Rosewill RSV-4310 - Useful Revision To One Of The Best Value 4U Server Cases

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 23 November 2019. Page 1 of 2. 5 Comments

Over the years at Phoronix we have easily close to forty if not more Rosewill 2U and 4U sever cases... Rosewill's server cases have been among the best value enclosures when not needing any extra features like hot-swap bays, etc. For under $100 USD, their Rosewill 4U cases have been a favorite due to the cost yet good quality, fan filter, etc. A new revision out this summer is the Rosewill RSV-4310 that appears to have replaced the likes of the RSV-R4000. The RSV-4310 4U enclosure does bring some nice minor updates to the base enclosure we've come to know and appreciate though is more costly.

From the outside, the Rosewill RSV-4310 looks similar to the various other Rosewill 4U enclosures we've been used to using over the years... There still are two 120mm intake fans and two 80mm exhaust fans, the case is made of SGCC steel, there are ten internal 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays and three external bays. The front panel has a basic door with lock and a filter to help prevent dust from getting inside the server.

One of the nice improvements with the RSV-4310 is finally having two USB 3.0 ports... The RSV-R4000 and other Rosewill cases for a long time have been sticking to USB 2.0 front panel ports while now they have tow USB 3.0 ports in place.

On the inside, they finally have switched the four included cooling fans from using 4-pin molex connectors to 3-pin fan connectors. The fans are of satisfactory quality but really just happy they finally transitioned to 3-pin fan connectors as with their older 4-pin molex would always end up tossing them out right away. The intake fans are 1500 RPM and the 120mm exhaust fans are 1200 RPM.

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