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Core 2 Articles & Reviews

Apple Mac OS X OpenCL Performance vs. Linux   Operating Systems   2010-08-26
Intel Celeron Dual-Core Linux Performance   Processors   2009-07-24
System76 Bonobo Professional   Computers   2009-06-25
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M   Graphics Cards   2009-06-19
Lenovo ThinkPad T400   Computers   2009-02-23
Mac OS X 10.5 vs. Ubuntu 8.10 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2008-11-06
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400   Processors   2008-07-01
Super Micro C2SBX+   Motherboards   2008-06-30
Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 "Penryn"   Processors   2008-03-27
ASRock 4Core1333-Viiv   Motherboards   2007-10-15
Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L   Motherboards   2007-09-14
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P   Motherboards   2007-09-11
ASRock ConRoe1333-DVI/H   Motherboards   2007-08-09
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400   Processors   2007-04-29
Tyan Toledo i965R S5180   Motherboards   2007-03-24
Tyan Tomcat i945GM S3095 Preview   Motherboards   2007-01-28
ASUS P5B Deluxe   Motherboards   2007-01-06
Tyan Tempest i5000XT S2696   Motherboards   2006-12-11
Intel Xeon 5300 Clovertown   Processors   2006-11-14
Intel Xeon 5150 Woodcrest   Processors   2006-07-29
Intel Core 2 Duo Family Preview   Processors   2006-07-14

Core 2 Linux & Open-Source News

Libreboot 20230625 Released With A Few More Old Systems Added   Coreboot   2023-06-26
Libreboot 20230423 Allows A Few More Boards To Run On Fully Open-Source Firmware   Coreboot   2023-04-23
Libreboot Adds Support For An Old Dell Laptop That Can Be Found For ~$100 Used   Coreboot   2023-04-20
Open Source Security Foundation's Criticality Score 2.0 Debuts To Rank Important OSS Projects   Linux Security   2023-02-24
Canonical Promotes Ubuntu's Real-Time "RT" Kernel To General Availability   Ubuntu   2023-02-14
Canonical & Intel Announce "Enterprise Grade" Ubuntu Images For Next-Gen Intel IoT   Ubuntu   2022-11-15
ASUS & Canonical Partner On The IoT / Edge Computing Front   Ubuntu   2022-09-16
Ubuntu Core 22 Released For IoT & Embedded Devices   Ubuntu   2022-06-15
Linux 5.20 With AMD Zen Will Prefer MWAIT Over HALT As An HPC Optimization   AMD   2022-06-09
Ubuntu Core 22 Beta Released For IoT & Edge Devices   Ubuntu   2022-05-13
AMD Updates Linux Patches For Lowering Idle Exit Latency   AMD   2022-05-10
Linux NTFS, Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Mesa 22.1 & Other April Open-Source Excitement   Phoronix   2022-05-01
GNU C Library Dropping Various SSSE3 Optimized Code Paths   GNU   2022-04-16
AMD Patch To Use MWAIT Instead Of HALT For Certain Cases Yield A ~21% Improvement   AMD   2022-04-06
Zhaoxin Finally Adding "Lujiazui" x86_64 CPU Tuning To GCC   GNU   2022-03-25
Intel PECI Code To Be Mainlined With Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-02-10
Canonical Begins Offering Ubuntu Images Optimized For Intel CPUs   Ubuntu   2021-11-02
Loongson 3A5000 Benchmarks For These New Chinese CPUs Built On The LoongArch ISA   Hardware   2021-07-24
Ubuntu Core 20 Released For IoT/Embedded Linux Use-Cases   Ubuntu   2021-02-02
AMD Announces Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile Processors, Previews EPYC Milan   AMD   2021-01-12
POWER9 + ARM64 Performance For Dav1d 0.8 AV1 Decoding   Multimedia   2021-01-09
Ubuntu 21.04 Installer Might Allow EXT4 Encryption Without LVM   Ubuntu   2020-10-23
LuxCore 2.4 Beta Brings Big Changes For This Open-Source Physically Based Renderer   Free Software   2020-06-27
Linux 5.8 Picking Up A Quirk For Being Able To Reboot The 2009 MacBook Without Hangs   Hardware   2020-05-25
The New ARM Hardware Support That's Now Part Of The Linux 4.21 Kernel   Arm   2019-01-01
Linux 4.18 Is Appearing To Cause Problems For Those Running Older CPUs   Hardware   2018-08-28
Intel Continues Prepping PECI Support For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2018-07-26
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of The Past 14 Years   Phoronix   2018-06-05
FSF Certifies Refurbished Lenovo X200 Convertible Notebook/Tablet For RYF   GNU   2018-05-30
Coreboot Picks Up Support For Another Eight Year Old Intel Motherboard   Coreboot   2018-05-27
Microsoft's Linux / Open-Source Actions Of 2017   Microsoft   2017-12-05
Libre Computer Board Launches Another Allwinner/Mali ARM SBC   Arm   2017-11-19
Microsoft's Open-Source / Linux Announcements So Far In 2017   Microsoft   2017-09-28
Mono 5.2 Released With Various Changes   Free Software   2017-08-14
Microsoft Launches .NET Core 2.0 With Better Linux Support   Microsoft   2017-08-14
The Most Popular Linux News Of The Past 13 Years   Phoronix   2017-05-29
Coreboot Ported To Another Core 2 Era Motherboard: G41C-GS   Hardware   2017-05-13
Microsoft .NET Core 2.0 Preview Brings Better Linux Support   Microsoft   2017-05-11
OpenCL With An Intel Celeron: HD Graphics 610 / Kabylake GT1   Intel   2017-02-03
Nearly 26,000 kWh Was Used On Linux Benchmarking In 2016   Hardware   2017-01-15
Another Old Intel Motherboard Gets Picked Up By Coreboot   Coreboot   2016-11-09
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews & Articles Over The Past 12 Years   Phoronix   2016-06-06
KDE Partition Manager 2.1 Brings F2FS Support   KDE   2016-03-11
Libreboot Gets Support For An Older Core 2 Desktop Motherboard   Coreboot   2016-01-05
Free Software Foundation Certifies Another Laptop   GNU   2015-12-11
FSF Endorses Yet Another (Outdated) Laptop   GNU   2015-09-29
Interested In Linux Benchmarks Of The AMD "Carrizo" A8-7410?   AMD   2015-08-21
DragonFlyBSD Has Full-Acceleration Now Working For Intel Broadwell Graphics   BSD   2015-07-30
Free Software Foundation Endorses Another (Outdated) Laptop   GNU   2015-01-29
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Released For Linux   Linux Gaming   2014-10-14
Coreboot Now Works On The Older MacBook 1,1 Too   Coreboot   2014-08-18
The Lenovo X200 Now Works With Coreboot   Coreboot   2014-08-13
The Most Popular Linux Stories Of The Past 10 Years   Phoronix   2014-06-05
Some Community Benchmarks Against The NVIDIA Tegra K1   NVIDIA   2014-05-02
Running GCC 4.9 On AMD's AM1 Kabini With Jaguar Cores   GNU   2014-04-12
The 50 Watt Power Regression Is Believed To Be Fixed   Linux Kernel   2013-12-31
Free Software Foundation Endorses Its First Laptop   GNU   2013-12-19
Six-Way Ubuntu Linux Laptop Benchmarks   Hardware   2013-12-04
Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks   Debian   2013-06-10
Using zRAM On Ubuntu 13.04 Linux   Ubuntu   2013-04-21
Atari, Amiga Improvements For Xfbdev   X.Org   2013-03-28
Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Drivers On Quadro Laptop   Nouveau   2013-03-15
Optimizing Mesa Performance With Compiler Flags   Mesa   2013-01-27
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Of 2012   Hardware   2012-12-30
The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years   Free Software   2012-12-21
Fedora 17: Beefier Than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?   Fedora   2012-06-08
The Most Popular Linux News Of Eight Years   Hardware   2012-06-06
Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10   GNOME   2012-05-08
Linux Hardware, Software Trends Over One Year   Hardware   2012-04-23
Intel Core i7 AVX GCC Compiler Tuning Results   Intel   2012-03-23
Ubuntu's Already Making Plans For ARM In 2014, 2015   Ubuntu   2012-01-23
More AMD FX-4100, FX-8150 Bulldozer Linux Details   AMD   2011-10-16
Ubuntu 11.10 Power Consumption Up By As Much As ~50%   Ubuntu   2011-09-09
The Linux Kernel Is Still On A Power Binge   Linux Kernel   2011-05-18
GCC 4.6 Brings Intel Optimizations, AVX, Improvements   GNU   2011-03-26
GCC 4.6 Still Has Too Many Serious Regressions   GNU   2011-01-26
Broadcom Crystal HD Support For MPlayer, FFmpeg   Multimedia   2011-01-01
GCC 4.6 Leaves Stage 1 With New Features   GNU   2010-11-03
Intel Core 2, Core i7 Optimizations For GCC 4.6   GNU   2010-05-20
LM_Sensors Finally Gets Better Intel CPU Support   Intel   2010-05-17
LLVMpipe Doesn't Yet Like The GNOME Shell   Mesa   2010-05-05
Anzhofen Is Coming To Intel Atom Netbooks   Phoronix   2010-02-01
Update On Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Benchmarks   Free Software   2009-08-26
Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom II Benchmarks On Linux   Intel   2009-02-24
Benchmarking On Ubuntu Just Became Easier   Ubuntu   2009-02-17
Linux Kernel Performance Counter Subsystem   Linux Kernel   2008-12-08
Intel Announces The Core i7 Processor   Intel   2008-08-10
Fedora 10 Codenamed "Cambridge"   Fedora   2008-07-28
Dell Now Shipping Ubuntu 8.04 LTS PCs   Hardware   2008-07-18
Confidence In An Open NVIDIA Strategy?   NVIDIA   2008-03-15
GCC 4.3.0 Released w/ SSE4 Support   GNU   2008-03-11
Dell XPS M1330 Ships With Ubuntu 7.10   Hardware   2008-01-24
Driver-Free Car Runs Ubuntu Linux   Ubuntu   2008-01-09
x86info 1.21 Supports New CPUs, OSes   Hardware   2007-11-26
Upcoming Intel X38 Linux Articles   Intel   2007-10-05
Intel Takes Mobile CPU To The Extreme   Intel   2007-07-16
Intel's Core 2 Is Fast, But Buggy   Intel   2007-06-30
Ubuntu 7.04 Among Best Products of 2007   Ubuntu   2007-05-26
Intel Launches Santa Rosa Platform   Intel   2007-05-09
Intel Sheds Light On MID / EDAT   Intel   2007-04-16
Jonathan Speaks Of A Special Rock   Oracle   2007-04-11
Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800   Intel   2007-04-09
Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700   Intel   2006-11-02
Intel Wants Sexy PCs   Intel   2006-09-26
Intel Core 2 Duo "Merom"   Intel   2006-08-28
ATI CrossFire With Physics   AMD   2006-06-06
Intel Core 2 Duo PC & Laptops   Intel   2006-05-08