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Summer of Code Articles & Reviews

Mesa R500 Texture Semaphore Improvements   Display Drivers   10 Oct 2011
Benchmarking The New Radeon R300 Register Allocator   Display Drivers   29 Mar 2011
Nouveau Companion 38   Display Drivers   03 Apr 2008

Summer of Code Linux News

GCC Rust Front-End Continues Advancing With Plans To...   GNU   29 May 2021
Google Announces Some Very Interesting GSoC 2021...   Google   17 May 2021
China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer...   Free Software   09 May 2021
Plan 9 Copyright Transferred To Foundation, MIT...   Operating Systems   23 Mar 2021
200+ Open-Source Projects Involved In GSoC 2021   Google   10 Mar 2021
X.Org Foundation Bows Out For Google Summer of Code...   X.Org   07 Mar 2021
Google's Pandemic-Minded GSoC Will Be A Lot Less...   Google   31 Jan 2021
GNU Had A Busy 2020 With The GCC Toolchain Still...   GNU   31 Dec 2020
FreeType Merges New "SDF" Renderer For High...   Desktop   24 Dec 2020
Outreachy Kicks Off Winter 2020 Round With Several...   Free Software   02 Dec 2020
The FSF Is Looking To Update Its High Priority Free...   Free Software   29 Oct 2020
OpenCV 4.5 Released With Support For Multiple OpenCL...   Programming   12 Oct 2020
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 &...   Phoronix   01 Oct 2020
GCC Automatic Parallel Compilation Viability Results...   GNU   03 Sep 2020
GCC "-fparallel-jobs" Sent Out For Compiling...   GNU   21 Aug 2020
GCC Sees More Progress On Ability To Parallelize The...   GNU   29 Jul 2020
Rust-Written Redox OS Now Supports GDB Debugging   Operating Systems   28 Jul 2020
NetBSD Is Making Progress On Benchmarking For...   BSD   26 Jul 2020
GNOME-Usage Program Still Striving To Report...   GNOME   25 Jul 2020
FreeType 2.10.2 Released With Support For WOFF 2 Fonts   Desktop   09 May 2020
There Are Many Interesting Google Summer of Code 2020...   Google   07 May 2020
X.Org Board Elections Wrap Up For 2020   X.Org   30 Apr 2020
Mesa "Vallium" - Software/CPU-Based Vulkan...   Vulkan   24 Apr 2020
Git 2.26's Faster Searches Thanks To Multi-Threaded...   Programming   11 Apr 2020
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped...   Phoronix   01 Mar 2020
Google Announces The 200 Open-Source Projects For GSoC...   Google   22 Feb 2020
Two Weeks Are Left To Apply For An Outreachy Summer...   Free Software   10 Feb 2020
Virtual KMS Driver To Work On Virtual Refresh Rate...   X.Org   10 Nov 2019
Parallelizing GCC's Internals Continues To Be Worked...   GNU   26 Sep 2019
Thank The NSA For Their Ghidra Software Now Helping...   Coreboot   01 Sep 2019
Wine Is Now In Better Shape On NetBSD Thanks To GSoC...   BSD   31 Aug 2019
Waypipe Is Successfully Working For This...   Wayland   30 Aug 2019
NetBSD Made Progress Thanks To GSoC In Its March...   BSD   26 Aug 2019
Wine On 64-bit NetBSD Is Now In Much Better Shape...   BSD   03 Aug 2019
NetBSD Working On DRM ioctl Support, Eventually To...   BSD   10 Jul 2019
NetBSD Is Seeing Better Wine Support Thanks To Google...   BSD   30 Jun 2019
GNOME Foundation Issues 2018 Annual Report - Massive...   GNOME   27 Jun 2019
The Effort To Parallelize GCC With Threads Is Starting...   GNU   26 Jun 2019
Firmware Reverse-Engineering Using NSA Software...   Coreboot   11 Jun 2019
Coreboot Project Is Leveraging NSA Software To Help...   Coreboot   04 Jun 2019
There Are A Ton Of Interesting GSoC Projects This...   Google   06 May 2019
Google Is Launching "Season of Docs" To Help...   Google   14 Apr 2019
ADriConf Looks To Move Under The Mesa Umbrella As...   Mesa   02 Apr 2019
A GCC Parallelization Bottleneck Might Get Addressed...   GNU   01 Apr 2019
GSoC 2019 Could Bring Work On A Vulkan GPU Driver...   X.Org   26 Mar 2019
Wine Could Use Student Developers For VKD3D, Other...   WINE   10 Feb 2019
Debian Could See Expanded Android SDK Support &...   Debian   09 Feb 2019
GCC's Potential GSoC Projects Include Better...   GNU   05 Feb 2019
Some Radeon ROCm Packages Pending Review For Fedora   Fedora   21 Jan 2019
"Soft" FP64/INT64 Implementations Merged To...   Mesa   10 Jan 2019
The Rust-Written Kazan Vulkan Driver Lights Up Its...   Vulkan   21 Oct 2018
The Kazan Vulkan CPU/Software-Based Implementation...   Vulkan   04 Oct 2018
The Current Performance Of Virgl3D, Future Plans   Mesa   01 Oct 2018
There's A New Libre GPU Effort Building On RISC-V,...   RISC-V   28 Sep 2018
The Long-Awaited Haiku Operating System Beta Should Be...   Operating Systems   08 Sep 2018
Outreachy Had 41 Interns Complete Their Work This...   Free Software   02 Sep 2018
ReactOS 0.4.10 Release Candidate Available   Operating Systems   30 Aug 2018
VLC Saw A Lot Of Exciting Work Thanks To Google Summer...   Multimedia   30 Aug 2018
Work Started This Summer On Adding System Power...   GNOME   30 Aug 2018
FFmpeg Received Support For Performing More Operations...   Multimedia   29 Aug 2018
Vulkan VirGL Ends The Summer Being Able To Execute A...   Vulkan   28 Aug 2018
wineSHOCK: The Automated Direct3D Game Benchmarks On...   WINE   28 Aug 2018
The DRM GPU Scheduler Got Beefed Up This Summer, More...   Linux Kernel   28 Aug 2018
VKMS Coming In Linux 4.19 Is One Of The Best GSoC...   Linux Kernel   15 Aug 2018
Wine Had A Successful GSoC 2018, Better Direct3D Game...   WINE   13 Aug 2018
Pitivi's User Interface Is Getting Better Thanks To...   GNOME   12 Aug 2018
KDE Had A Very Successful Google Summer of Code 2018   KDE   08 Aug 2018
KDE Discover Gets Fwupd Integration For Handling...   KDE   06 Aug 2018
AutoDeb Still Being Worked On For Automatically...   Debian   03 Aug 2018
Mesa's VirGL Now Has OpenGL 4.2 Support To Offer Guest...   Mesa   31 Jul 2018
ReactOS Is Now Able To Boot From Btrfs   Operating Systems   29 Jul 2018
The State Of The VKMS Driver, Preparations For vBlank...   Linux Kernel   16 Jul 2018
Virtual Kernel Mode-Setting Driver Being Added To...   Linux Kernel   12 Jul 2018
Vulkan-Virgl Continues Progressing For Getting Vulkan...   Vulkan   10 Jul 2018
A Session Suspension & Restoration Protocol...   KDE   18 Jun 2018
Better Wine Benchmarking This Summer For Windows...   WINE   14 Jun 2018
LibreOffice Now Available On Haiku OS, Mesa 18.1 With...   Operating Systems   06 Jun 2018
The Virtual KMS Module Has Begun Progressing As Part...   X.Org   28 May 2018
Vulkan Virgl Has Kicked Off For Supporting This...   Vulkan   27 May 2018
GNOME Announces New Internship Program For Complex...   GNOME   09 May 2018
Google Is Working On Vulkan Over CPUs With SwiftShader   Vulkan   02 May 2018
Outreachy Announces Summer 2018 Participants   Free Software   25 Apr 2018
The Most Interesting Google GSoC 2018 Projects: QEMU...   Google   24 Apr 2018
X.Org 2018 Elections Yield 54% Voter Turnout, Select...   X.Org   17 Apr 2018
Student Applications For GSoC 2018 Now Open   Google   12 Mar 2018
OpenMAX Tizonia H.264 Encoder/Decoder Land In Mesa...   Mesa   06 Mar 2018
GSoC 2018 Could Bring Better Video Decode, Nouveau...   X.Org   27 Feb 2018
X.Org, GNOME & The 200+ Other Organizations For...   Google   14 Feb 2018
GTK4, GNOME's Wayland Support & Vulkan Renderer...   GNOME   10 Dec 2017
Projects You Can Help With For Advancing Open-Source...   Nouveau   16 Oct 2017
Kazan Continues Making Progress As A CPU-Based Vulkan...   Vulkan   25 Sep 2017
FreeType Improvements For The Adobe Engine   Desktop   25 Sep 2017
X.Org Server 1.20 Expected Around January With New...   X.Org   23 Sep 2017
VLC Has Begun Working On Some 3D Video Playback...   Multimedia   10 Sep 2017
GNOME's Mutter Loses Some Of Its X11 Dependence   GNOME   10 Sep 2017
Jente Hidskes Continues Improving Libratbag's Piper...   Hardware   09 Sep 2017
FreeBSD Has A New ZFS Boot Management Tool &...   BSD   09 Sep 2017
Elivepatch Aims To Make Live Kernel Patching Easier On...   Operating Systems   08 Sep 2017
FFmpeg's VP9 Decoder Is Much Faster Thanks To GSoC...   Multimedia   08 Sep 2017
Outreachy Begins Soliciting For 2017 Winter...   Free Software   08 Sep 2017