Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year

Written by Michael Larabel in Fedora on 15 December 2017 at 07:55 AM EST. 18 Comments
Fedora Linux this year picked up support for more multimedia codecs, continued innovating on both the Linux desktop/workstations and servers, the Fedora/RedHat developers continued a lot of upstream improvements throughout the Linux landscape, their Wayland support continues to be solid, and they continued shipping the latest and greatest packages in their distribution releases.

Fedora in 2017 was another successful year. As a Fedora user on my main production system, I'm extremely happy with their Fedora 26 and Fedora 27 releases of this calendar year while Fedora 28 should be another great release to look forward to in 2018. On the downside, they are still struggling to ship new Fedora releases out on time as scheduled and their hopes this year for Fedora Modular Server were ultimately botched.

For those curious about the most-viewed Fedora articles on Phoronix in 2017, they are listed below.

Full MP3 Support Being Added To Fedora Linux
Fedora Workstation last year enabled support for MP3 decoding on this Red Hat Linux distribution while now they are enabling MP3 encoding support too.

Fedora 27 Scheduled To Be Released On Halloween
While Fedora 26 isn't even being released until June, today the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has approved the initial release schedule for Fedora 27.

Why I Run Fedora Linux On My Main Production System
With the Linux benchmarks at Phoronix there is a wide-range of Linux distributions (as well as BSDs, macOS, and the occasional Solaris and Windows) tested, but the operating system I end up running on my most-important production system is still Fedora Workstation. Recently I was interviewed by Fedora Magazine about my thoughts on the Red Hat backed distribution and more.

It's Now Possible To Run Fedora On Chromebooks With Wayland
With Wayland now being present on Chrome OS for the Android compatibility layer, modifications to Crouton were made to allow Fedora Workstation with Wayland to run atop these Wayland-enabled Chromebooks.

A Look At The New Features For Fedora 27
Fedora 27 is now under its final freeze for release in the next few weeks so here's a recap of the prominent changes coming to this next installment of the Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution.

Fedora Switching Away From Intel X.Org DDX Driver
Fedora is the latest Linux distribution abandoning the xf86-video-intel driver in favor of the generic xf86-video-modesetting DDX driver.

AC3 Codec Coming For Fedora 26
Fedora Workstation 26 will be receiving official AC3 codec support.

Fedora 27 Will Indeed Eliminate Alpha Releases
Last month we reported on Fedora 27 looking to drop alpha releases and now that change has been approved.

I Had A Tough Time Deciding What GPU To Use On My Main Fedora Linux Workstation
This week I've been working on transitioning my main production workstation to Fedora 26, but I had a really tough time this cycle deciding which graphics card to use, even with having dozens at my disposal.

Fedora Linux Can Finally Offer AAC Audio Codec Support
Fedora is now able to bundle and offer a specific AAC audio codec implementation as a package for its Linux distribution.

Netflix Should Now Play Nicely On Fedora, Other Linux Distributions
Those trying to run Netflix from Chrome/Firefox on different Linux distributions should now see broader compatibility for this popular streaming service without having to alter your HTTP user-agent strings.

Fedora 26 Beta Has Been Delayed
Fedora is continuing in their common release theme of delays...

Fedora Announces Its First Layered Image Release
For those making use of containers, the Fedora Project has announced its first Layered Image Release.

Fedora 26 Planning To Enable TRIM/Discard On Encrypted Disks
One of the latest Fedora 26 changes being worked on is enabling TRIM/Discard by default for newly-created encrypted disks via dm-crypt.

Fedora 26 Will Receive Glibc 2.25
GNU C Library 2.25 is set to be introduced in Fedora 26.

A Number Of Fedora 27 Features Get Pushed Back To Fedora 28
Due to delays in the Fedora 26 release pushing it back by more than one month, the Fedora 27 schedule is rather tight with the change completion deadline having already been earlier this month and the Fedora 27 branching from Rawhide taking place in four days.

The New Features Of Fedora 27
The beta of Fedora 27 is finally set to be released today. Here's a look at the new features of Fedora 27.

Fedora 27 Approves More Features: Flatpaks, NSS, RPM 4.14, Installer
At Friday's Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) there were yet more features approved for the current Fedora Linux development cycle.

Fedora 26 Beta Delayed Again, Final Pushed Out To Mid-July
Last week Fedora 26's beta was delayed and today they have needed to still postpone this beta release due to bugs.

NVIDIA Makes It Easier On Fedora To Try GNOME With EGLStreams On Wayland
With Fedora not yet officially supporting the EGLStreams code-path for GNOME Mutter on Wayland, NVIDIA has created their own third-party Copr repository with said support.
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