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Trenchboot Linux & Open-Source News

TrenchBoot To Pursue AMD & Arm Secure Launch Support   Free Software   2022-09-13
GRUB 2.12 Planned For Release This Year, Continues Improving Boot Security   Free Software   2022-02-10
IBM Engineer Has Been Exploring Possible Rust Modules For GRUB   GNU   2021-09-24
Oracle Sends Out Newest Patches For Trenchboot / Secure Launch For The Linux Kernel   Oracle   2021-08-09
Oracle Sends Out Latest Linux Patches So Trenchboot Can Securely Launch The Kernel   Oracle   2021-06-19
GRUB 2.06 Should Be Released This Year, Cooperation Increasing With Distro Vendors   GNU   2021-02-10
AMD Is Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware - Initially With OpenBMC   AMD   2020-12-03
"Project X" - Pure Open-Source Coreboot Support On AMD Zen   AMD   2020-11-05
Trenchboot Secure Launch Support For Linux Sees New Patches   Linux Security   2020-09-25
Oracle Engineers Send Out Linux Patches For Trenchboot Secure Late-Launch Kernel Support   Linux Security   2020-03-25
GRUB 2.06 Planning For Release This Year - Possibly With Intel TXT + AMD SKINIT Support   Oracle   2020-02-03
Secure Launch Boot Protocol Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel, Advancing TrenchBoot   Linux Kernel   2019-03-11
GRUB 2.04 Is On The Way This Year Along With Other New Bootloader Features   GNU   2019-02-07