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Linux 3.0 Articles & Reviews

Linux 3.0, 3.4, 3.10, 3.12 AMD Kernel Benchmarks   Software   2013-11-12
Linux KVM vs. HandelSpielVM Virtualization   Software   2011-12-12
Ubuntu 11.10: Xen vs. KVM vs. VirtualBox   Software   2011-10-31
Sabayon 7 vs. Ubuntu 11.10 Performance   Operating Systems   2011-10-14
Linux 3.1 Kernel Draws More Power With Another Regression   Software   2011-08-22
Two Years With Linux BFS, The Brain Fuck Scheduler   Software   2011-08-16
Intel Sandy Bridge Speeds Up On Linux 3.1 Kernel   Display Drivers   2011-08-03
The Linux 3.0 Kernel With EXT4 & Btrfs   Software   2011-06-24
A Fresh Look At The Nouveau Gallium3D Performance   Display Drivers   2011-06-16
A Fresh Look At The AMD Radeon Gallium3D Performance   Display Drivers   2011-06-10
Radeon Gardenshed DRM + Gallium3D Benchmarks   Display Drivers   2011-05-27
Yoper Linux 3.0 RC1 LiveCD   Operating Systems   2007-05-19
ZenLive Linux 3.0   Operating Systems   2006-10-08
Sabayon Linux 3.0 RC2 Mini   Operating Systems   2006-08-31

Linux 3.0 Linux & Open-Source News

The Linux Kernel Highlights Of The 2010s From Torvalds' Sabbatical To Dealing With Vulnerabilities   Linux Kernel   2019-12-31
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews / Benchmarks Of The Past Decade   Phoronix   2019-12-12
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of This Decade   Phoronix   2019-12-11
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of The Past 14 Years   Phoronix   2018-06-05
Oracle Offers Its Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel On GitHub   Oracle   2018-04-13
The Most Popular Linux News Of The Past 13 Years   Phoronix   2017-05-29
Automotive Grade Linux UCB 3.0 Released, Brings New Window Manager   Operating Systems   2016-12-29
The Most Popular Linux News Over The Past 12 Years   Phoronix   2016-06-04
The Most Popular Linux & Open-Source News Over The Past 11 Years   Phoronix   2015-06-05
Linux 4.0 Doesn't Have The Weirdest Codename   Linux Kernel   2015-02-23
Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Released With Enlightenment E19.3   Operating Systems   2015-02-17
Linus Torvalds Still Deciding Linux 3.20 vs. Linux 4.0   Linux Kernel   2015-02-13
The Most Popular Linux Stories Of The Past 10 Years   Phoronix   2014-06-05
Freescale's i.MX6 SoC Smacks The Old Intel Atom Z530   Hardware   2014-01-24
GrSecurity Continues Hardening The Linux Kernel   Linux Security   2014-01-01
Linux 3.13, NVIDIA GPUs Won Over November   Phoronix   2013-11-30
Linux 3.12 Kernel Released; Linux 4.0 Planning Talked Up   Linux Kernel   2013-11-03
After 100 Point Releases, Linux 3.0 Is Being EOL'ed   Linux Kernel   2013-10-13
Allwinner SoC Still Unlikely For Upstream Linux Kernel   Hardware   2013-06-05
Google Releases Linux Kernel Code For Google Glass   Google   2013-04-29
Google Working On Android Based On Linux 3.8   Google   2013-02-27
The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years   Free Software   2012-12-21
How Last Year's Linux Events Played Out This Year   Phoronix   2012-12-15
OpenSUSE ARMs Up For A Low-Power Battle   SUSE   2012-10-22
Early Boot Speed Results For Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-10-03
AMD Benchmarks Of Linux 3.0 To Linux 3.6 Kernels   AMD   2012-09-20
Timing The Boot Process From Linux 3.0 To Linux 3.6   Linux Kernel   2012-09-14
Linux 3.4 Kernel Will Be Supported For The Long-Term   Linux Kernel   2012-08-20
The Most Popular Linux News Of Eight Years   Hardware   2012-06-06
Reiser4 For New Kernels? Don't Hold Your Breath   Linux Storage   2012-05-03
Silicon Motion Has Open-Source Driver, But Fails   Linux Kernel   2012-03-13
Linux 2.6.32 Kernel Is Nearing An End   Linux Kernel   2012-03-05
XFS Developer Takes Shots At Btrfs, EXT4   Linux Storage   2012-01-24
Mesa 8.0 LLVMpipe: Fine For Desktop, Not For Gaming   Mesa   2012-01-13
The Most Popular Linux Stories Of 2011   Phoronix   2011-12-30
The Cause Of The Xen Linux Performance Issues   Virtualization   2011-12-01
Xen Virtualization Comes To ARM Cortex A15   Virtualization   2011-11-30
AMD Linux KVM Virtualization Benchmarks   AMD   2011-11-15
What's Popular In The Linux World This Year   Free Software   2011-10-29
Linux 3.2 Is Still Looking To Be Power Hungry   Linux Kernel   2011-10-29
Pushing Reiser4 Is "Not Of High Priority"   Linux Storage   2011-10-16
First Linux Benchmarks Of AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer   AMD   2011-10-14
Caveats In The Ubuntu 11.10 Graphics Stack   Ubuntu   2011-10-13
Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" Enters The Wild   Ubuntu   2011-10-13
Sabayon 7 Brings The Experimental Fusion Kernel   Operating Systems   2011-10-11
Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Released   Ubuntu   2011-09-23
The Nasty Battery Power Usage On Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-09-09
Ubuntu 11.10 Power Consumption Up By As Much As ~50%   Ubuntu   2011-09-09
Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Has No Power Regression Fix   Ubuntu   2011-09-01
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Ideas Are Needed   Red Hat   2011-08-31
QEMU 0.15 Brings Several New Features   Virtualization   2011-08-11
Intel Rounds Out Its Ivy Bridge Graphics Driver   Intel   2011-08-09
Gentoo Releases New LiveDVD (Gentoo 11.2)   Operating Systems   2011-08-08
Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 3 Released   Ubuntu   2011-08-05
Fedora 16 Features With Desktop, Virtualization, Etc   Fedora   2011-08-04
AMD Catalyst 11.7 Driver For Linux Brings...   AMD   2011-07-27
Linux 3.0 Real-Time Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2011-07-23
Milestone 3 For openSUSE 12.1   SUSE   2011-07-22
Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Been Christened   Linux Kernel   2011-07-22
Preparing For The Linux 3.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-07-21
Linux 3.0-rc7 Kernel Released; One Last Hit?   Linux Kernel   2011-07-11
Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 Brings Thunderbird, LightDM   Ubuntu   2011-07-07
Linux 3.0-rc6 Kernel: Space Aliens & Drugs   Linux Kernel   2011-07-05
DRM Changes Coming Up For Linux 3.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-07-05
Cedar Trail Coming Soon To Open GMA500 Driver   Intel   2011-07-03
The Kernel Graphics Interface (KGI) Is Effectively Dead   Free Software   2011-07-03
Linux 3.0-rc5 Kernel Release Brings Various Fixes   Linux Kernel   2011-06-27
A Comment On The Linux 2.6.38 Power Regression   Hardware   2011-06-27
Tuxera Claims NTFS Is The Fastest File-System For Linux   Free Software   2011-06-24
Intel Continues Work On Ivy Bridge Linux Graphics Support   Intel   2011-06-22
Linux 3.0-rc4 Fixes A Couple Performance Regressions   Linux Kernel   2011-06-21
The Linux Kernel Power Issues Continues To Bite Users   Linux Kernel   2011-06-12
Other Features Coming Up For Fedora 16   Fedora   2011-06-10
Snapshots Support For EXT4 File-System   Linux Storage   2011-06-08
VIA KMS Linux Driver Still Far From Being Ready   X.Org   2011-06-07
Linux 3.0-rc2 Kernel Is A Quiet Release   Linux Kernel   2011-06-06
Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Full Support For Xen   Linux Kernel   2011-06-03
Nailing Down The Linux Kernel Power Regressions   Linux Kernel   2011-06-01
The Linux 3.0 Kernel Will... Reboot Better?   Linux Kernel   2011-05-31
How Ironic: AMD Pushes Open-Source Llano APU Support   AMD   2011-05-31
Say Hello To Linux 3.0; Linus Just Tagged 3.0-rc1   Linux Kernel   2011-05-29
CleanCache Merged Into The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-05-26
Northern Islands & Fermi Busted On Open-Source   X.Org   2011-05-25
Linux 2.6.40/3.0 Kernel Has New Microsoft Kinect Driver   Microsoft   2011-05-25
Linux 3.0 Kernel May Remove Some Old Cruft   Linux Kernel   2011-05-24
The DRM Pull For The Gardenshed (Linux 3.0) Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-05-24
The End Of The Road For Linux 2.6 Looks Likely   Linux Kernel   2011-05-23
Linus Talks Of Linux 2.8 Or Linux 3.0; Ending Linux 2.6   Linux Kernel   2011-05-23