Phoronix Now 15 Years Old, Phoronix Test Suite Hits 11 - A Look Back By The Numbers

Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix on 5 June 2019 at 08:50 AM EDT. 23 Comments
Today marks fifteen years since I started that began with a case review and some other peripheral reviews on a system running Knoppix. This day, 5 June, also marks 11 years now since the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0-Trondheim. For those interested in numbers/data like I, here are some current statistics.

I started Phoronix for the poor Linux hardware support at the time and it's been an amazing turnaround since that point. No longer is it a battle of getting network devices or input devices working on Linux but now it's all a matter of maximizing the performance out of today's hardware on Linux and watching the amazing growth of Linux on servers, AI / deep learning, Android, Linux gaming, and embedded along with all other sorts of verticals. Each year it becomes more amazing to see what other hardware runs Linux as well as seeing where else the Phoronix Test Suite usage pops up next.

It's been a wild ride albeit not always a pleasant one due to setbacks in Linux gaming, the bumpy road at times for new hardware launches, and then on a personal level the battle over increasing ad-block usage by Linux/open-source fans that make my journey much more difficult as well as for the past number of years leaving it on my shoulders producing 99% of the content on this site compared to its early days of having more active contributors.

But anyhow, today's the day and Phoronix is now officially 15 and the Phoronix Test Suite 11! Over this week and for the month ahead will be some other interesting benchmarks on top of the usual benchmarking in looking at some historical comparisons and other fun benchmarks in commemoration of the milestones.

If you enjoy the content on Phoronix each and every day, you can consider showing your support by joining Phoronix Premium to help out the site while enjoying the site ad-free and multi-page articles on a single page. There's also Facebook and Twitter where you can engage. As part of the Phoronix birthday celebrations, this week is also a crazy good deal to join Phoronix Premium so please consider.

Here's a look at some Phoronix numbers now at 15:

- There has been 28,998 original news articles on Phoronix since beginning to cover more news (over just hardware reviews) in 2006. Coincidentally that means we'll be celebrating 29k news articles on the Phoronix birthday!

- When it comes to featured multi-page articles, predominantly Linux hardware reviews and other interesting benchmark pieces, there has been 4,175 original articles.

- The Phoronix Forums is home to 110,316 users.

- The last time there was an entire calendar day without any new content on Phoronix was 20 May 2012.

As for the Phoronix Test Suite over the past 11 years it has seen:

- There have been 39 major feature releases to the Phoronix Test Suite so far.

- that was introduced as part of Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 (February 2011) has now facilitated more than 28.4 million benchmark comparisons/views, more than 1.2 million systems collaborating, 1.9 million public benchmark results, more than 29.05 million searches, and more than 40.4 million test profiles / test suites have been downloaded to Phoronix Test Suite users.

Well, off to rest now. More articles and benchmarks in the morning. If you continue to enjoy all of the Phoronix content and work on benchmarking, consider showing your support with the premium special.
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