Computex Taipei 2007 Day 1

Written by David Lin in Events on 5 June 2007. Page 7 of 10. Add A Comment


Like the other memory manufacturers presenting their DDR3 line-up at Computex, GSkill had a number of products to share as well. Among their DDR3 memory products was the F3-6400CL6S-1GBSA (1GB of DDR3-800 memory timed at 6-6-6-15), F3-8500CL7D-2GBHK (2 x 1GB kit of DDR3-1066 operating at 7-7-7-18), F3-10660CL9D-2GBHK (DDR3-1333 operating at 9-9-9-24), and F3-6400CL6D-2GBPK (DDR3-800 operating at 6-6-6-15).

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