Computex Taipei 2007 Day 1

Written by David Lin in Events on 5 June 2007 at 11:20 AM EDT.

Today is the first day of one of the world's largest trade shows. We at Phoronix have spent it wandering the endless aisles at Computex Taipei. As with previous years, the exhibition takes place in four massive buildings. Let's take a look at what the companies have for us this year! Today we are featuring DFI, Enermax, Gigabyte, Seasonic, Sparkle, Thermaltake, and a number of other companies.


These pictures might make you think that the DFI booth was lackluster. Actually, it was very lackluster; however, the DFI representative told us that is just how they want it to be. They have taken a lot of beating from the big boys (Abit, Asus, Gigabyte, etc) and have slowed motherboard releases and feature improvements, however, he promised there would be a new heatpipe solution on the DFI boards. He also said that it would actually work better than the heatpipe solutions on Abit and Asus products. Now why was the display so crappy? He said they did it so that the big boys wouldn't be able to copy what they invented. Do you believe him? Well, we shall see in the next few months. Two of the motherboards DFI had featured were the LANParty X38-T2R and LANParty P35-T2R. The LANParty X38-T2R motherboard uses Intel's X38 and ICH9 Chipset along with a built-in ultra 8-phase digital PWM and support for dual x16 CrossFire and Physics Rendering technology with DFI Bernstein 8 channel theater-level audio. The LANParty P35-T2R uses the Intel P35 and ICH9R Chipset.

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