Valley View is the codename of the first-generation of Intel Atom SoCs that bear in-house Intel HD Graphics as opposed to licensed graphics IP (formerly from Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX), thus being more open-source friendly and offering better Linux OpenGL performance. Valley View materialized into the Intel Bay Trail SoCs.

Valley View Articles & Reviews

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Valley View Linux & Open-Source News

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Five Years Later, Intel Poulsbo Is Still A Linux Mess   Intel   2013-03-15
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Intel Mesa Driver Now Has GL 3.2 Multisample Textures   Intel   2013-03-01
Intel Releases "CloverTrail+" Atom SoCs For Android   Intel   2013-02-25
OpenGL 3.0 Features For Intel Ironlake Unlikely   Mesa   2013-02-23
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The Linux 3.7 Kernel Is Going To Be A Beast   Linux Kernel   2012-10-05
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