Debian's Top Headlines This Year All Revolved Around systemd

Written by Michael Larabel in Debian on 29 December 2014 at 08:14 AM EST. 3 Comments
In looking back at Debian in 2014, it was the year of heated systemd discussions and debates with ultimately switching over to it as the default init manager, which led to resignations among the Debian technical committee and other responsibilities.

While Debian 8.0 is set to be released in early 2015, a.k.a. Jessie, there's still much debate and fallout from the systemd decision taking the spotlight. The decision also led to Debian being forked as Devuan.

The top ten most viewed Debian stories on Phoronix in 2014 included:

A Major Music Company Now Backs Systemd In Debian
Yesterday on Phoronix I mentioned Debian looked to be leaning in favor of using systemd over Upstart for its default init system given the latest comments by the technical committee members. The latest support for systemd in Debian comes from a streaming music company that's a major user of Debian GNU/Linux.

Debian May Be Leaning Towards Systemd Over Upstart
While no official decision has been reached yet, it looks like Debian's technical committee may be leaning in favor of using systemd as the default init system over Upstart or other alternatives.

Debian Switches Back To GNOME As Its Default Desktop
While Debian defaulted to the Xfce desktop in the past after switching from GNOME, the default Debian desktop is back to being with GNOME.

Debian Tech Committee Falling Further Into Disarray
While it was clear that systemd overtook Upstart in this weekend's Debian init system voting by the Debian technical committee, some fits are still being had over the results. Some committee members are now calling for resignations.

Latest Round Of Debian Systemd vs. Upstart Voting Ends
The latest round of voting by the Debian technical committee is now complete on deciding the future default init system of the open-source operating system.

Voting Proposed For Debian Jessie's Init System
After last week having an update on the current init system debate within Debian -- largely between systemd and Upstart -- and a major music company coming out in favor of systemd, the init system for Debian Jessie may now be taken to a vote.

It Looks Like Systemd Will Win The Debian Init Battle
While an official announcement has yet to be issued by the Debian technical committee, yesterday's Debian init system vote started by Bdale Garbee has come out in favor of systemd.

Joey Hess Resigns From Debian, Unhappy With How It's Changed
Joey Hess is now distancing himself from the Debian project as he resigns from his roles after being involved with Debian since 1996. In his parting remarks, Joey says his biggest regret over the past eighteen years is not speaking out against the Debian constitution.

Debian Is Voting Again On Systemd vs. Upstart Debate
Debian's technical committee is back to having another vote on what should be the default init system for the operating system going forward.

Debian Init System Coupling Vote Results
The Debian voting surrounding a general resolution around init system coupling has ended.
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