Stress-NG Is The Latest Test For Pegging The Linux Kernel, Compilers & More
Written by Michael Larabel in Free Software on 5 June 2015 at 04:24 PM EDT. 7 Comments
This week besides readying the Phoronix Test Suite 5.8.0 release and the various benchmark articles in commemoration of Phoronix turning eleven years old (and PTS turning 7), I've also been working on adding some new tests. One of the new test profiles available for automated benchmarking is stress-ng.

Stress-ng is a utility being worked on by Colin King at Canonical. Stress-ng is designed for stressing a computer in different ways and offers over 90 stress tests, 50 CPU stress tests, and various other tests. Colin has been working with I on incorporating it into the Phoronix Test Suite.

It's now on so with any recent version of the Phoronix Test Suite it should be as easy as running phoronix-test-suite benchmark stress-ng. Among the stress modes incorporated in there are for CPU stress, crypto, memory copying, glibc's qsort data sorting, glibc C string functions, vector math, matrix math, bsearch, hsearch, lsearch, tsearch, forking, System V message passing, semaphores, socket activity, and context switching.

In the days ahead many of these stress-ng tests will be added to the cluster so the results will start appearing daily of relevant tests in the Linux kernel and GCC / Clang compiler benchmarks.

In looking at the initial numbers, I did on one of the test systems run a LLVM Clang vs. GCC benchmark comparison for these stress-ng stressors.

Like when running Linux benchmarks on 45 different systems as part of the Phoronix birthday articles, I took a few dozen within the test lab that were controlled via Phoromatic to quickly and easily run stress-ng on all of them.

Here's stress-ng results on 30 or so systems or sorted by performance to make things easier. Given that it's just a random spectrum of systems that were otherwise idling in the lab at the time of trying it out, not all of the software stacks are the same across them, but it makes for some interesting data to look at anyhow. Stress-ng is looking to be a nice little micro-benchmark that you can easily check out by just running phoronix-test-suite benchmark stress-ng or running it from your Phoromatic instance.

Another new test profile for the Phoronix Test Suite I added this week was this Redis benchmark.
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