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Genode OS Linux & Open-Source News

Genode OS Aiming For Multi-Monitor & Suspend/Resume Support This Year   Operating Systems   2024-01-19
Genode OS Framework In 2023 Aims For Rust Apps, Intel P / E Core Handling, Mobile OS   Operating Systems   2023-01-18
Genode OS 22.11 Released With Support For Intel Gen12 Graphics, More PinePhone Work   Operating Systems   2022-12-01
Genode OS Framework 22.08 With Improvements For Mobile Phone OS Ambitions   Operating Systems   2022-08-31
Genode OS 22.05 Adds WireGuard VPN Support, Linux Device Driver Updates   Operating Systems   2022-06-01
Sculpt OS 22.04 Brings New Drivers, Service-Level Sandboxing   Operating Systems   2022-05-01
Genode OS 22.02 Improves Ability To Use Linux Device Drivers, Adds VirtualBox 3D Guests   Operating Systems   2022-03-01
Genode OS Planning For WireGuard, Mobile Usability With The PinePhone   Operating Systems   2022-01-20
Genode OS 21.11 Now Has Working Intel Gen9+ Graphics, Better PinePhone Support   Operating Systems   2021-12-04
Genode-Based Sculpt OS 21.10 Adds Intel GPU Acceleration, USB Web Camera Support   Operating Systems   2021-10-16
Genode OS Framework 21.08 Streamlining Its Porting Of Linux Driver Code   Operating Systems   2021-09-02
Genode OS 21.05 Released With Webcam Support, Encrypted File Vault   Operating Systems   2021-05-31
Genode OS Framework 21.02 Adds LTE Data Support, More RISC-V Work   Operating Systems   2021-02-26
Genode OS Planning For PinePhone Bring-Up, Better GPU Support In 2021   Operating Systems   2021-01-15
Genode OS Framework 20.11 Brings Dynamic CPU Load Balancing, 64-bit ARM Sculpt OS   Operating Systems   2020-11-28
Sculpt OS 20.08 Released With Redesigned GUI Stack   Operating Systems   2020-09-19
Genode OS 20.08 Has Chromium Web Engine Running, Low-Level GUI Work   Operating Systems   2020-08-31
Genode OS 20.05 Adds Capability-Based Security Using SECCOMP, Drops Python 2 + Rust   Operating Systems   2020-05-28
Genode OS 20.02 Released With Continued Improvements To Sculpt OS   Operating Systems   2020-02-29
Genode OS Draws Up 2020 Plans Of USB Audio, A Kernel Written In Ada   Operating Systems   2020-01-21
Genode OS Framework 19.11 Brings Initial Block Device Encryption Code   Operating Systems   2019-12-01
Genode OS 19.08 Released With Better POSIX Compatibility, Qt 5.13 Support   Operating Systems   2019-08-29
Genode OS 19.05 Adds 64-bit ARM, Uses C++17 By Default   Operating Systems   2019-05-29
Genode OS 19.02 Released With Sculpt OS Improvements, Java Availability   Operating Systems   2019-02-28
Redox OS Exploring Coreboot Payload, Other Improvements   Operating Systems   2019-02-23
Genode OS 18.11 Gets SSH Server Support, MirageOS Unikernels & SDK   Operating Systems   2018-12-01
Sculpt OS With "Visual Composition" Posted For Latest Genode OS   Operating Systems   2018-09-22
Genode OS 18.08 Brings Support For Intel CPU Microcode Updating, Newer Linux Drivers   Operating Systems   2018-08-30
Genode-Based Sculpt OS Now Available With Easy-To-Use Disk Image   Operating Systems   2018-06-17
Genode OS 18.05 Rolls Out Java Support, New NVMe Driver & Sculpt OS Update   Operating Systems   2018-06-03
Sculpt Aims To Be A General-Purpose OS Built Atop Genode   Operating Systems   2018-02-28
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At FOSDEM 2018   Linux Events   2018-02-13
Genode Is Developing A GPU Multiplexer For Intel Graphics Hardware   Operating Systems   2018-02-05
Genode OS Framework Making Plans For 2018   Operating Systems   2018-01-20
Genode OS 17.11 Reworks Its "Nitpicker" GUI Server   Operating Systems   2017-11-30
Genode 17.08 Now Supports Broadwell Graphics, Xen DomU Support   Operating Systems   2017-08-30
Genode OS 17.05 Released, Switches To GCC 6.3, Kernel/Platform Improvements   Operating Systems   2017-05-31
Genode OS 17.02 Released With Improved VFS, New Input Event Processing   Operating Systems   2017-02-28
Redox OS, MINIX, Hurd & Genode Had Their Time At FOSDEM Too   Operating Systems   2017-02-06
Genode OS Framework Planning For Async I/O, App ABI, Qt5 Plans For 2017   Operating Systems   2017-01-18
Genode OS Framework 16.11 Now Available   Operating Systems   2016-11-30
Genode OS 16.08 Released With seL4 Kernel Improvements   Operating Systems   2016-08-31
Genode OS 16.05 Adds Rust Support, Updated Device Drivers   Operating Systems   2016-05-27
Genode OS 16.02 Ported To RISC-V CPU Architecture   Operating Systems   2016-03-01
Genode OS Continues Making Progress As A Desktop OS   Operating Systems   2015-12-01
Doing Graphics Hardware Acceleration With Microkernels   Hardware   2015-09-21
Genode OS 15.05 Brings New Drivers, Architecture Improvements   Operating Systems   2015-05-28
GenodeOS 14.11 Now Supports Intel's Wireless Hardware   Operating Systems   2014-11-28
Genode OS 14.08 Has New GUI Architecture, Pluggable VFS   Operating Systems   2014-08-28
Genode OS 14.05 Has USB 3.0 on x86, Block-Level Encryption   Operating Systems   2014-05-30
Genode OS 14.02 Gains VirtualBox, NetBSD FS Support   Operating Systems   2014-02-28
Genode OS Draws Up Plans For 2014   Operating Systems   2014-02-12
Genode OS 13.11 Brings Many Fantastic Features   Operating Systems   2013-11-28
Genode 13.08 Has Qt5, Multi-Processor Support   Operating Systems   2013-08-15
Genode OS 13.05 Brings Automated Tests, Exynos 5   Operating Systems   2013-05-31
Genode OS 13.02 Plays With IOMMUs, Cortex-A15s   Operating Systems   2013-02-28
Genode OS 12.11 Is Now Self-Hosting   Operating Systems   2012-11-29
Genode OS 12.08 Gains ARM Support, NOVA Work   Operating Systems   2012-08-23
Genode OS 12.05 Brings Interesting New Features   Operating Systems   2012-05-31
Genode OS Framework 12.02 Released   Operating Systems   2012-02-28
Genode OS Gets An Ambitious 2012 Roadmap   Operating Systems   2012-01-03
Genode Aims To Produce A General Purpose OS   Operating Systems   2011-12-05
Genode 11.11 Released With Virtualization Options   Operating Systems   2011-12-03
Genode OS Now Has A LiveCD Demo With Gallium3D   Operating Systems   2010-11-16
Gallium3D, GEM Ported To Genode OS   Operating Systems   2010-08-11