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EGLStreams Linux News

XWayland Gets Initial Support For EGLStreams To...   X.Org   07 Feb 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not...   Ubuntu   26 Jan 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Offers Wayland In Tech...   Red Hat   24 Jan 2018
Solus Experimenting With Qt Wayland Compositor, NVIDIA...   Operating Systems   04 Jan 2018
Wayland Made More Inroads In 2017   Wayland   29 Dec 2017
NVIDIA's Open-Source Christmas: Experimental Allocator...   Nouveau   20 Dec 2017
Struggling Open-Source Support, Pascal Rocking &...   NVIDIA   16 Dec 2017
Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year   Fedora   15 Dec 2017
Wayland Had An Impressive 2017 With KDE Support...   Wayland   13 Dec 2017
2017 Has Been The First Year In A Decade Without A...   X.Org   05 Dec 2017
NVIDIA's New Memory Allocator Project To Be...   NVIDIA   30 Nov 2017
NVIDIA Wants Feedback On Its Device Memory Allocator...   NVIDIA   21 Nov 2017
DRI3 v1.1 & DRI3 v1.2 Patches Revised   X.Org   07 Nov 2017
Solus 4 Is Working On Restoring Wayland Support,...   Operating Systems   01 Nov 2017
KWin Maintainer On KDE Wayland Remains Uninterested In...   KDE   31 Oct 2017
X.Org Server 1.20 Expected Around January With New...   X.Org   23 Sep 2017
NVIDIA Offers Update On Their Proposed Unix Device...   NVIDIA   20 Sep 2017
NVIDIA Makes It Easier On Fedora To Try GNOME With...   Fedora   26 Jul 2017
Sway Wayland Compositor Adding Proprietary NVIDIA...   Wayland   30 Apr 2017
Solus 2017.04.18 Brings Updates, Bulletproof Boot...   Operating Systems   18 Apr 2017
Mir Will Support NVIDIA's EGL Streams Approach   Ubuntu   19 Mar 2017
The Top NVIDIA vs. AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2016   Hardware   29 Dec 2016
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   28 Dec 2016
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   28 Dec 2016
Forum Spam/Filtering Redesign; 300+ Linux...   Phoronix   01 Dec 2016
GNOME Lands Mainline NVIDIA Wayland Support Using...   GNOME   17 Nov 2016
Fedora 25's Hybrid Graphics Improvements, To Support...   Fedora   01 Nov 2016
New Documentation Around NVIDIA's Push For A GBM...   NVIDIA   04 Oct 2016
NVIDIA's Proposal For A New API Better Than GBM Has...   Wayland   23 Sep 2016
NVIDIA Presents Over GBM vs. EGLStreams, The Big...   Wayland   21 Sep 2016
Qt's Comprehensive Display/Graphics Options   Qt   19 Sep 2016
XDC2016 Will Be One Of The Largest X.Org Conferences...   X.Org   14 Sep 2016
KDE Wayland Is Not Yet Interested In NVIDIA's...   KDE   14 Sep 2016
NVIDIA To Meet With Wayland, Linux Kernel Developers...   NVIDIA   21 Jul 2016
Wayland 1.12 Planned For Release In September   Wayland   01 Jun 2016
Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A...   Free Software   30 May 2016
A Wayland Developer Shares His Concerns About NVIDIA's...   Wayland   13 May 2016
Streams vs. GBM: The Fight Continues Over NVIDIA's...   Wayland   12 May 2016
NVIDIA Linux Developers Don't Sound Too Happy About...   NVIDIA   03 May 2016
NVIDIA Continues Discussing Their Controversial...   NVIDIA   03 Apr 2016
NVIDIA Publishes Patches For Its Driver To Work With...   Wayland   21 Mar 2016
NVIDIA Presents Its Driver Plans To Support...   NVIDIA   10 Oct 2014