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libei Linux & Open-Source News

GNOME 45.rc Brings GDM Wayland Multi-Seat, More libadwaita Adoption   GNOME   2023-09-09
XWayland 23.2 Released With Tearing Control, Resizable Rootful, EI Support   Wayland   2023-08-16
GNOME Shell & Mutter 45 Betas Released   GNOME   2023-08-08
XWayland 23.2 RC2 Restores An Optimization For Depth 24 Windows   X.Org   2023-08-02
XWayland 23.2 RC1 Brings Tearing Control, Resizable Rootful, Emulated Input   X.Org   2023-07-19
libei 1.0 Released For Better Supporting Emulated Input On Wayland   Wayland   2023-06-08
libei 1.0 Nears For Emulated Input On Wayland   Wayland   2023-05-17
LIBEI Yields New Effort For Emulating Input Devices In Wayland   Wayland   2020-07-31