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APX Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Begins Rolling Out APX & AVX10 Binaries For Their Linux Distribution   Intel   2024-02-05
LLVM 18.1-rc1 Released For Enabling New Intel CPU Features, More C23 & C++23   LLVM   2024-01-29
GNU Binutils 2.42 Brings Support For New Intel CPU Extensions: APX, AVX10.1 & More   GNU   2024-01-29
LLVM 18 Planned For Release In Early March   LLVM   2024-01-15
Intel's Open-Source Contributions & Upstream Performance Optimizations Top 2023   Intel   2024-01-01
LLVM Lands APX JMPABS Support, More Advanced Performance Extensions Work Landing   LLVM   2023-11-26
Initial Intel AVX10.1 Support Makes Its Way Into GCC 14   GNU   2023-11-21
GCC 14 Shifts From Feature Development To "General Bugfixing" Mode   GNU   2023-11-20
Intel Preparing APX PPX Support For GCC: Push-Pop Acceleration   Intel   2023-11-17
Intel Posts GCC Compiler Patches For APX NDD   Intel   2023-11-15
Intel Posts Latest AVX10.1-256 & AVX10.1-512 Compiler Patches For GCC   Intel   2023-11-10
GCC 14 Feature Development Ends Next Month   GNU   2023-10-19
Intel Lands A Few Noteworthy Improvements Today Into The GCC 14 Compiler   Intel   2023-10-12
Intel APX Code Begins Landing Within The GCC Compiler   Intel   2023-10-09
Intel Continues GCC Compiler Preparations For AVX10 & APX   Intel   2023-09-25
Initial AVX10.1 Support Merged Into The GCC Compiler   Intel   2023-08-17
RADV Ray-Tracing To Become Much Faster With New Driver Code   Radeon   2023-08-13
Intel Begins Posting GCC Compiler Patches For AVX10.1   Intel   2023-08-08
AMD Linux CPU Benchmarks Dominated July From The Z1 Extreme To EPYC Genoa-X & Bergamo   Phoronix   2023-08-01
Intel AVX10: Taking AVX-512 With More Features & Supporting It Across P/E Cores   Intel   2023-07-24
Intel Details APX - Advanced Performance Extensions   Intel   2023-07-24
Linux 6.1 Will Try To Print The CPU Core Where A Seg Fault Occurs   Linux Kernel   2022-10-06
NVIDIA Introduces Tegra Processors   NVIDIA   2008-06-02