Amazon EC2 M6i Performance For Intel Ice Lake In The Cloud Benchmarks

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 20 August 2021. Page 4 of 8. 1 Comment

The Ice Lake instance though does still lead when it comes to software that is well optimized for x86_64 like around AVX-512 (or lacking full AArch64 tuning). Like when running Intel's own oneDNN library and their SVT-AV1 video encoder, the m6i.8xlarge instance was delivering much greater performance. How relevant Graviton2 is to you really depends upon what workloads you are running and how prepared they are for an AArch64 ecosystem.

For workloads like code compilation, there is healthy competition. Ice Lake was winning some of the tests but Graviton2 is a good contender and obviously great choice when it comes to an AArch64 build farm.

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