SilverStone Olympia OP650 650W
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The SilverStone Olympia OP650 was based upon the design of the Zeus ST56ZF, but the OP650 was designed by SilverStone themselves and not an outside party. The SilverStone Zeus ST56ZF was a single-rail 38Amp power supply that met NVIDIA's requirements for SLI certification and was designed to be a top-performing power supply. The Olympia 650W is designed to provide up to 54 Amps at 50°C on a single +12V rail. This power supply also supports active PFC, SSI / EPS12V, and is built using industrial class components.

At the rear of the SilverStone Olympia 650W is the power connector along with the power switch. No fan is used at the rear of the power supply but instead is honeycomb air vents. At the top of the power supply is a single 120mm fan, which is protected by a black fan grill. On the side of the power supply is showing the power distribution: 24A on +3.3V, 30A on +5V, 54A on +12V, 0.5A on -12V, and 4.0A on the +5Vsb rail. The maximum combined Wattage for the +3.3V and +5V rails on the OP650 is 180W.

The cables and connectors with the Olympia OP650 include a 20/24-pin motherboard, 8/4-pin ATX12V, one 6-pin AUX, two 6-pin PCI Express, one 8-pin PCI Express, six Serial ATA, and twelve molex connectors. The cable lengths range from 150mm to 550mm. It is certainly nice to see the Olympia OP650 support an 8-pin PCI Express power connector seeing as it will quickly become the standard for high-end graphics cards.

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