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DebConf 12: Linux Gaming, Mobile, 64-bit ARMv8 Planning   Events   2012-07-15

DebConf Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Meteor Lake, Emerald Rapids & Other Popular Topics For December   Phoronix   2024-01-01
Debian Likely Moving Away From i386 In The Near Future   Debian   2023-12-16
AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
Linux Mint Improving Its Driver Manager   Operating Systems   2022-09-30
Lenovo Expects 30+ Platforms With Linux Support This Year, Both AMD & Intel Systems   Debian   2022-07-31
Debian's DebConf22 Kicks Off In Kosovo   Debian   2022-07-17
DebConf21 Kicks Off Online For Annual Debian Conference   Linux Events   2021-08-24
Debian Has Been Hosting A MiniDebConf Devoted To Linux/Open-Source Gaming   Debian   2020-11-22
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September   Phoronix   2020-10-01
Intel mOS, Torvalds Commentary, Intel Gen12 Graphics, Zen 2 "XT" CPUs Topped Q3   Phoronix   2020-09-29
The Problems Debian Is Facing In 2020   Debian   2020-09-04
The Virtual DebConf20 Kicks Off With A Number Of Interesting Debian Talks This Week   Debian   2020-08-23
Debian GNU/Linux Turns 27 Years Old   Debian   2020-08-16
Some Of The Interesting Open-Source Projects For Outreachy's Winter 2019 Round   Linux Events   2019-12-07
Debian 10.1 Expected For Release In One Month   Debian   2019-08-05
Debian's DebConf 19 Slides & Video Presentations   Debian   2019-08-04
Lenovo Hooks Up With Debian For DebConf 19   Debian   2019-05-20
Debian 10 "Buster" Working To Have UEFI SecureBoot In Good Shape   Debian   2019-01-07
Debian Developers Weighed The Idea Of Not Allowing Q&A Sessions At Their Conference   Debian   2018-09-30
Threadripper 2, Spectre, Steam Play / Proton & Linux 4.19 Made August Super Exciting   Phoronix   2018-08-31
The State Of Debian Linux On Various Mobile Devices   Debian   2018-08-05
AutoDeb Still Being Worked On For Automatically Generating Debian Packages   Debian   2018-08-03
It's Looking Like UEFI SecureBoot Will Be Ready In Time For Debian 10.0 Buster   Debian   2018-08-03
There Are 600+ Games In The Main Debian Repository   Debian   2018-08-02
The Current Happenings Within LXQt As Of Summer 2018   Desktop   2018-08-01
The State of Gaming On Debian In 2018   Debian   2018-07-31
DebConf18 Kicks Off This Weekend As The First Official Debian Conference In Asia   Debian   2018-07-27
Steam Linux Use For June 2018 Comes In At 0.52%   Linux Gaming   2018-07-01
NVIDIA & Valve Line Up Among The Sponsors For X.Org's XDC 2018   X.Org   2018-06-19
NVIDIA & Valve Are Among Those Backing X.Org's XDC2018   X.Org   2018-04-16
Microsoft's Linux / Open-Source Actions Of 2017   Microsoft   2017-12-05
Microsoft's Open-Source / Linux Announcements So Far In 2017   Microsoft   2017-09-28
GNOME GUADEC 2017 Videos Available   GNOME   2017-08-13
Debian's DebConf17 Wrapping Up Today, Watch The Videos Online   Debian   2017-08-12
SPI 2016 Annual Report Released, Details Various OSS Project Financials   Free Software   2017-07-10
Valve & Microsoft Are Among The Sponsors For Debian's DebConf 17   Valve   2017-03-20
Debian Is Gearing Up For Stretch, Planning A Future Roadmap   Debian   2017-03-12
X Developer Keith Packard's ChaosKey Hardware RNG Is Almost Here   Hardware   2016-07-10
The State Of Debian's Paid Long Term Support Project   Debian   2016-07-09
Debian's DebConf 16 Ends This Weekend, Watch The Videos Online   Debian   2016-07-08
The State Of Systemd In Debian (2016)   Debian   2016-07-06
Debian Stretch Successor To Be Codenamed Bullseye   Debian   2016-07-04
DebConf 16 Cape Town Is Happening In Less Than Four Months   Debian   2016-03-19
What Struck A Chord With Debian Users In 2015   Debian   2015-12-29
Google, Linux 4.3, & Mesa 11 Won Over September   Free Software   2015-10-01
Open-Source AMD, PHP 7.0 & Linux Performance Have Been Raising Eyebrows   Phoronix   2015-09-15
Debian To Stop Spinning New CD ISOs   Debian   2015-09-15
The Current State Of Debian GNU Hurd   Debian   2015-09-08
Munich Becomes A Big Contributor To Open-Source   Free Software   2015-09-08
Debian Puts Out New APT 1.1 Pre-Release "Supercow Powers"   Debian   2015-08-18
AppStream Support Moving Along For Kubuntu/Debian   KDE   2015-08-11
SPI Has Published Their 2015 Annual Report With A Look At Debian, Arch Financials   Free Software   2015-07-16
Debian Launches A Diversity Sponsorship Travel Program   Debian   2015-06-17
New Debian TC Members Appointed For Going Past The Systemd Fallout   Debian   2015-03-09
Wayland/Weston 1.6 RC2 Released   Wayland   2014-09-12
DRI3000 X Compositing At DebConf   X.Org   2013-08-18
"Mega Drivers" Being Proposed For A Faster Mesa   Intel   2013-08-08
Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" Installer Release Candidate 1   Debian   2013-02-19
Ubuntu 13.04 To Look At XZ-Compressed Packages   Ubuntu   2012-10-13
AArch64/ARM64 Linux Kernel Work Still Ongoing   Linux Kernel   2012-08-16
Debian Now Defaults To Xfce Desktop   Debian   2012-08-08
Debian 8.0 Is Codenamed "Jessie"   Debian   2012-07-30
ARMv8 AArch64 Support For GCC Keeps Coming   GNU   2012-07-19
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   2012-07-14
Emdebian Grip: The Smaller, Embedded Debian   Debian   2012-07-14
Debian Looks To Improve Linux Gaming   Debian   2012-07-13
Debian Wants To Work With Its Offspring (Ubuntu)   Debian   2012-07-13
Decoupling GCC From Debian By Using LLVM/Clang   Debian   2012-07-11
Debian Works Towards ARMv8 AArch64 Support   Debian   2012-07-11
GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities   GNU   2012-07-11
Debian Wheezy To Take Up 73 CDs Or 11 DVDs   Debian   2012-07-10
Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans   Debian   2012-07-09
Debian Team Still Deciding On Wheezy Successor   Debian   2012-07-09
DebConf Managua 2012 Begins Tomorrow   Free Software   2012-07-07
The Most Popular Linux Happenings From Q2'2012   Phoronix   2012-07-04
One Week To DebConf 2012 Managua   Free Software   2012-07-01
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For July 2012   Phoronix   2012-06-23