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Vivaldi Linux & Open-Source News

Firefox 110 Released With Better WebGL Performance, GPU-Accelerated 2D Canvas   Mozilla   2023-02-14
Linux 5.18 Picks Up Two New Input Drivers   Hardware   2022-04-01
WirePlumber 0.4.9 Fixes Surround Sound For Some Linux Games   Multimedia   2022-03-27
NomadBSD 1.4 Released With GUI For Easier Chrome / Brave / Vivaldi Browser Installation   BSD   2021-03-03
There Are Many Changes To Look Forward To With The Linux 5.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-10-11
Linux 5.10 Receiving New Driver For Chromebook "Vivaldi" Keyboards   Google   2020-10-02
The EOMA68 Libre Computer Developer Wants To Tackle A Quad-Core RISC-V Libre SoC Design   RISC-V   2018-11-29
Remember The EOMA68 Computer Card Project? It Hopes To Ship This Year   Hardware   2018-02-11
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi   Proprietary Software   2017-12-05
The EOMA68 Upgradeable ARM Board/Computer Passed Its Funding Goal   Arm   2016-08-27
That Open, Upgradeable ARM Dev Board Is Trying To Make A Comeback   Arm   2016-07-02
Vivaldi 1.1 Web Browser Released   Free Software   2016-04-26
Vivaldi 1.0 Web Browser Released   Proprietary Software   2016-04-06
Vivaldi Web Browser Now In Beta   Proprietary Software   2015-11-03
Vivaldi TP4 Brings UI Customizations, Better HiDPI   Proprietary Software   2015-07-16
Vivaldi TP3 Browser Adds Native Window Support On Linux   Proprietary Software   2015-04-28
Vivaldi Browser Decides To Support 32-Bit Linux   Proprietary Software   2015-02-17
Vivaldi Browser Downloaded More Than 400k Times So Far   Proprietary Software   2015-02-04
Vivaldi: A New Chromium-Powered, Multi-Platform Browser   Free Software   2015-01-27
Improv Open ARM Board Failure Leads To A Ton Of In-Fighting   Arm   2014-05-24
ARM Allwinner A10, Cubieboard Come To Coreboot   Coreboot   2014-01-09
Is All Hope Lost For Non-Android Linux Tablets?   Hardware   2013-11-15
KDE Vivaldi Tablet Finally Shipping For QA Testing   Hardware   2013-07-22
KDE Vivaldi Tablet Upgraded, Closer To Release   KDE   2013-05-30
KDE's Aaron Seigo Bashes Ubuntu Phone   KDE   2013-02-16
What's Being Brewed For KDE's Plasma Active   KDE   2013-01-29
KDE Vivaldi Tablet Struggling, Now New Design   KDE   2012-09-18
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   2012-07-14
The Portal Cube Shown On Open-Source Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-05-25
KDE Spark Tablet Is No More, Now It's Vivaldi   KDE   2012-03-15