Many Old X.Org Components Saw New Releases This Weekend

Written by Michael Larabel in X.Org on 11 July 2022 at 06:23 AM EDT. 27 Comments
While no new X.Org "katamari" releases are planned for a collection of all the X.Org component updates combined, this weekend longtime X.Org contributor Alan Coopersmith of Oracle issued many new updates to various old, seldom-maintained X.Org projects.

A slew of X.Org packages that rarely see new releases and go years without any measurable activity were updated. For the most part the new versions are just collecting the few random fixes to be collected over the past few years. Perhaps most notable with this weekend's releases is the xf86-video-keyboard 2.0 release that drops Linux support. Other items include addressing warnings with newer compilers, build system updates, changes for the long-completed X.Org/ GitLab migration, and other random small fixes.

Given Coopersmith working on this now, perhaps Oracle is working on shipping a big update of X.Org packages for Solaris -- which in the past has been motivation for getting out new versions. Or it's just extra summertime maintenance...

xclipboard 1.1.4 was released for this utility to collect and display text selections that are sent to the X11 CLIPBOARD by other clients. This release has various bug updates, compiler warning fixes, and other minor items.

xcmsdb 1.0.6 was released for this software handling Device Color Characterization data. Various bug fixes and other minor code fixes here.

xconsole 1.0.8 for an X11 window that displays messages sent to the /dev/console. There are basic build updates and GitLab integration updates.

xfontsel 1.1 is out for this application to display the X11 core protocol fonts. This new release adds a reset button for resetting all selections and a "-scaled" option to fetch the screen resolution and add that to the available resolutions for the X/Y resolution menus. Plus there are build updates, GitLab integration updates, and other minor fixes.

xfs 1.2.1 as the X Font Server has some minor build updates, code fixes, and now uses memcpy() rather than memmove() for when buffers are known not to overlap.

xmodmap 1.0.11, xpr 1.1, xscope 1..43, and xwud 1.0.6 also were released with various minor fixes.

There were also some vintage X.Org DDX driver updates too. The xf86-input-keyboard 2.0 driver was released for primarily non-Linux X.Org systems like Solaris and BSDs. This 2.0 release removes the Linux support given that there is superior support within xf86-input-evdev and xf86-input-libinput. Plus other build updates and minor items in this release.

The xf86-input-synaptics 1.9.2 driver was also released with various fixes. On the video driver side there is xf86-video-cirrus 1.6, xf86-video-mach64 6.9.7, and xf86-video-mga 2.0.1. All these xf86-video DDX updates are just for maintenance items like GitLab integration updates, build system fixes, compiler warning fixes, etc. Nothing particularly exciting.

Solaris/BSD users might be a bit more excited about these X.Org package updates but overall there isn't much to get excited over besides some rare love to these once important pieces to the open-source desktop puzzle.
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