OpenGL/OpenCL Performance & Perf-Per-Watt From NVIDIA's GeForce 9800GTX To GTX 1080
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 5 June 2016. Page 3 of 7. 7 Comments

With Dota 2, even at 1080p the GeForce 9800GTX delivers unplayable performance... While for the high-end Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal cards the game was CPU bound with OpenGL. But even with being CPU bound in the newer cards, this test was still left in since once calculating the FPS-per-Watt, it becomes more interesting:

Now we have a picture at how the performance-per-Watt has improved for Dota 2 across generations. At 1080p, Dota 2 is 34% more power efficient with the GTX 1080 than the GTX 980.

Team Fortress 2 is in a similar boat to Dota 2 where it runs on the 9800GTX, but is CPU bound on all newer cards, but again one of the main focuses with this article is on the performance-per-Watt:

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