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Fedora 13 Articles & Reviews

OpenSUSE 11.3 Netbook Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2010-07-16
Fedora 13 vs. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2010-06-02
MeeGo Netbook Performance: It's Beating Ubuntu & Co   Operating Systems   2010-05-27
Nearing The Release Of Fedora 13   Operating Systems   2010-05-07
Btrfs System Rollbacks In Fedora 13   Software   2010-04-16
The Real Need For Nouveau Power Management   Display Drivers   2010-04-15
Taking A Hit With ATI Graphics In Fedora 13 Beta   Display Drivers   2010-04-15
Fedora 13 Beta Is Set To Sail   Operating Systems   2010-04-13
Radeon 3D Performance: Gallium3D vs. Classic Mesa   Display Drivers   2010-03-22
Benchmarks: Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE   Operating Systems   2010-03-16
Fedora 13 Alpha Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2010-03-12
The Direction Of Intel Graphics With Fedora 13 Alpha   Software   2010-03-10
Benchmarks Of Nouveau's Gallium3D Driver   Display Drivers   2010-02-17
Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2010-01-15

Fedora 13 Linux & Open-Source News

From Botched Releases To Exciting New Features, Fedora Saw A Lot Of Changes During The 2010s   Fedora   2019-12-24
It's Been Three Years Since "GNOME 4.0" Was Proposed   GNOME   2015-07-28
Doing Fedora Snapshots/Rollbacks With Btrfs & Snapper   Fedora   2015-07-20
Btrfs Won't Likely Replace EXT4 As The Default Until Fedora 23   Fedora   2014-10-05
GRUB 2.00 Boot-Loader Release Is Imminent   GNU   2012-06-27
Fedora 17 Continues In The Tradition Of Delays   Fedora   2012-04-05
Fedora 17 Is Still Trying For Btrfs By Default   Fedora   2012-02-07
Fedora 17 Could Be Called Hugo Or Shakespeare   Fedora   2011-09-13
Longene: The Linux Kernel With Windows Support   Linux Kernel   2011-09-07
Btrfs Support For Ubuntu's Update Manager   Ubuntu   2011-05-12
If You Forgot, S3 Graphics Does Linux Drivers Too   X.Org   2010-11-23
NVIDIA's Oldest Legacy Driver Will Not Gain New Support   NVIDIA   2010-07-18
NVIDIA Updates Two Of Their Old Legacy Drivers   NVIDIA   2010-07-16
The Start Of Some KVM Virtualization Benchmarks   Virtualization   2010-06-28
Is Fedora Going Through More Or Less Power?   Fedora   2010-06-27
What Fedora 14 May Look Like On The Desktop   Fedora   2010-06-23
Fedora 13 Is Set To Premiere Today   Fedora   2010-05-25
SUSE Linux Is Hooking Up With Btrfs Too   SUSE   2010-05-19
The X.Org, Mesa Plans For Ubuntu 10.10   X.Org   2010-05-13
Fedora 13 Suffers Last Minute Delay Of One Week   Fedora   2010-05-12
Red Hat Talks About Nouveau, Open-Source Drivers   Red Hat   2010-05-11
MeeGo Using Btrfs As Default File-System   Intel   2010-05-11
Thank God, Fedora 14 Is Not Fytnargin   Fedora   2010-05-10
Fedora 14 Might Be Called Fytnargin   Fedora   2010-05-03
Easily Test Driving Gallium3D In Ubuntu 10.04   Nouveau   2010-04-24
Fedora 14 Codenames Come About   Fedora   2010-04-21
Notice More Articles This Week At Phoronix?   Phoronix   2010-04-16
Nouveau Is Power Hungry On Desktops Too   Nouveau   2010-04-15
It's Time To Test The Graphics In Fedora 13   Fedora   2010-04-12
Intel Updates Its Quarterly Package   Intel   2010-04-09
xf86-video-ati 6.13.0 X.Org Driver Released   AMD   2010-04-05
GNOME 2.30 Released; Farewell To GNOME 2.xx   GNOME   2010-03-31
Fedora 13 Alpha Released With Plenty Of Features   Fedora   2010-03-09
Fedora 13 Alpha Pushed Back By A Week   Fedora   2010-02-25
Nouveau Now Switched On In Ubuntu 10.04   Nouveau   2010-02-19
NVIDIA Has Gallium3D Support In Fedora 13   Fedora   2010-02-14
Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14   Fedora   2010-02-11
openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 1 Released   SUSE   2010-02-01
Fedora 13 Btrfs Rollback Support Moves Along   Fedora   2010-01-18
Fedora 13 Gains Features, Progresses   Fedora   2010-01-16
Pulled: DRI 2.2 Protocol Requests, Swap Events   X.Org   2010-01-13
Fedora Rawhide Tracker w/ Daily Benchmarks   Phoronix   2009-12-22
Fedora Switching From CVS To Git   Fedora   2009-12-09
Fedora 13 Is Codenamed Goddard   Fedora   2009-12-06
GStreamer Video Work To Be Done By H2'10   GNOME   2009-11-24
This Week: Benchmarks, Graphics, Enlightenment   Phoronix   2009-11-22
Fedora 13 May Support Btrfs System Rollbacks   Fedora   2009-11-20
This Week: Fedora 13, Gallium3D, Reiser4   Phoronix   2009-11-15
Fedora 13 Could Be Segovia Or Commodus   Fedora   2009-11-10
This Week: Unigine Heaven, Drivers, Releases   Phoronix   2009-10-25
First Fedora 13 Features Listed: NFSv4, DisplayPort   Fedora   2009-10-21
X Server 1.8.0 Gets A Release Date   X.Org   2009-10-09