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Written by Michael Larabel in Premium on 2 April 2016 at 11:52 AM EDT. 20 Comments
To the wife on April Fools' Day I told her I was going to take the day off of work... Hah, what a joke. But led me to generate some statistics on the number of Phoronix articles each day and figuring out when was the last time I didn't write an open-source or Linux articles in a given day.

I genuinely couldn't recall the last day I didn't have to work on Phoronix.com or anything else such as the Phoronix Test Suite commercial work or OpenBenchmarking.org, etc. Even on days I've been in the hospital, got married, funerals, and any other occasions/holidays have always still meant a working day and a commitment to my goal of enriching the Linux hardware experience. But for being able to determine it, I just based upon days of not working on days where there wasn't any new Phoronix.com articles written by myself.

When looking at the PHXCMS content management system data, the last time there wasn't a new Phoronix article on a single calendar day was 4 January 2013. Yep, more than three years ago! (If my memory serves me, that day was travel hell when flying to California on business and ended up having a number of delays/cancellations and other headaches as opposed to taking a day of leisure.) But in 2012 there ended up being three days without any new articles on Phoronix (ah the days I could relax a bit more thanks to ad-blockers being less widely used, etc).

I also hacked up an integration bit into PHXCMS so that the Phoronix Test Suite can generate a test result file looking at how many articles there are on a daily basis:

Looking at the articles each day from 1 January 2011 to today. (Yes, with this little hacked up test profile, uncovered a bug in pts_Graph with the identifiers being overrun when having too much data to plot, will be fixed in Git.) Anyhow, over the past five years there is on average eight new articles each day and the most exciting days have brought up to 19 original articles.

Since founding Phoronix twelve years ago (5 June 2004), there have been 18,000+ original news stories and 3,000+ multi-page/featured hardware reviews and articles. Just last month on Phoronix there were 344 new articles.

Anyhow, those are the stats for curiosity sake. If you'd like to help support Phoronix to see its continued existence, please consider joining Phoronix Premium or making a PayPal tip or Bitcoin contribution. Phoronix Premium gets you access to the ad-free version of the site, view multi-page articles on a single page, etc. If you can't contribute, please at least don't view this site with an ad-blocker as pay-per-impression advertisements are the primary means of making this site possible. You can also follow us on Facebok and Twitter. Thanks for your support!
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