SilverStone RM42-502 + IceGem 240P Allow For A Great Rackmount 4U Water Cooling Setup

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 28 January 2021 at 06:20 PM EST. Page 1 of 3. 2 Comments.

For those looking at setting up a water-cooled rackmount server either for running high-end hardware like the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO hardware or just wanting a minimal noise environment for your studio or other environment, the SilverStone RM42-502 is a 4U rackmount chassis that can handle SSI-EEB motherboards and still provide enough room for supporting up to 240mm liquid cooling radiators. We've been testing out the SilverStone RM42-502 to great success for the past month in conjunction with the SilverStone IceGem 240P AIO water cooling setup.

A few years back we reviewed the SilverStone CS350 4U rackmount case that worked out very well and continues to hold up well in our lab. Even though we are accustomed to SilverStone being a brand of beautiful, high-end cases like from their Temjin and Sugo series, they proved they can make a competent rackmount chassis. When having the opportunity recently to checkout the RM42-502 chassis, we jumped on it along with the IceGem 240P. SilverStone supplied the RM42-502 and IceGem 240P that we've been testing over the past month and it's been working out very well.

When finding out the RM42-502 + IceGem 240P were inbound, I knew a great upgrade for testing out the capabilities of this combination. Previously I had been running a Threadripper 3970X system within a Rosewill 4U L4500 chassis with an NZXT Kraken X62 closed-loop water cooling system. The configuration was far from ideal with the Rosewill L4500 not being designed to accommodate a liquid cooling radiator at all, so it was a matter of positioning it between the motherboard and the unused 3.5-inch internal drive bays. It was a mess but hardly many affordable, widely available 4U cases can easily handle a 240mm radiator or large. This switch over to the SilverStone hardware ended up working out very well.

The SilverStone RM42-502 4U rackmount chassis can handle SSI-EEB motherboards, up to a dual 120mm liquid cooling radiator mounted to the front of the chassis, USB-C and USB front access, support for sliding rail mounts, dual 80mm exhaust fans, and plenty of storage options. The RM42-502 is well crafted out of steel and is very pleasant on the eyes just as we are used to seeing out of the many SilverStone cases we've been reviewing for going on close to two decades.

The full specifications on the SilverStone RM42-502 can be found via

The SilverStone IceGem 240P meanwhile is an ARGB AIO liquid cooler with dual 120mm fans. Yes, there is RGB lighting but can be disabled if you don't want any extra "bling" within your rackmount chassis. The IceGem 240P water block is large enough to provide full coverage on your Threadripper or EPYC processors. The IceGem water block features a copper base and the pump motor is rated for 3000 RPM. The IceGem 240P is compatible with all major Intel and AMD CPU sockets. The full specifications on the IceGem 240P can be found also on the Silverstonetek website.

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