Intel Preps More Linux Driver Code For Data Center GPU Max Series + More DG2 Fixes

Written by Michael Larabel in Intel on 19 January 2023 at 06:09 AM EST. 1 Comment
Intel yesterday submitted another batch of material from drm-intel-gt-next to DRM-Next as new feature code and fixes to queue ahead of the Linux 6.3 merge window opening next month.

On the feature side Intel engineers continue to be busy enabling the next-generation Meteor Lake "MTL" integrated graphics, which are similar in capability to DG2/Alchemist discrete GPUs albeit not quite as fast. Intel engineers also remain busy on enabling the Data Center GPU Max Series "Ponte Vecchio" support. The Linux enablement of the Intel Data Center GPU Max Series remains ongoing.

The Ponte Vecchio enablement has been ongoing for several kernel cycles now, in addition to all the common DG2/Alchemist elements.

Intel engineer Tvrtko Ursulin concisely summed up all of this week's new material for Linux 6.3 as:
"What sticks out most is the amount of fixes, majority of which if not all would have already landed via gt/next fixes pull requests though, so I will only mention them here briefly.

Most impactful ones are probably in the area of DG2 TLB invalidation, followed by eviction, both platform agnostic (userspace crashes due eviction failures after object locking changes) and a couple DG2 ones (visual glitches due CCS aux data not always handled).

Then we have a bunch of crashes and simiar issues fixed which would have been triggerable under more like edge conditions. On older platforms, RC6p gets disabled on Sandybridge to avoid GPU hangs and visual glitches.

Finally there is a bunch of log noise getting disabled, mostly over-zealouos log level use or misleadingly logging failures which are otherwise handled.

In terms of new features there isn't that much. We have some new workarounds which can affect performance and an improvement to suspend-resume times especially significant on modern slow CPU systems like some Chromebooks.

Outside of immediate visibility to end users, early enablement for Meteorlake and Ponte Vecchio is carrying on. Former especially has had support for loading the GSC firmware, OA and initial GT workarounds added.

And of course as always there are some random cleanups, selftest tweaks and misc refactorings, which feels less than the usual amount in this round."

Prior pulls to DRM-Next for Linux 6.3 get Meteor Lake display support working among other improvements. The Linux 6.2 kernel should be out by mid-February that in turn will then mark the opening of the Linux 6.3 merge window.
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