Released With New Wayland, Input Functionality Plus EWebkit   Desktop   2016-08-16
Enlightenment 0.21 Released With Its Much Better Wayland Support   Desktop   2016-06-30
Vulkan, Raspberry Pi 3, AMDGPU & Other Exciting Linux Milestones So Far This Year   Phoronix   2016-06-28
Enlightenment 0.21 Up To RC State With Better Wayland Support   Desktop   2016-06-02
Enlightenment's EFL Getting New DRM Library   Desktop   2016-05-29
Streams vs. GBM: The Fight Continues Over NVIDIA's Proposed Wayland Route   Wayland   2016-05-12
Enlightenment Brings Session Recovery Support To Wayland   Desktop   2016-05-06
Enlightenment 0.21 Now In Alpha With Better Wayland Support   Desktop   2016-04-12
Wobbly Windows Support & Other Post-Processing Effects For Wayland   Wayland   2016-04-02
Vulkan Completely Dominated This Month   Phoronix   2016-02-29
The State Of Popular Open-Source Programs On Wayland   Wayland   2016-02-24
2016 Wayland Experiences: GNOME: Perfect, KDE: Bad, Enlightenment: Good   Wayland   2016-02-12
Wayland Live OS Is Now Based On Debian Testing, Working KDE Wayland Support   Wayland   2016-02-09
Why Enlightenment & Tizen Love Wayland   Wayland   2016-02-03
Enlightenment 0.20.4 Released With A Number Of Wayland Fixes   Desktop   2016-02-02
Hutterer: Is Wayland Ready Yet?   Wayland   2016-01-22
Open-Source / Linux Enthusiasts Have A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year   Free Software   2015-12-30
The Biggest Wayland & Mir News Of The Year   Wayland   2015-12-29
Enlightenment 0.20.1 Released With Fixes   Desktop   2015-12-14
Mozilla's Servo Can Now Run On Wayland's Weston Compositor   Mozilla   2015-12-10
Enlightenment 0.20 Arrives With Full Wayland Support & Better FreeBSD Support   Desktop   2015-11-30
EFL 1.16 Lays The Groundwork For Good Enlightenment Wayland Support   Desktop   2015-11-09
It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would Switch To Wayland   Wayland   2015-11-06
Enlightenment E20 Wayland Support Continues To Advance   Wayland   2015-11-02
Years After Wayland 1.0, Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Wayland Desktop?   Wayland   2015-10-25
Enlightenment 0.20 Alpha Has Full Wayland Support, Better FreeBSD Support   Desktop   2015-10-08
Enlightenment Temporarily Drops Support For Wayland   Wayland   2015-10-08
NixOS 15.09 Released: Ships Updated Desktops, Linux 3.18 Kernel   Operating Systems   2015-09-30
Wayland 1.9 Tagged For Release   Wayland   2015-09-21
Enlightenment EFL Libraries 1.15 Released   Desktop   2015-08-04
Enlightenment Starts Working On XWayland Support   Wayland   2015-06-26
Wayland Live CD Updated Against Wayland/Weston 1.8   Wayland   2015-06-07
Bodhi Linux Forks Enlightenment E17   Desktop   2015-04-29
EFL 1.14 Beta Brings Ecore-DRM Improvements   Desktop   2015-04-13
Enlightenment EFL 1.14.0 Alpha 1   Desktop   2015-04-07
OpenIndiana 2015.03 Updates Its Solaris/Illumos Environment   Operating Systems   2015-03-31
Emile: Enlightenment EFL's Latest Addition   Desktop   2015-03-17
Enlightenment's Evas GL Now Supports OpenGL ES 3.0   Desktop   2015-03-16
Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Released With Enlightenment E19.3   Operating Systems   2015-02-17
Enlightenment EFL 1.13 Released   Desktop   2015-02-09
Enlightenment's Elementary 1.13 Beta 1 Released   Desktop   2015-01-19
Enlightenment's Elementary 1.13 Alpha Fixes DnD On Wayland   Desktop   2015-01-12
X.Org & Wayland Can Both Co-Exist & Continue Marching Forward   Wayland   2014-12-28
Enlightenment Releases EFL 1.12 With Better OpenGL & Wayland Support   Desktop   2014-11-10
openSUSE 13.2 Officially Released, Uses Btrfs As Default   SUSE   2014-11-04
Enlightenment's New Wayland Compositor Code Is Now Functional, Supports XDG-Shell   Wayland   2014-11-01
Wayland Live CD Updated With New Capabilities, A SDL2 Wayland Game   Wayland   2014-10-28
Enlightenment's EFL 1.12 Alpha Has Evas GL-DRM Engine, OpenGL ES 1.1 Support   Desktop   2014-10-23
Intel GVT-g GPU Virtualization Moves Closer   Virtualization   2014-10-23
Enlightenment E19 Officially Released With Its Own Wayland Compositor   Desktop   2014-09-15
Wayland Is Still In Ubuntu 14.10   Wayland   2014-09-13
Rumors Of An Imminent Enlightenment E19 Release   Desktop   2014-09-09
Virt Manager 1.1 On Finals For Release   Virtualization   2014-09-07
More Wayland Improvements Hit Enlightenment E19   Desktop   2014-09-05
Enlightenment E19 RC3 Shows Off The New Wayland Compositor   Desktop   2014-08-29
Enlightenment E19 Lands Its New Wayland Compositor Code   Wayland   2014-08-26
Enlightenment's EFL Gains A Wayland IVI Shell Support   Wayland   2014-08-25
EFL Sees A Ton Of Work Following Recent v1.11 Release   Desktop   2014-08-23
EFL 1.11 Is A Big Milestone For Enlightenment Users   Desktop   2014-08-21
Enlightenment's Evas OpenGL Now Supports S3TC Textures   Desktop   2014-07-04
Enlightenment E19 Alpha 2 Released With Better HiDPI Support   Desktop   2014-07-03
XWayland GLAMOR & DRI3 Support Added In Mainline X.Org Server   Wayland   2014-06-25
Enlightenment's Edje Has A Nice, Easy-To-Use Theme Editor Under Development   Desktop   2014-06-20
The X Window System Turns 30 Years Old Today   X.Org   2014-06-19
Enlightenment E19 Is Moving Closer To Release   Desktop   2014-06-17
Enlightenment EFL Adds "Elua", A Lua JIT App Runtime   Desktop   2014-06-11
Enlightenment 0.19 Now In Alpha With Better Wayland Support   Desktop   2014-06-04
Wayland LiveCD Updated Against v1.5, Uses Systemd On Ubuntu   Wayland   2014-05-28
Enlightenment EFL 1.10 Released   Desktop   2014-05-26
Enlightenment E19 Should Be Released Soon   Desktop   2014-05-10
Enlightenment's Evas Adds OpenGL ETC2 Support   Desktop   2014-04-25
Maynard: A Lightweight Wayland Desktop   Wayland   2014-04-16
EFL/Elementary 1.9.3 & Enlightenment 0.18.7 Released   Desktop   2014-04-15
Enlightenment Elementary Apps Can Now Run Directly On DRM   Desktop   2014-04-01
Wayland Live CD Updated -- Pulls In New Code, Features   Wayland   2014-03-22
Enlightenment 0.19 Lands Full Wayland Support, Its Own Compositor   Desktop   2014-03-18
RadeonSI Gets Fixed Up For XWayland With WLGLAMOR   Wayland   2014-03-18
Enlightenment's Ecore Now Has DRM Support   Desktop   2014-03-06
Enlightenment Introduces Eolian, EFL C Generator   Desktop   2014-03-03
Intel's NUC, NVIDIA, Debian Drew In Lots Of Linux Interest   Phoronix   2014-02-28
Enlightenment's Evas Gains A DRM Display Engine   Desktop   2014-02-28
EFL 1.9 Supports X Present Extension, New Filters   Desktop   2014-02-25
Enlightenment Lands Tiling2, New Tiling Module   Desktop   2014-02-22
Enlightenment's Elementary, EFL 1.9 Beta 2   Desktop   2014-02-21
Enlightenment 1.9 Beta 1 Is Now Out In The Wild   Desktop   2014-02-18
Enlightenment 1.9 Alpha Pre-Release Surfaces   Desktop   2014-02-11
Hawaii Is Looking Great As A Wayland Desktop   Desktop   2014-02-10
What It Takes To Write A Wayland Compositor   Wayland   2014-02-10
Enlightenment's EFL Evas Canvas Library Adds Filters   Desktop   2014-02-07
Enlightenment E19 Going Into Feature Freeze Soon   Desktop   2014-01-31
Moonlight: Yet Another Linux Desktop Environment   Desktop   2014-01-30
Enlightenment 0.18.3 Stable Update Released   Desktop   2014-01-28
Enlightenment E19 Keeps Getting Improved   Desktop   2014-01-26
Wayland 1.4 Released With Many New Features   Wayland   2014-01-24
E19 Moves Along With New Compositor, Wayland Support   Desktop   2014-01-15
Enlightenment's Compositor Gets A Huge Rewrite   Desktop   2014-01-15
Enlightenment 0.18 Released With Many New Features   Desktop   2013-12-22