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Linux 5.7 Articles & Reviews

Linux 5.7 Delivering Some Gaming Performance Gains For AMD Radeon Navi GPUs   Display Drivers   2020-04-18
Initial Benchmarks Of Schedutil Performance On Linux 5.7 Show Room Still For Improvement   Software   2020-04-17
The New Features Of The Linux 5.7 Kernel: Tiger Lake Graphics Stable, New exFAT, Zstd F2FS, Performance   Software   2020-04-12
The Evolution Of Enterprise Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2012-03-08

Linux 5.7 Linux & Open-Source News

The Most Popular Linux News Over The Past 20 Years   Free Software   2024-06-06
Linux 6.6 To Finish Gutting Wireless USB & UWB   Hardware   2023-08-11
exFAT With Linux 6.2 Allows Creating Files & Directories Much Faster   Linux Storage   2022-12-15
Linux Patches Aim To Mitigate An Inconsistent Performance / NUMA Imbalancing Issue   Linux Kernel   2022-05-15
Faster Ceph With Linux 5.16 Now That Async Dirops Have Been Flipped On   Linux Storage   2021-11-12
FreeBSD Working On A New Installer, Updates To Their Linux Compatibility Layer   BSD   2021-07-24
Intel Bus Lock Detection Merged For Linux 5.13   Intel   2021-04-27
Intel's Bus Lock Detection Might Be Ready For The Mainline Linux Kernel   Intel   2021-03-30
GParted 1.2 Released With Support For exFAT File-Systems   Linux Storage   2021-01-26
Intel Preparing New Driver Option To Disable GPU Security Mitigations   Intel   2021-01-09
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
Happy New Year! A Look Back At The Most Popular Phoronix Content Of 2020   Phoronix   2020-12-31
The Most Popular NVIDIA Linux News + Milestones Of 2020   NVIDIA   2020-12-30
AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, Timely New Open-Source GPU Support   AMD   2020-12-29
Linux 5.9-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
Char/Misc With Linux 5.10 Brings Nitro Enclaves, Alder Lake, More Code For Gaudi   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
OpenBSD Marks 25th Anniversary By Releasing OpenBSD 6.8 With POWER 64-Bit Support   BSD   2020-10-18
Another Kernel Optimization Being Worked On That Can Help IO_uring Performance   Linux Kernel   2020-10-01
QEMU 5.1 Release Brings Many Improvements To This Open-Source Virtualization Component   Virtualization   2020-08-12
Linux 5.9 Supports A Lot Of New Audio Hardware, Intel Silent Stream Added   Hardware   2020-08-08
Mageia 8 Beta 1 Released With Many Improvements   Operating Systems   2020-08-07
Intel Workaround For Graphics Driver Regression: "The Platform Problem Going Crazy"   Intel   2020-08-05
OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 Reaches Alpha   Operating Systems   2020-07-28
AMD Launches Ryzen 4000 APUs - But Only For Pre-Built PCs / OEMs   AMD   2020-07-21
I've Been Running The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U + Ubuntu 20.04 As My Main System   AMD   2020-07-17
QEMU 5.1 Bringing Many CPU Improvements From Loongson To RISC-V To s390   Virtualization   2020-07-16
Ubuntu 20.10 Moving Ahead In Restricting Access To dmesg   Ubuntu   2020-07-03
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top H1'2020 For Linux   Phoronix   2020-06-30
Mageia 8 Alpha 1 Released With Better ARM Support, Linux 5.7 Kernel   Operating Systems   2020-06-26
Running Linux 5.8-rc1 Benchmarks On The Intel Core i9 10900K + Radeon RX 5700 XT   Linux Kernel   2020-06-15
Linux 5.7-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.202 For Improved System Responsiveness   Linux Kernel   2020-06-10
Samsung Sends In Improvements To The exFAT File-System Driver For Linux 5.8   Linux Storage   2020-06-09
Reiser4/Reiser5 Updated For Linux 5.7 Kernel Compatibility   Linux Storage   2020-06-08
Linux 5.7.1 Releases As A Benign First Point Release   Linux Kernel   2020-06-07
RISC-V For Linux 5.8 Finishes Bringing Up The Kendryte K210, Adds KGDB Support   RISC-V   2020-06-07
SMB3 Updates For Linux 5.8 Offer Better Performance For Large I/O   Linux Storage   2020-06-06
GNU Linux-Libre 5.7 Released - Drops Intel iGPU Security Fix Over Arrays Of Numbers   Linux Kernel   2020-06-04
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May   Phoronix   2020-06-02
Linux 5.7 Kernel Released With New Apple Driver, Official Intel Gen12 Graphics   Linux Kernel   2020-05-31
The Linux Kernel Deprecates The 80 Character Line Coding Style   Linux Kernel   2020-05-31
Reiser4 Updated For Linux 5.6 Kernel Support   Linux Kernel   2020-05-31
The Top Linux 5.7 Features From Apple Fast Charge To Official Tiger Lake Graphics   Linux Kernel   2020-05-29
AMD Lines Up Another Batch Of Radeon Graphics Fixes For Linux 5.8   Radeon   2020-05-27
Linux 5.8 Feature Queue Has Multiple Performance Optimizations, Intel Rocket Lake, Other Hardware   Linux Kernel   2020-05-26
Linus Torvalds Switches To AMD Ryzen Threadripper After 15 Years Of Intel Systems   AMD   2020-05-24
Linux 5.7-rc7 Kernel Released With It Looking To Be In Good Shape   Linux Kernel   2020-05-24
AMD Sensor Fusion Hub Support Is Not Coming With Linux 5.8   AMD   2020-05-24
AMD Renoir Temperature Monitoring To Come With Linux 5.8   AMD   2020-05-22
Linux 5.7-rc6 Released - Torvalds Is Not Entirely Happy Over Its Size   Linux Kernel   2020-05-17
100+ Linux Benchmarks Between The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U vs. Intel Core i7 1065G7   Hardware   2020-05-16
Linux 5.7 Seeing Radeon FreeSync Fixes, Back-Ported Soft Recovery For Navi   Radeon   2020-05-14
OpenZFS 0.8.4 Released With Support Through Linux 5.6, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-05-12
Linux 5.7-rc5 Released With More Changes But Not Worrying Torvalds   Linux Kernel   2020-05-10
Linux 5.7-rc4 Released As A Pleasantly Calm Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-05-03
Linux Gaming, Qt Drama, New Hardware Kept Open-Source Enthusiasts Entertained This Month   Phoronix   2020-04-30
Linux 5.5 vs. 5.6 vs. 5.7 Kernel Benchmarks With The Intel Core i9 10980XE   Linux Kernel   2020-04-30
Linux 5.7-rc3 Kernel Released: "In A World Gone Mad, The Kernel Looks Almost Boringly Regular"   Linux Kernel   2020-04-26
A Fix Is Out For The Intel Ice Lake Performance Drop On Linux With The Dell XPS 7390   Intel   2020-04-24
Intel FSGSBASE Linux Support Revived For A Performance Boost On Intel/AMD Processors   Intel   2020-04-24
Samsung Respins exFAT-Utils As exFATprogs In New Release   Linux Storage   2020-04-23
Dell XPS 7390 Intel Ice Lake Performance Hit Hard By A Linux Kernel Regression   Linux Kernel   2020-04-22
Intel Landing More Driver Work Needed For Discrete GPU Linux Support   Intel   2020-04-20
Linux 5.7-rc2 Released With Support For Accommodating Larger AMD CPU Microcode Files   Linux Kernel   2020-04-19
Intel Sends Initial Linux 5.8 Graphics Driver Updates - Adds Ability For Tapping Full EU Perf, More Tiger Lake Bits   Intel   2020-04-17
Linux 5.7 Git Restores The Ability To EFI Boot Following Fallout In 5.7-rc1   Linux Kernel   2020-04-16
Seven Changes We've Been Waiting On That You Will Not Find In Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   2020-04-16
F2FS Added Zstd Compression With Linux 5.7 While Now is Working On LZO-RLE   Linux Storage   2020-04-16
AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Amassing Improvements For Linux 5.8   Radeon   2020-04-14
EROFS-Utils 1.1 Released For This Read-Only Linux File-System   Linux Storage   2020-04-14
Linux 5.8 To Add Auto-Detection For Using SoundWire On Newer Intel Platforms   Hardware   2020-04-13
Linux 5.7-rc1 Marks More Than 915k Commits, 28.4 Million Lines In Source Tree   Linux Kernel   2020-04-13
Linux 5.7-rc1 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2020-04-12
Linux 5.7 Will Let You Setup A Swap File Over A Network With SMB3/Samba   Linux Storage   2020-04-12
Linux 5.7 Makes It Very Easy To Build The Kernel With An LLVM-Based Toolchain   LLVM   2020-04-12
XFS Has A Second Round Of Improvements For Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-10
Samsung Releases exFAT-Utils To Format File-System, Fsck   Linux Storage   2020-04-09
Linux 5.7 Begins Landing Support For The Kendryte K210 Dual-Core RISC-V SoC   RISC-V   2020-04-09
Ceph Sees Some Nice Performance Improvements With Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-09
Linux Security Feature Revised For Randomizing The Kernel Stack Offset At Each System Call   Linux Security   2020-04-08
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Should Trip Less Often On Some GPUs With Linux 5.7   Nouveau   2020-04-08
OverlayFS Can Be Paired With VirtIO-FS On Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-08
Some Older Intel Tablets Finally Seeing Working Touchscreen With Linux 5.7   Intel   2020-04-07
F2FS Introduces Zstd Compression Support With The Linux 5.7 Kernel   Linux Storage   2020-04-07
Intel P-State Driver Shifting To "Schedutil" Governor Default With Linux 5.7   Intel   2020-04-06
Linux 5.7 Changes So Far: New exFAT Driver, Tiger Lake Graphics By Default, Apple Fast Charge, Etc   Linux Kernel   2020-04-06
C-SKY Architecture Gets Fix For Its Own Speculative Execution Bug In Linux 5.7   Hardware   2020-04-06
Linux Exec Should Be Less Deadlock Prone In Future Kernels   Linux Kernel   2020-04-06
/dev/random Seeing Performance Work For Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   2020-04-06
Linux 5.7 Perf Changes Include Additions For AMD Zen 3, Intel Tiger Lake   Linux Kernel   2020-04-05
KVM With Linux 5.7 Supporting Protected/Secure VM Guests For IBM POWER + s390   Virtualization   2020-04-05
XFS Working Towards Online Repair, Many Underlying Improvements   Linux Storage   2020-04-05
DRM TTM Hugepage Support Lands In Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   2020-04-05
Linux 5.7 To Support Spawning A Process In A Different Cgroup From Its Parent   Linux Kernel   2020-04-05
Loongson Improvements Land In Linux 5.7 To Improve The Chinese MIPS CPUs   Hardware   2020-04-05
The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Has Landed In Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-04
Linux 5.7 Adds Support For The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Mainline PinePhone Support   Arm   2020-04-04
Linux 5.7's Char/Misc Brings MHI Bus, Habana Labs AI Accelerator Code Additions   Linux Kernel   2020-04-04
PCI Changes For Linux 5.7 Bring Error Disconnect Recover, P2P DMA For Skylake-E   Hardware   2020-04-03
Linus Torvalds Questions The Not So Glorious Driver For That Funky Looking RGB Mouse   Hardware   2020-04-03
Plenty Of New Sound Hardware Support, Continued Sound Open Firmware Work For Linux 5.7   Hardware   2020-04-03
Linux 5.7 Seeing Updates For Intel SpeedSelect Technology, Jasper Lake PMC   Intel   2020-04-02
Btrfs File-System Updates Land In Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-02
SELinux Seeing Performance Improvements With Linux 5.7   Linux Security   2020-04-02
Linux 5.7 Gets A Unified/User-Space-Access-Intended Accelerator Framework   Linux Kernel   2020-04-01
Linux 5.7 Networking Changes Bring Qualcomm IPA, New Intel Driver Additions   Linux Networking   2020-04-01
Linux 5.7 Graphics Driver Updates Enable Tiger Lake By Default, OLED Backlight Support   Linux Kernel   2020-04-01
The Linux 5.7 Scheduler Changes Bring Prominent Additions For Intel & Arm CPUs   Hardware   2020-04-01
Apple Using Rust, exFAT, Ryzen Laptops, Ubuntu 20.04 Advances + Other Hits From March   Phoronix   2020-03-31
Linux 5.7 Media Updates Add H.264 / H.265 / VP9 Decode To The Meson Driver   Multimedia   2020-03-31
Linux 5.7 For 64-bit ARM Brings In-Kernel Pointer Authentication, Activity Monitors   Arm   2020-03-31
Linux 5.7 Power Management Includes Fixes, Tiny Power Button Driver   Hardware   2020-03-31
Linux 5.7 EFI Changes: "The GRUB Project Is Showing Signs Of Life Again"   Hardware   2020-03-31
Linux 5.7's USB Changes Range From Apple Fast Charging To Reporting USB-C Orientation   Apple   2020-03-31
FSINFO System Call, Mount Notifications Sent In For Linux 5.7 To Provide Better Storage Details   Linux Storage   2020-03-30
Split Lock Detection Sent In For Linux 5.7 To Spot Performance Issues, Unprivileged DoS   Linux Kernel   2020-03-30
Linux 5.7 Staging's Spring Cleaning Sees Almost 30k Lines Of Code Dropped   Linux Kernel   2020-03-30
IO_uring Sees More Improvements With Linux 5.7 For This Exciting I/O Tech   Linux Storage   2020-03-30
Linux 5.6 Kernel Released With WireGuard, USB4, New AMD + Intel Hardware Support   Linux Kernel   2020-03-29
AMD Sensor Fusion Hub Laptop Driver Unlikely To Land For Linux 5.7   AMD   2020-03-29
HDR Display Support Coming To Some Intel Gen9 Graphics On Linux   Intel   2020-03-29
The Best Features Of The Linux 5.6 Kernel From WireGuard To Y2038 Compatibility To USB4   Linux Kernel   2020-03-28
Some Of The Features To Look Forward To With Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   2020-03-27
FSCRYPT Inline Encryption Revised For Better Encryption Performance On Modern SoCs   Linux Storage   2020-03-27
MIPS Loongson 3 Seeing Support Improvements With Linux 5.7   Hardware   2020-03-26
AMD PassThru DMA Engine Driver Still Pending For The Linux Kernel   AMD   2020-03-26
2020 Spring Cleaning: HP 100BaseVG AnyLAN Linux Network Driver Finally Getting Dropped   Linux Networking   2020-03-26
VirtIO Video Driver Coming Together For The Mainline Linux Kernel   Virtualization   2020-03-26
TTM Huge Page Table Entries Pending For Lowering Graphics Driver CPU Usage   Linux Kernel   2020-03-25
Habana Labs Preps More Linux Code For Their AI Accelerators With The 5.7 Kernel   Hardware   2020-03-24
Google Engineer Posts Latest Patches For MAC + Audit Policy Using eBPF   Linux Networking   2020-03-24
F2FS File-System Adding Zstd Compression Support In Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-03-23
Linux 5.7 To Improve Spreading Of Utilization, Other Scheduler Work   Linux Kernel   2020-03-23
VMware Plumbing OpenGL 4.x Support For The VMWGFX Graphics Stack   Virtualization   2020-03-23
Linux 5.7 Adding Infrastructure To See Better Out-Of-The-Box Touchscreen Support   Hardware   2020-03-22
Mesa 20.1 So Far Contains Two PCI IDs So Far For Intel Xe Graphics Plus 9 Other Tiger Lake IDs   Intel   2020-03-22
Google Engineers Have Been Working On An AMD SB-TSI Temperature Driver   AMD   2020-03-22
Linux fsinfo() System Call Continues Maturing For Exposing More File-System + Mount Info   Linux Storage   2020-03-22
Intel Tiger Lake VRR Support Being Worked On For Linux, More PCI IDs Introduced   Intel   2020-03-20
AMD Begins Focusing On Bug Fixes For Linux 5.7 Graphics Driver Code   Radeon   2020-03-20
MHI: Linux 5.7 Getting A New Bus From Qualcomm   Linux Kernel   2020-03-19
AMD SEV-ES Guest Support Updated With More Improvements, Rebased   AMD   2020-03-19
NVMe SSD Systems May Boot Slightly Quicker With Linux 5.7   Hardware   2020-03-18
Linux 5.7 Getting Driver To Deal With More Buggy & Funky Looking Mice   Hardware   2020-03-18
Intel P-State Driver Preparing To Migrate From "Powersave" To Passive Schedutil Default   Intel   2020-03-18
Intel Continues Working On Significant GPU Power Optimization For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2020-03-17
Google "Moonball" Will Be Supported By Linux 5.7   Google   2020-03-17
Linux 5.7 Positioned To Retire ARM 32-bit KVM Virtualization Support   Arm   2020-03-16
Linux Kernel's Floppy Disk Code Is Seeing Improvements In 2020   Hardware   2020-03-16
Intel Volleys First Patches As Part Of Linux Bring-Up For Keem Bay   Intel   2020-03-16
ASpeed AST2500/AST2600 XDMA Engine Support Pending For Linux   Hardware   2020-03-16