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Linux 5.5 Articles & Reviews

Why TensorFlow Lite Has Been Running Slower On Recent Linux Kernels   Software   2020-09-10
20-Way GPU Gaming Comparison With March 2020 Linux Drivers   Linux Gaming   2020-03-04
Ubuntu 20.04 + Linux 5.5: Fresh Benchmarks Of AMD EPYC Rome vs. Intel Xeon Cascade Lake   Processors   2020-02-13
Linux 5.5 SSD RAID 0/1/5/6/10 Benchmarks Of Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS   Software   2020-01-27
The Performance Cost To SELinux On Fedora 31   Software   2020-01-19
Ringing In 2020 By Clang'ing The Linux 5.5 Kernel - Benchmarks Of GCC vs. Clang Built Kernels   Software   2019-12-31
One Of The Reasons Why Linux 5.5 Can Be Running Slower   Software   2019-12-29
Linux 5.5 Feature Overview - Raspberry Pi 4 To New Graphics Capabilities To KUnit   Software   2019-12-08
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2010-11-29
Is AMD's New 2D Acceleration Architecture Still Slow?   Display Drivers   2010-06-20

Linux 5.5 Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 5.19's Staging Spring Cleaning: ~13k Lines Of Code Removed   Linux Kernel   2022-06-04
Silicon Labs WiFi Linux Driver To Be Promoted Out Of Staging   Linux Networking   2022-04-07
Linux 5.16's Staging Enjoys An Autumn Cleaning - 20k+ Lines Of Code Removed   Linux Kernel   2021-11-06
AMD Preparing 5-Level Paging Linux Support For Future CPUs   AMD   2021-08-10
Linux Changes Pipe Behavior After Breaking Problematic Android Apps On Recent Kernels   Linux Kernel   2021-07-31
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
Happy New Year! A Look Back At The Most Popular Phoronix Content Of 2020   Phoronix   2020-12-31
New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020   Intel   2020-12-30
AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, Timely New Open-Source GPU Support   AMD   2020-12-29
Ubuntu Had A Stellar 2020 From Ubuntu 20.04 LTS To Continued WSL, Cloud Popularity   Ubuntu   2020-12-29
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September   Phoronix   2020-10-01
Kernel Bisecting Has Never Been Faster Than With AMD EPYC + AMD Threadripper   Linux Kernel   2020-09-10
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top H1'2020 For Linux   Phoronix   2020-06-30
Linux 5.5 vs. 5.6 vs. 5.7 Kernel Benchmarks With The Intel Core i9 10980XE   Linux Kernel   2020-04-30
Apple Using Rust, exFAT, Ryzen Laptops, Ubuntu 20.04 Advances + Other Hits From March   Phoronix   2020-03-31
Benchmarks Of Firefox 74 + Firefox 75 Beta On Linux   Mozilla   2020-03-11
Linux 5.1 To Linux 5.6 Benchmarks On The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X   AMD   2020-03-06
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped Reader Interest In February   Phoronix   2020-03-01
Linux 4.4.215 / 4.9.215 / 4.14.172 / 5.5.7 Kernels Bringing Intel KVM Security Fix   Linux Kernel   2020-02-27
Running The Linux 5.6 Kernel With AMD Radeon Graphics   Radeon   2020-02-25
VC4 DRM Driver Gets Patched For BCM2711 / Raspberry Pi 4 Support   Raspberry Pi   2020-02-24
Reiser5 Spun Up For The Linux 5.5.5 Kernel   Linux Storage   2020-02-23
Reiser5 Updates For Linux 5.5 Along With Reiser4   Linux Storage   2020-02-15
Benchmarking Linux 5.5 vs. Linux 5.6-rc1 On A Few Systems So Far   Linux Kernel   2020-02-12
Whoops, Linux 5.5 Missed Some "Critical" Intel Graphics Driver Patches   Intel   2020-02-12
Making Use Of Btrfs 3-Copy/4-Copy Support For RAID1 With Linux 5.5+   Linux Storage   2020-02-11
Fedora Users Will Soon See Linux 5.5 Made Available As A Stable Update   Fedora   2020-02-09
Linux 5.6 NFSD Adds Server-To-Server Copy Support   Linux Storage   2020-02-07
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Aims To Enhance The Certified OEM Experience From Its Installer   Ubuntu   2020-02-07
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Likely To Ship With Linux 5.4 As Opposed To 5.5   Ubuntu   2020-02-06
Linux 5.5-ck1 Released With Latest MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2020-02-04
NVIDIA 440.59 Linux Driver Brings DP MST Audio, PRIME Sync For Linux 5.4+   NVIDIA   2020-02-03
OpenMandriva 4.1 Released With Clang'ed LTO+PGO Packages, Linux 5.5 + More   Operating Systems   2020-02-01
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics Of January   Phoronix   2020-02-01
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Adds WireGuard Support   Ubuntu   2020-01-30
Staging Changes Lighten The Linux 5.6 Kernel By More Than Thirty Thousand Lines   Linux Kernel   2020-01-30
AMD Zen 2 "Znver2" Optimizations With LLVM Clang 10 Bring Some Improvements   AMD   2020-01-29
Linux 5.5 Performance Overall Is Comparable To Older Kernels For Most Workloads   Linux Kernel   2020-01-29
Btrfs Ready For Linux 5.6 With Async Discard For Better Efficiency + Performance   Linux Storage   2020-01-27
Linux 5.5 Required More Deblobbing Than Usual For GNU Linux-libre 5.5   Linux Kernel   2020-01-27
Linux 5.6 "HWMON" Changes Sent In With Big AMD Improvements   Linux Kernel   2020-01-27
Linux 5.5 Released With Many Hardware Support Improvements   Linux Kernel   2020-01-26
Linux 5.6 Is Looking Like It Will Be Spectacular With A Long List Of Features   Linux Kernel   2020-01-26
Valve's ACO Helps The Radeon RX 5600 XT Compete With NVIDIA's RTX 2060   Linux Gaming   2020-01-25
Linux 5.5 Ready To Shine With Navi Overclocking, Raspberry Pi 4 Support, Wake-On-Voice   Linux Kernel   2020-01-24
Arm Has Many Changes On Tap For Linux 5.6 From Spectre/Meltdown Bits To New RNG   Arm   2020-01-24
Two Decades Late: Mainline Linux Kernel Getting Keyboard / Mouse Driver For SGI Octane   Hardware   2020-01-24
AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile Series "Renoir" Graphics No Longer Experimental With Linux 5.5   AMD   2020-01-23
AMD Zen Thermal/Power Reporting Improvements Could Hit Linux 5.6 But More Testing Needed   AMD   2020-01-20
Linux 5.5-rc7 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2020-01-19
Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Gets Patched For A Gen9 Graphics Vulnerability   Intel   2020-01-14
AMD Begins Providing PowerPC Builds Of Their "AOMP" GPU Compiler   Radeon   2020-01-14
Linux 5.5-rc6 Released With Some Notable Radeon Graphics Fixes Plus Other Random Work   Linux Kernel   2020-01-12
Linux In 2020 Can Finally Provide Sane Monitoring Of SATA Drive Temperatures   Hardware   2020-01-12
AMDGPU Linux 5.5 Fixes 8K / 4K120 Output, Hits Sync Object Timeline Support For Vulkan   Radeon   2020-01-09
Linux 5.6 Is Going To Be A Prominent Kernel With Features From USB4 To WireGuard   Linux Kernel   2020-01-06
Linux 5.5-rc5 Released With "Fixes All Over" + A Big Performance Regression Fix   Linux Kernel   2020-01-05
Linux 5.5 Lands Fix For The AppArmor Performance Regression   Linux Kernel   2020-01-05
Linux 5.4.7 / 4.19.92 / 4.14.161 Kernels Released To End Out 2019   Linux Kernel   2019-12-31
The AppArmor Performance Impact In 70+ Benchmarks On Linux 5.5 Git   Linux Kernel   2019-12-31
Some Of The Workloads Still Seeing Lower Performance On Linux 5.5 Git   Linux Kernel   2019-12-30
Linux's exFAT Driver Looking To Still Be Replaced By A Newer Driver From Samsung   Microsoft   2019-12-30
Linux 5.5-rc4 Released Following A Light Christmas Week   Linux Kernel   2019-12-29
Linux 5.4.7 / 4.19.92 / 4.14.161 Bringing The AMD MCE Fix For New Threadripper CPUs   AMD   2019-12-29
More Benchmarks From Linux 5.5 Looking Like A Scheduler Snafu Even On Smaller CPUs   Linux Kernel   2019-12-28
Linux 5.5-rc3 Benchmarks Are Still Pointing To Slips In Performance   Linux Kernel   2019-12-27
WireGuard Issues New Module Release, 1.0 Coming With Linux 5.6   Linux Networking   2019-12-26
Intel Gallium3D Driver Performance Is Looking Good With The Core i9 9900KS   Intel   2019-12-26
Linux 5.0 Through Linux 5.4 Benchmarks On AMD EPYC 7642 "Rome" Server   AMD   2019-12-23
More Logitech Device Additions + Refinements Coming With Linux 5.6   Hardware   2019-12-23
Linux 5.5-rc3 Released With A Lot Of Fixes Ahead Of The Holidays   Linux Kernel   2019-12-22
USB4 Support Being Introduced With Linux 5.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-12-22
Linux 5.5 Lands Fix For Booting New AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processors Without MCE Hang   AMD   2019-12-21
Intel Linux Driver Support Revived Again For Interesting Per-Process Usage Reporting   Intel   2019-12-20
AMD Threadripper 3900 Series MCE Fix Queued In RAS/Core But Not Yet Mainlined   AMD   2019-12-16
Linux 5.5-rc2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2019-12-15
Raspberry Pi 4 BCM43455 NVRAM Addition Hits Linux-Firmware Git   Raspberry Pi   2019-12-15
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Might Still End Up Shipping With WireGuard Support   Ubuntu   2019-12-12
Radeon Linux 5.6 Changes Begin Queuing - Better Power Management, Adds DMCUB Controller   Radeon   2019-12-11
Intel Jasper Lake Support Added To Mesa 20.0 OpenGL / Vulkan Drivers   Intel   2019-12-09
WireGuard Lands In Net-Next While It Waits For Inclusion In Linux 5.6   Linux Networking   2019-12-09
Linus Rejects "Size Of Member" Change From Linux 5.5 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-12-09
WireGuard Sends Out Latest Patch Revision In Preparing For Linux 5.6   Linux Networking   2019-12-09
Linux 5.5-rc1 Kernel Released With 12,500+ Commits   Linux Kernel   2019-12-08
Unified sizeof_member() Re-Proposed For Linux 5.5   Linux Kernel   2019-12-08
Raptor Computing Is Working On More AMD Radeon Driver Improvements For POWER   Radeon   2019-12-08
Linux 5.5 KVM Adds POWER Support For Secure Guests/VMs   Virtualization   2019-12-07
Linux 5.5 Adds NFS Client Support For Cross-Device Offloaded Copies (Server To Server)   Linux Storage   2019-12-07
GRUB Now Supports Btrfs 3/4-Copy RAID1 Profiles (RAID1C3 / RAID1C4 On Linux 5.5+)   Linux Storage   2019-12-07
A General Notification Queue Was Pushed Back From Linux 5.5 Introduction   Linux Kernel   2019-12-06
Linux 5.5 Lands Broadcom BCM2711 / Raspberry Pi 4 Bits   Arm   2019-12-06
F2FS File-System Gets More Fixes With Linux 5.5   Linux Storage   2019-12-05
Linux 5.5 Begins Plumbing Secure Boot Infrastructure For POWER9   Hardware   2019-12-04
Linux 5.5 Provides Knob To Toggle ASPM Link States Individually - Better Power-Savings   Linux Kernel   2019-12-04
AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 5.5 Include AMDKFD For PowerPC, Fix For Old ATI R100/R200 GPUs   Radeon   2019-12-03
Phoronix Test Suite 9.2 Released For Open-Source, Cross-Platform Benchmarking   Phoronix Test Suite   2019-12-03
Linux 5.5 Livepatching Tracks The System State For Better Patch Handling/Compatibility   Linux Kernel   2019-12-03
XFS For Linux 5.5 Brings Quite A Few Changes   Linux Storage   2019-12-03
Linux 5.5 Can Boot The Modem Processor On Snapdragon 835 - Needed For Cell/WiFi On Qualcomm Laptops   Arm   2019-12-02
AMD IOMMU Driver Reworked For Linux 5.5   AMD   2019-12-02
With Approaching Another Year Closer To Year 2038, Linux 5.5 Brings More Y2038 Fixes   Linux Kernel   2019-12-02
Linux 5.5 Seeing Some Wild Swings In Performance - Improvements But Also Regressions   Linux Kernel   2019-12-01
Linux 5.5 Block Changes Include NVMe Temperature Monitoring, Optimizations   Linux Storage   2019-12-01
VMs Can Finally Hibernate Under Microsoft Hyper-V With Linux 5.5   Virtualization   2019-12-01
KVM Virtualization Updates For Linux 5.5 Are Particularly Busy On The AMD/Intel Side   Virtualization   2019-11-30
Linux 5.5 Brings Logitech G15 Driver, Better Windows Precision Touchpad Support   Hardware   2019-11-30
System76 ACPI Coreboot Laptop Driver, Huawei Laptop Improvements Sent In For Linux 5.5   Hardware   2019-11-30
The "Catch-All" Driver Subsystem Changes Sent In For Linux 5.5   Linux Kernel   2019-11-30
USB Updates In Linux 5.5 Help Intel Ice Lake, NVIDIA Xavier + More - But No USB 4.0 Yet   Hardware   2019-11-29
The Allwinner "Cedrus" Video Decoder Supports H.265 On Linux 5.5   Hardware   2019-11-29
EXT4 For Linux 5.5 Sees New Improvements For This Mature File-System   Linux Storage   2019-11-29
Whoops: The Linux Kernel's Spectre RSB Mitigation For PowerPC Missed Covering Some CPUs   Linux Security   2019-11-28
The Big Graphics Driver Update Lands In Linux 5.5 With Exciting Changes For Intel + AMD   Linux Kernel   2019-11-28
Intel Comet Lake Added To RAPL Driver With Linux 5.5, New "HMEM" Driver   Hardware   2019-11-28
Linux 5.5 Finally Doing Away With The SYSCTL System Call   Linux Kernel   2019-11-28
Linux 5.5 Staging Changes Land With New WiFi Driver To Improved exFAT Support   Linux Kernel   2019-11-27
WireGuard Could Be Mainlined Before Christmas   Linux Networking   2019-11-27
Many RISC-V Improvements Ready For Linux 5.5: M-Mode, SECCOMP, Other Features   RISC-V   2019-11-27
Newer Loongson 3A Variant Being Supported By Linux 5.5 Along With The SGI Octane   Hardware   2019-11-27
Linux 5.5 Adding Wake-On-Voice Support - Capable On Some Chromebook Hardware   Hardware   2019-11-26
Linux 5.5 To Enable Intel's 5-Level Paging Support By Default   Intel   2019-11-26
Linux 5.5's Scheduler Sees A Load Balancing Rework For Better Perf But Risks Regressions   Linux Kernel   2019-11-26
Linux 5.5 To Finally Wire Up EFI RNG Code For x86 As Another Source Of Entropy   Hardware   2019-11-26
Linux 5.5 Crypto Code Has The Changes To Usher In WireGuard   Linux Networking   2019-11-26
Linux 5.5 Begins Sanity Checking RdRand Output Due To Buggy Processor Behavior   Linux Kernel   2019-11-25
Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer Set For Linux 5.5 To Uncover Data Race Conditions   Linux Security   2019-11-25
The Workaround To Boot Linux On AMD Threadripper 3960X/3970X Systems   AMD   2019-11-25
Linux 5.5 To Perform Late CPU Microcode Updates In Parallel   Linux Kernel   2019-11-25
Habana Labs Begins Preparing For Future ASIC Support In Their Linux Driver   Linux Kernel   2019-11-25
Linux 5.4 Kernel Released With exFAT Support, Faster Radeon Graphics, New Hardware   Linux Kernel   2019-11-24
AMDKFD/ROCm GPU Compute Can Work On POWER Systems Like Raptor's Talos II   Radeon   2019-11-24
KUnit Slated To Land With The Linux 5.5 Kernel For Expanding Kernel Unit Testing   Linux Kernel   2019-11-24
The Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Will End Out 2019 In Poor Shape Still For Newer GPUs   Nouveau   2019-11-24
64-Bit ARM Updates Sent In Ahead Of The Linux 5.5 Cycle   Arm   2019-11-24
Btrfs Gets A Big Improvement For More Robust RAID1 In Linux 5.5   Linux Storage   2019-11-23
NVIDIA's Proactive Memory Compaction Work Revised For The Linux Kernel   NVIDIA   2019-11-23
Linux 5.6 Will Bring Another Radeon Run-Time Power Management Improvement   Radeon   2019-11-23
Intel SVM Support Published For Linux - Another Step On The March To Xe GPUs   Intel   2019-11-23
Linux 5.5 Cycle Kicks Off Next Week With Exciting Changes On Tap   Linux Kernel   2019-11-22
Linux 5.5 To Finally Expose NVMe Drive Temperatures Via HWMON   Hardware   2019-11-21
NVIDIA DP MST Audio To Begin Working With The Linux 5.5 Kernel   NVIDIA   2019-11-21
Latest WireGuard Patch Out For Review With It Looking Like It Will Land For Linux 5.6   Linux Networking   2019-11-21
Linux's Crypto API Is Adopting Some Aspects Of Zinc, Opening Door To Mainline WireGuard   Linux Kernel   2019-11-19
Schedutil Frequency Invariance Revised For Better Intel Performance + Power Efficiency   Intel   2019-11-18
Linux 5.4-rc8 Released - Things Are Calm For Linux 5.4's Debut Next Week   Linux Kernel   2019-11-17
Linux 5.5 Should Bring Another Power Management Improvement For Intel Ice Lake   Intel   2019-11-17
Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd Generation To Have Better Touchpad Input On Linux 5.4   Hardware   2019-11-16
AMD OverDrive Overclocking To Finally Work For Radeon Navi GPUs With Linux 5.5 Kernel   Radeon   2019-11-16
EXT4 On Linux 5.5 To Support Encryption On Smaller Block Sizes   Linux Storage   2019-11-16
Linux 5.5 To Finally Kill The Async Block Cipher API In Favor Of SKCIPHER   Linux Kernel   2019-11-15