Computex Taipei 2007 Day 1

Written by David Lin in Events on 5 June 2007. Page 9 of 10. Add A Comment


Thermaltake is one of our long time partners. Today they heavily advertised the Key3 system. That represents three things, Power supply, Case, and Cooling. They apparently want it to be as widely known as "Centrino”. Good luck with that, but anyways they have some very fascinating products out this year. They have a case out called the SwordM. It reminded us a lot of the Tai-Chi case that came out a long time ago. It has the same hydraulic door, and integrated water-cooling, however they also made it so that the top panel can open. They call it a "convertible" top panel. They also had this really cool LCD unit on the front.

Next up you can see their latest HTPC cases. All of them have nice integrated LCDs. One of them even has an Apple iPod slot where you can actually put the iPod into the case, much like what you would do with a cassette tape.

They also had their coolers on display. The V1, MaxOrb, and BlueOrb FX. The BlueOrb FX has the ability to display text on the blades. They also had a massive looking thing that was supposedly called the SuperOrb. However, one of the representatives had no idea what it was called, and the other one only rather knew. We'll probably see it soon. Thermaltake also had a huge 2000W power supply on display. This is they largest we have yet seen at Computex. Also on display was the Thermaltake BigWater 760i.

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