HiZ is a performance-boosting feature found on modern graphics processors and supported by most Linux GPU drivers.

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HiZ Articles & Reviews

Mesa Git Delivering Faster Intel Vulkan Performance,...   Display Drivers   16 Jan 2017
Radeon HyperZ In Open-Source On Older Hardware   Display Drivers   20 Feb 2012
Intel HiZ Is Finally Ready For Sandy Bridge   Display Drivers   23 Nov 2011
Intel Mesa HiZ Performance On Sandy Bridge   Display Drivers   26 Sep 2011

HiZ Linux News

Intel's Vulkan Driver Squeezes Another Optimization...   Intel   25 Jan 2020
A Lot More Intel Tiger Lake / Gen12 Xe Graphics Code...   Mesa   29 Oct 2019
Mesa 17.1.3 Released   Mesa   19 Jun 2017
Intel Developer BLORPs Older Hardware, May Help With...   Intel   16 May 2017
What's Still Left TODO With The Intel ANV Vulkan...   Vulkan   17 Feb 2017
Mesa 17.0.0 Officially Released   Mesa   13 Feb 2017
Broadwell Vulkan Performance Also Up After Recent Mesa...   Linux Gaming   17 Jan 2017
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Lands Last Minute HiZ...   Mesa   13 Jan 2017
HiZ Improvement For Intel Mesa Driver Has Possible...   Mesa   09 Nov 2016
Performance-Boosting HiZ Support Lands For Intel's...   Intel   07 Oct 2016
Performance-Boosting HiZ Patches Revised For Intel's...   Vulkan   27 Sep 2016
The RADV Radeon Vulkan Linux Driver Continues Picking...   Radeon   25 Sep 2016
Mesa 12.0.3 Is An Emergency Release For Intel Users   Mesa   15 Sep 2016
RADV Radeon Vulkan Driver Continues Building Up...   Vulkan   03 Sep 2016
Ubuntu Working On Improved Low Graphics Mode For Unity...   Ubuntu   01 Sep 2016
A TODO List For Intel's Linux Vulkan Driver   Intel   20 May 2016
Ubuntu Needs Help Fixing Thousands Of Unity/Compiz...   Ubuntu   15 Sep 2015
Intel Has A Few More Graphics Changes For The Linux...   Intel   24 Jan 2015
New Patches Will Have Cherryview & Broadwell...   Intel   14 Jan 2015
Mesa 10.2 Features Are Quite Exciting   Mesa   26 May 2014
Broadwell Now Officially Enabled With Intel Mesa   Mesa   21 Feb 2014
Intel Mesa Driver Now Has MSAA For Broadwell   Mesa   19 Feb 2014
HiZ Gets Turned On For Broadwell In Mesa   Intel   19 Feb 2014
The Top Features Of Mesa 10.1 For Linux GPU Drivers   Mesa   08 Feb 2014
Intel Already Has Linux 3.15 GPU Driver Code For...   Intel   07 Feb 2014
Intel Gallium3D Driver Gets HiZ, Other Changes   Intel   08 Jan 2014
Intel's Open-Source Broadwell Driver Claims OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   21 Nov 2013
Intel Broadwell GPU Support Pushed To Mesa Git Branch   Intel   03 Nov 2013
AMD R300/R400 Radeon Gallium3D Finally Gets MSAA   Radeon   27 Aug 2013
Mesa 9.1.6 Provides Stable Driver Bug-Fixes   Mesa   02 Aug 2013
Intel Linux Driver Gets Support For New Haswell IDs   Intel   27 Apr 2013
Intel Mesa Driver Gets HiZ Support For Haswell   Intel   10 Apr 2013
HyperZ, MSAA Get Some Fixes In R300 Gallium3D   AMD   14 Jan 2013
Intel Mesa Patches For ARB_texture_multisample   Mesa   29 Dec 2012
AMD R600g HyperZ Support Is Now In Better Shape   AMD   14 Dec 2012
R300 Gallium3D HyperZ Is Finally In Good Shape   AMD   02 Dec 2012
R600g Gallium3D HyperZ Defeats Developers   AMD   13 Jul 2012
Upcoming Linux Hardware Benchmarks For June   Phoronix   09 Jun 2012
AMD R600g Still Tackling Hierarchical Z   AMD   05 Jun 2012
Mesa Makes Way For Assembly Shaders To GLSL IR   Intel   18 Apr 2012
Intel Publishes More Haswell Graphics Driver Code   Intel   21 Mar 2012
Radeon Gallium3D Hierarchical-Z Updated (R600)   Radeon   08 Feb 2012
HiZ Goes On For Intel Sandy Bridge Mesa   Intel   21 Nov 2011
Intel Sandy Bridge On The Linux 3.2 Kernel   Intel   14 Nov 2011
Intel Has Buggy HiZ Support Published   Mesa   25 Sep 2011