The Most Popular BSD Stories Of 2015

Written by Michael Larabel in BSD on 24 December 2015 at 09:00 PM EST. Add A Comment
While we primarily focus on Linux operating system news and releases, I do enjoy watching the *BSD space and covering their major events. This year has saw some great updates for DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD, and friends. Here's a look at the most popular BSD news on Phoronix for 2015.

BSD in 2015 made much progress in their catching up of DRM/KMS graphics driver support ported from the Linux kernel, ZFS on FreeBSD continues marching, HAMMER2 for DragonFlyBSD continued to be developed, the various BSDs using Clang have continued advancing, etc. The ten most popular BSD news stories on 2015 as found on Phoronix were:

NeXTBSD Is Creating Lots Of BSD Excitement
NeXTBSD was announced last weekend and it's easily been the most emailed in tip all week. Lots of Phoronix readers are curious about this new operating system derived from FreeBSD 10.1 that adds in various Mac OS X components. NeXTBSD seems like a very interesting open-source project while this morning I finally found the time to explore more about it and write-up a post.

OpenBSD Sucks? Thoughts From One Of Their Developers
AsiaBSDCon 2015 happened last week in Tokyo, Japan. Besides learning about OpenBSD's custom-built HTTP/web server, there was also a presentation entitled "OpenBSD Sucks" by one of the OpenBSD developers.

AMD Catalyst Might Be Coming To FreeBSD
AMD tech support has allegedly confirmed that Catalyst is being ported to FreeBSD.

OpenBSD's Custom HTTP Web Server Is Set To Replace Nginx
With the upcoming release of OpenBSD 5.7 in May, nginx is being removed from the OpenBSD base package set in favor of using OpenBSD's own, home-grown web-server by default.

The Good & Bad Of ZFS + HAMMER File-Systems On BSD
ZFS is commonly viewed as the next-generation, high-end file-system for BSD systems while DragonFlyBSD defaults to their own HAMMER file-system designed by Matthew Dillon. For those wondering though how ZFS compares to HAMMER, here's a comparison.

LibreSSL 2.3 Released: Completely Nukes SSLv3 Support
The OpenBSD crew has released version 2.3.0 of their forked OpenSSL project, the widely-known LibreSSL.

Whoops: FreeBSD's Random Number Generator Has Been Broken For Months
It was fixed and subsequently reported yesterday that the FreeBSD kernel has been subject to a faulty random number generator for the past four months.

Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks
Given the recent releases of FreeBSD 10.2 and NetBSD 7.0, plus the H2'2015 Linux distribution updates rolling around, I've just started work on a new BSD vs. Linux operating system performance comparison.

PC-BSD Works Out Big Improvements For Its Lumina Desktop
PC-BSD developers have worked out some May Day releases of the first release candidate to PC-BSD 10.1.2 and they've also released a new version of their custom Lumina Desktop.

Microsoft Sponsors OpenBSD For OpenSSH Support
Microsoft has become OpenBSD's first-ever "Gold" contributor with sending this BSD operating system project somewhere between $25k and $50k USD.

For the overall most popular Linux/open-source stories of 2015, see this article.
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