Silentmaxx 580W IC-Tech PSU
Written by Michael Larabel in Power Supplies on 16 May 2005. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment

No matter your system, how large or small, a reliable PSU is critical to maintaining its well-being. Countless times, we’ve seen first hand cheap generic PSUs, along with a couple name-brand power supplies, give way and sometimes damage the valuable components it powers. Other times we see drive rails that like to wander around, causing stability issues and preventing a higher overclock. We have even had power supplies that were so crudely built that the AC power input broke off resulting in a large pyrotechnic display. Thanks in part to the generosity of QuietPC USA, the United States distributor for the German-based Silentmaxx, we have the 580W IC-Tech PSU in for testing today. This PSU may look nice, but does it perform?


Acoustic noise level: 21 dB(A)
+3.3V maximum output current: 32 A
+5V maximum output current: 45 A
+12V maximum output current: 20 A
Mains input voltage selection: Switchable


Although this Silentmaxx package we received was badly beaten, all of the contents managed to come in pristine condition due to the bubble-wrap protection. We would like to point out, when ordering from QuietPC, they package their products very well to prevent possible damage to the container, as we had seen today with this cardboard box. All information on the exterior of the container is printed in both German and English. The contents we received were a standard United States power cable, 24 to 20 ATX power adapter, Silentmaxx power supply instructions, and the 580W IC-Tech PSU. Similar to the power supply package, the user’s manual/instructions are printed both in English and in German.

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