Ubuntu 11.10 was released in October 2011 with numerous enhancements to the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Ubuntu 11.10 Articles & Reviews

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Scientific Linux, openSUSE, Ubuntu Tests   Operating Systems   2011-11-03
Ubuntu 11.10: Xen vs. KVM vs. VirtualBox   Software   2011-10-31
KVM x86/x86_64: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Through Ubuntu 11.10   Operating Systems   2011-10-28
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AMD Catalyst vs. Radeon Gallium3D On Linux 3.1   Display Drivers   2011-10-13
The Other Issue With Ubuntu 11.10: Boot Speed   Operating Systems   2011-10-11
Ubuntu 11.10 Boot Performance: It's Slowing Down   Operating Systems   2011-09-28
Ubuntu 11.04 vs. Ubuntu 11.10 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2011-09-26
Ubuntu 11.10 Home Encryption Performance   Software   2011-09-14
The Graphics Stack, Requirements For Ubuntu 11.10   Operating Systems   2011-08-29
Running Wayland On Ubuntu 11.10   Software   2011-08-25
Ubuntu Developers Party In Budapest   Events   2011-05-16

Ubuntu 11.10 Linux & Open-Source News

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Mesa 7.12, Linux 3.2 Likely For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS   Mesa   2011-11-02
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Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" Enters The Wild   Ubuntu   2011-10-13
F17 Might Be The Beefy Miracle To The Precise Pangolin   Fedora   2011-10-06
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Is The "Precise Pangolin"   Ubuntu   2011-10-05
GNOME 3.2 Officially Released   GNOME   2011-09-29
Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Released   Ubuntu   2011-09-23
The Nasty Battery Power Usage On Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-09-09
Ubuntu 11.10 Power Consumption Up By As Much As ~50%   Ubuntu   2011-09-09
Proposed: A Monthly Ubuntu Release Cycle   Ubuntu   2011-09-08
Fedora Graphics Test Week, Again   Fedora   2011-09-07
Ubuntu 11.10 Ocelot Beta 1 Is At The Table   Ubuntu   2011-09-01
openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 5 Appears   SUSE   2011-09-01
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Linux Benchmarks, Reviews Coming For September   Phoronix   2011-08-31
X.Org Server 1.11 Has Officially Been Released   X.Org   2011-08-26
X.Org Server 1.11 Set For Release On Friday   X.Org   2011-08-23
A Fork Of GNOME 2: The Mate Desktop   GNOME   2011-08-17
Intel Rounds Out Its Ivy Bridge Graphics Driver   Intel   2011-08-09
Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 3 Released   Ubuntu   2011-08-05
X.Org Server 1.11 RC2 Is Released   X.Org   2011-08-04
AMD Catalyst 11.7 Driver For Linux Brings...   AMD   2011-07-27
Mesa 7.11 Release Candidate 1 Arrives   Mesa   2011-07-09
Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 Brings Thunderbird, LightDM   Ubuntu   2011-07-07
Apple AirPrint Coming To Ubuntu Linux 11.04, 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-06-28
Intel Continues Work On Ivy Bridge Linux Graphics Support   Intel   2011-06-22
Radeon KMS Color Tiling Now On For R600+ ASICs   Radeon   2011-06-13
The Official X.Org Notes For Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-06-08
Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Oncelot" Alpha 1 Released   Ubuntu   2011-06-02
KDE, Qt & LightDM: Progress Made   Qt   2011-06-02
The Key Features For Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric   Ubuntu   2011-05-31
The Five Pillars Of Ubuntu Server 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-05-29
X Server 1.11 Breaks The Video Driver ABI   X.Org   2011-05-23
Ubuntu 11.10 Release Schedule Published   Ubuntu   2011-05-19
When Open-Source Graphics Drivers Break   Intel   2011-05-18
Kicking Around The Wayland Display Server   Wayland   2011-05-14
X Input 2.1 Not Coming Until X.Org Server 1.12   X.Org   2011-05-12
Nouveau Gallium3D, LLVMpipe In Ubuntu 11.10?   X.Org   2011-05-12
Ubuntu 11.10 To Replace GDM With LightDM   Ubuntu   2011-05-12
Thunderbird As The Ubuntu E-Mail Client   Ubuntu   2011-05-12
Btrfs Support For Ubuntu's Update Manager   Ubuntu   2011-05-12
Wayland, X.Org For Ubuntu's Future   Wayland   2011-05-10
Intel Puts Out DDX Support For Ivy Bridge   Intel   2011-05-10
Should Ubuntu Still Be Distributed As A CD ISO?   Ubuntu   2011-05-09
What To Expect Of Unity 2D In Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-05-09
Don't Look For SystemD On Ubuntu Anytime Soon   Ubuntu   2011-05-09
The Good Stuff At The Ubuntu Budapest Summit   Ubuntu   2011-05-08
What's Coming Up For Ubuntu 11.10 & The Summit   Ubuntu   2011-04-29
Intel Pushes Open-Source Support For Ivy Bridge   Intel   2011-04-26
Ubuntu 11.04 Doesn't Play With Nouveau Gallium3D   Ubuntu   2011-04-21
Canonical To Launch Some Sort Of Ubuntu Developer Site   Ubuntu   2011-04-14
The Spiel About The Default Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop   Ubuntu   2011-04-07
Another Benefit To Wayland: Its Screensaver   Wayland   2011-04-05
Fedora 16 Might Be A Beefy Miracle   Fedora   2011-04-04
Wayland For The Ubuntu Unity Desktop Redux   Wayland   2011-03-10
Ubuntu 11.10 Is Called The "Oneiric Ocelot"   Ubuntu   2011-03-07
X.Org Server 1.11 Release Planned For Mid-August   X.Org   2011-03-01
Btrfs May Be The Default File-System For Fedora 16   Fedora   2011-02-28
Wayland Is Now Available In Ubuntu 11.04   Wayland   2011-02-24
Ubuntu Finds New Love With Qt   Ubuntu   2011-01-18
AMD Releases Radeon HD 6000 Series Open-Source Support   Radeon   2011-01-06
Wayland Back-End For GTK+ Pushed Forward   Wayland   2011-01-03
The Challenge In Delivering Open-Source GPU Drivers   Intel   2011-01-03
NVIDIA Says It Has No Plans To Support Wayland   Wayland   2010-11-08
The X.Org Plans In Ubuntu 11.04, Again   Ubuntu   2010-11-05
Ubuntu Is Going To Deploy Wayland With Unity   Wayland   2010-11-04
A Peek Into The X.Org Stack For Ubuntu 11.04   Ubuntu   2010-10-26
There's Little Love For Ubuntu's Unity Desktop   Ubuntu   2010-10-25
Ubuntu 11.04 Release Schedule   Ubuntu   2010-08-18
Early Release Schedules For Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2010-05-17