Firefox Nightlies Are Now Built with GTK+3, Coming For Firefox 42

Written by Eric Griffith in Mozilla on 24 July 2015 at 02:25 PM EDT. 48 Comments
As of this commit yesterday, by Mike Hommey, Firefox nightly builds are now being built with PLATFORM_DEFAULT_TOOLKIT set to cairo-gtk3! It would appear, according to the commit tag, that mainline Firefox will be built with GTK+3 for Firefox 42. Firefox 42 is expected to be released this November.

The over all status of the GTK2 to GTK3 port can be found here. Originally there were concerns over how to handle NPAPI support, mostly for Flash and Java, though considering the recent industry calls for the death of Java and Flash those concerns may not carry as much weight.

Fedora users were previously able to test a GTK+3 version of Firefox through a Copr but that repository has since been closed. If any readers know of prebuilt GTK+3 packages for their distributions then they should say so in comments. Firefox on GTK3 is also good news for running Firefox on Wayland.
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