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PipeWire 1.0 Linux & Open-Source News

PipeWire 1.2 Preps For Async Processing, Snap Support & Explicit Sync   PipeWire   2024-05-16
PipeWire To Work On Vulkan Converters & Processing Filters   PipeWire   2024-02-05
Manjaro 23.1 Released With Linux 6.6 LTS, Pipewire 1.0 & Desktop Updates   Arch Linux   2023-12-16
Pop!_OS COSMIC Desktop Improving Multi-Monitor & Multi-Window Support   Desktop   2023-12-15
PipeWire 1.0 Released For Managing Audio/Video Streams On The Linux Desktop   PipeWire   2023-11-26
PipeWire 1.0 RC2 Released With Fixes, Improved Rate Switching   PipeWire   2023-10-13
PipeWire 1.0 RC Available With Jackdbus By Default, Improved IRQ-Based Scheduling   PipeWire   2023-10-06
PipeWire 1.0 Planned For Release Later This Year   PipeWire   2023-09-25