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IWD Linux News

Intel ConnMan 1.38 Released With WireGuard Support   Linux Networking   18 Feb 2020
Intel's ConnMan Is Ready With WireGuard Support   Linux Networking   19 Jan 2020
IWD 1.1 Released For Intel's Linux Wireless Daemon   Linux Networking   17 Nov 2019
NetworkManager 1.21.3 Is Another Step Towards NM 1.22   Linux Networking   03 Nov 2019
IWD 1.0 Released As Intel's Wireless Daemon For Linux...   Linux Networking   30 Oct 2019
Intel's IWD Wireless Daemon Now Supports IPv6 Network...   Linux Networking   11 Oct 2019
NetworkManager Will Now Roam For WiFi Signals More...   Linux Networking   20 Sep 2019
Intel's IWD 0.19 Linux Wireless Daemon Picks Up New...   Linux Networking   04 Aug 2019
OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Aiming To PGO More Packages, Use...   Linux Networking   15 Jul 2019
Alpine Linux 3.10 Brings Support For Intel's IWD,...   Operating Systems   19 Jun 2019
IWD 0.18 Wireless Daemon Brings Fast Initial Link...   Linux Networking   13 May 2019
NetworkManager 1.18 Released With Policy Routing...   Linux Networking   22 Apr 2019
ConnMan 1.37 Released As First Update In Almost One...   Free Software   08 Apr 2019
Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon Continues Picking Up...   Linux Networking   07 Apr 2019
NetworkManager 1.16 Brings WireGuard Support, WiFi...   Linux Networking   16 Mar 2019
NetworkManager 1.16 Approaches With WireGuard VPN...   Linux Networking   23 Feb 2019
Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon 0.13 Adds...   Linux Networking   12 Dec 2018
Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon Out With Version...   Linux Networking   21 Oct 2018
Intel IWD Makes Another Step Closer To Version 1.0   Linux Networking   24 Sep 2018
Intel IWD Wireless Daemon v0.6 Released   Linux Networking   10 Aug 2018
Intel IWD Wireless Daemon v0.4 Released With New...   Linux Networking   25 Jul 2018
NetworkManager 1.12 Released With Many Linux...   Linux Networking   29 Jun 2018
NetworkManager 1.11.4 Brings More Linux Networking...   Linux Networking   31 May 2018
IWD 0.2 Released For Advancing Intel's Linux WiFi...   Linux Networking   14 May 2018
NetworkManager Picks Up Support For Intel's IWD WiFi...   Linux Networking   13 Dec 2017
The Code To Intel's New Linux Wireless Daemon Is Now...   Intel   11 Nov 2016