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Mordor Articles & Reviews

AMDGPU-PRO 16.50 vs. RadeonSI Git: Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor & More   Linux Gaming   2016-12-14
NVIDIA GeForce: Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 15.04 Linux OpenGL Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2015-08-06
A Linux Gamer's Review of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor   Linux Gaming   2015-08-05
Shadow of Mordor Performance: Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux   Linux Gaming   2015-08-04
Part 2: Shadow of Mordor Is Easily One Of The Most Demanding Linux Games   Linux Gaming   2015-08-01
Benchmarking Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor On Linux   Linux Gaming   2015-07-31

Mordor Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Lands 20~40% Performance Optimization For Arc Graphics In Mesa 22.0   Intel   2022-01-11
Even In 2021, Intel Squeezes Some Very Nice Performance Gains Out Of Their OpenGL Driver   Intel   2021-03-04
NIR Vectorization Lands In Mesa 20.1 For Big Intel Graphics Performance Boost   Mesa   2020-04-03
Intel NIR I/O Vectorization Ported From The AMD ACO Back-End - ~10% Performance Boost   Intel   2020-03-29
Mesa 19.3 Might Release Next Week But For Now There's RC6 With Several ACO+RADV Fixes   Mesa   2019-12-04
RADV Lands More Fixes + Performance Improvements Into Mesa 19.3   Radeon   2019-10-23
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up More Game Performance Optimizations For Mesa 19.1   Intel   2019-04-23
Intel i965 Mesa Driver Finally Lands Its On-Disk Shader Cache   Intel   2017-11-01
Intel Gets Back To Working On Their OpenGL Shader Cache   Intel   2017-08-19
RadeonSI On-Disk Shader Cache Lands In Mesa Git   Mesa   2017-03-02
GLSL/TGSI On-Disk Shader Cache Lands In Mesa For R600g/RadeonSI   AMD   2017-02-22
A Lot Of The OpenGL Shader Cache Code Has Landed In Mesa   Mesa   2017-02-17
Windows 10 vs. Linux With AMDGPU+RadeonSI, NVIDIA Pascal, Lots Of Games Coming   Operating Systems   2017-02-12
TGSI On-Disk Shader Cache For Mesa: Caching Comes To R600g/RadeonSI   Mesa   2017-02-07
OpenGL Shader Cache Support For RadeonSI Is Making Progress   Mesa   2017-02-04
Shadow of Mordor Updated For Linux With Performance Improvements   Linux Gaming   2017-01-26
On-Disk Shader Cache Revised For Mesa, Close To Landing   Mesa   2017-01-23
It's Getting Close Whether The OpenGL On-Disk Shader Cache Will Happen For Mesa 17.0   Mesa   2017-01-11
Linux 4.9/4.10, Solaris Rumors, Graphics Driver News Ended Out 2016   Phoronix   2017-01-02
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be Even Better   Linux Gaming   2016-12-27
A Green & Open Christmas: GL 4.3 For Maxwell/Pascal, Huge Maxwell Performance Boost   Nouveau   2016-12-23
Fresh AMDGPU+RadeonSI Benchmarks Of Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer   Linux Gaming   2016-12-12
Mesa's On-Disk Shader Cache Revised For The 7th Time   Mesa   2016-11-29
Mesa Preps For Landing The On-Disk Shader Cache   Mesa   2016-09-27
The Mesa On-Disk Shader Cache Has Been Revised Again (V5)   Mesa   2016-09-24
Intel's Mesa On-Disk Shader Cache Maturing, Radeon Devs Not Yet Convinced   Mesa   2016-07-13
Extra Steam Linux Gaming Benchmarks Of The AMD Radeon RX 480   Linux Gaming   2016-06-29
The Relative Windows vs. Linux Performance For NVIDIA, Intel & AMD   Hardware   2016-06-25
Trying Various OpenGL 4.x Games On Linux With An Intel Skylake Core i5   Intel   2016-06-22
The On-Disk Shader Cache For Mesa's Intel Driver Has Been Revived   Mesa   2016-06-21
Shadow of Mordor Performance For The GeForce GTX 1080 On Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-06-06
The Number Of Linux Games Has More Than Quadrupled In The Past Two Years   Linux Gaming   2016-06-05
Offchip Tessellation Lands In Mesa For RadeonSI Gallium3D   Mesa   2016-05-26
Much Faster Tessellation Is Coming For AMD's RadeonSI Gallium3D   Mesa   2016-05-10
2015 Was A Stellar Year For Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2015-12-26
Intel Enables Tessellation Shader Support In Open-Source Linux Driver   Mesa   2015-12-22
The Most Popular Linux Articles This Year: Windows 10, OS X, Linux Graphics   Phoronix   2015-12-19
Intel Is Very Close With Tessellation Shaders For Mesa   Intel   2015-12-02
Valve Launches A Massive Sale Of SteamOS (Linux) Titles   Valve   2015-11-10
Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD   AMD   2015-09-29
RadeonSI, Windows 10, KDBUS & Other Exciting Linux News This Quarter   Free Software   2015-09-27
Catalyst 15.9 Is Imminent With Many Steam Linux Game Fixes   AMD   2015-09-15
Servo, Skylake & Even Windows 10 Have Been Very Appealing To Linux Users   Phoronix   2015-08-31
Company Of Heroes 2 Is Coming To Linux Today   Linux Gaming   2015-08-27
Feral Interactive Appears To Be Stepping Up Its AMD Linux Game   Linux Gaming   2015-08-24
Steam On Linux Crosses 1,400 Games   Linux Gaming   2015-08-17
Ubuntu Developers Want To Make It Easier To Run The Latest NVIDIA Drivers   Ubuntu   2015-08-11
Next Month We Might Hear About Unigine's New Linux Tech Demo   Linux Gaming   2015-08-08
NVIDIA 355 Beta Linux Driver Benchmarks   NVIDIA   2015-08-06
It's Been Three Years Since id Software Publicly Parted Ways With Linux   Linux Gaming   2015-08-04
ET: Legacy Is Preparing A New Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Update   Linux Gaming   2015-07-31
SteamOS Weekend Sale: Grab Some Linux Friendly Games   Valve   2015-07-30
Shadow of Mordor Released For Linux, But Only For NVIDIA Gamers   Linux Gaming   2015-07-30