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OpenRISC Linux & Open-Source News

QEMU 7.2 Released With TCG AVX/AVX2, Better 9pfs Performance   Virtualization   2022-12-15
QEMU 7.2-rc1 Released - TCG For AVX/AVX2, Massive 9pfs Performance Improvement   Virtualization   2022-11-16
OpenRISC Enables PCI Support With Linux 6.0   Linux Kernel   2022-08-06
GNU Debugger 12.1 Released With Multi-Threaded Symbol Loading By Default   GNU   2022-05-02
QEMU 7.0 Released With Intel AMX Support, Many RISC-V Additions   Virtualization   2022-04-20
QEMU 7.0 Is Coming With Intel AMX Support, Many RISC-V Improvements   Virtualization   2022-03-16
GNU C Library 2.35 Released With Unicode 14 Support, RSEQ Integration   GNU   2022-02-03
GDB Debugger Adds Native Support For OpenRISC On Linux   GNU   2021-10-31
OpenRISC Gets Working Ethernet With LiteX FPGA SoC Setups   Hardware   2021-09-06
Linux 5.14 Supports Some Exciting Features With RISC-V   RISC-V   2021-07-09
More OpenRISC LiteX Drivers Expected To Be Upstreamed In Linux   Linux Kernel   2021-07-06
OpenRISC + RISC-V Improvements Come For Linux 5.11   Hardware   2020-12-18
OpenRISC Sees Sane TLB Flushing With Linux 5.9   Hardware   2020-08-15
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Support For Floating Point Instructions   GNU   2019-07-22
Zombieload, RHEL 8.0, Linux 5.2 & GCC Happenings Dominated May   Free Software   2019-05-31
GDB 8.3 Debugger Brings RISC-V, Terminal Styling, C++ Injection, IPv6 Connections   GNU   2019-05-11
GCC 9.1 Released As Huge Compiler Update With D Language, Zen 2, OpenMP 5, C++2A, C2X   GNU   2019-05-03
GCC 9.1 RC2 Released Ahead Of Friday's Compiler Debut With Zen 2, Cascadelake Support   GNU   2019-04-30
GCC9-RC Is Out With Hopes Of GCC 9.1 Next Week Bringing AMD Zen 2, D Language, OpenMP 5   GNU   2019-04-26
GCC 9 Will Be Released Soon With AMD Zen 2 Support, Radeon GCN Back-End, D Language   GNU   2019-03-25
GNU Debugger GDB 8.3 Is On Approach With Many Improvements   GNU   2019-02-27
GDB Picks Up Support For OpenRISC Linux Debugging   GNU   2018-12-15
GCC 9 Lands Initial Support For The OpenRISC Architecture   GNU   2018-11-10
OpenRISC Port Revised For GCC, Still Trying To Be Mainlined Soon   GNU   2018-11-07
OpenRISC Will Be Accepted Into The GCC Compiler   GNU   2018-08-30
OpenRISC Continues Puttering Along With Linux 4.19 Improvements, New GCC Port   Hardware   2018-08-23
RISC-V Changes Merged For Linux 4.18, Early Perf Subsystem Work   RISC-V   2018-06-16
RISC-V Support Continues Maturing Within The Mainline Linux Kernel   RISC-V   2018-04-04
Linux 4.17 Spring Cleaning To Drop Some Old CPU Architectures   Hardware   2018-03-17
RISC-V Changes For Linux 4.16 Aren't As Big As Hoped For   RISC-V   2018-02-07
GDB 8.1 Debugger Brings Better Rust Support, Improved Python Scripting   GNU   2018-01-31
Western Digital To Begin Shipping Devices Using RISC-V   RISC-V   2017-11-28
The Big Changes So Far For The Linux 4.15 Kernel - Half Million New Lines Of Code So Far   Linux Kernel   2017-11-19
QEMU 2.11-RC1 Released: Drops IA64, Adds OpenRISC SMP & More   Virtualization   2017-11-15
Linux 4.15 Is Off To A Busy Start   Linux Kernel   2017-11-14
RISC-V Hopes To Get In Linux 4.15, OpenRISC Adds SMP Support   RISC-V   2017-11-14
OpenRISC SMP Support Is Getting Into Shape   Linux Kernel   2017-10-30
QEMU 2.10 Released With Xen 9pfs Support, QCOW2 LUKS Encryption   Virtualization   2017-08-30
QEMU 2.10 Working On Xen 9pfs Support, MIPS EVA   Virtualization   2017-07-26
QEMU 2.9 Is Being Prepped With New Functionality   Virtualization   2017-03-15
The Changes So Far For The Linux 4.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-02-27
OpenRISC For Linux 4.11 Gets Some Optimizations, Prepares For SMP   Hardware   2017-02-25
The New Linux 4.10 Kernel Features So Far: AMD Zen, TBM3, More ARM   Linux Kernel   2016-12-16
OpenRISC Has New Maintainer For The Linux Kernel   Hardware   2016-12-15
LLVM Might Get An AAP Back-End (Altruistic Processor)   LLVM   2016-08-28
GNU Binutils 2.25 Released With Port To Andes NDS32   GNU   2014-12-25
Cauldron 2014: GCC & LLVM Will Look To Collaborate More   LLVM   2014-07-26
Debian Ported To OpenRISC Architecture   Debian   2014-02-27
OpenRISC Emulator In JavaScript Can Run Wayland   Free Software   2013-10-12
Embedded Linux 2012 Videos: NFC. Boot Optimizations, Etc   Operating Systems   2013-01-14
A New Open-Source GPU Comes About   Hardware   2012-06-04
What's Popular In The Linux World This Year   Free Software   2011-10-29
The Belated Linux 3.1 Kernel Is Released   Linux Kernel   2011-10-24
Linux 3.1-rc6 Pre-Oktoberfest Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2011-09-15
Linux 3.1-rc3 Kernel Released Without Much Churn   Linux Kernel   2011-08-23
Linux 3.1-rc1 Kernel: A "Pretty Normal Release"   Linux Kernel   2011-08-08
Open-Source CPU Architecture Pulled Into Linux 3.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-07-25