S3 Texture Compression.

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A Possible Workaround For The S3TC Patent Situation   Software   2011-07-19

S3TC Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa Enables S3TC Support For 3D Textures   Mesa   2023-12-12
Intel Vulkan Driver Lands ASTC LDR Emulation For Latest GPUs   Intel   2023-10-14
Intel Enables Compute-Based Transcoding To DXT5 With Mesa   Intel   2023-02-10
Mesa 22.3 Lands S3TC Texture Compression Software Fallback   Mesa   2022-09-14
Mesa Preparing Software Fallback For S3TC Texture Compression   Mesa   2022-09-05
Radeon RADV Lands Emulated ETC2 Support For Improving Android Support   Radeon   2021-12-14
Intel Removes ASTC Hardware From Gen12.5+ Graphics   Intel   2021-10-07
ASTC Texture Compression License Turns Out To Be Restrictive Outside Of Khronos APIs   Free Software   2019-10-03
Wine 4.17 Adds DXTn Compressed Textures, Windows Script Runtime Library   WINE   2019-09-27
Intel Mesa Driver Getting Better Support For ETC2 On Older Hardware   Intel   2019-02-04
Mesa Now Supports S3TC Texture Compression With sRGB Color Components   Mesa   2019-02-02
The New Features On Deck For Mesa 19.0: Vulkan Additions, FreeSync, Soft FP64 & More   Mesa   2019-01-28
Mesa Picks Up Faster Support For S3TC Decoding Using LLVM   Mesa   2018-12-22
Wine 3.14 Adds DXTn Texture Decompression, Other Improvements   WINE   2018-08-17
All Gallium3D Drivers Getting ASTC Compression Support, RadeonSI Hits OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-07-29
Mesa 17.3 Officially Released: Nearly OpenGL 4.6, Better Vulkan Support   Mesa   2017-12-08
Etnaviv Gallium3D Driver Now Wiring Up ASTC Texture Compression   Mesa   2017-11-02
S3TC Support Lands In Mesa Git Along With An OpenGL 4.6 Extension For Intel   Mesa   2017-10-03
S3TC Support Will Land In Mesa Now That The Patent Has Expired   Mesa   2017-10-02
The S3TC Patent Finally Expires Next Week - S3 Texture Compression   Standards   2017-09-29
Intel Broxton Gets ASTC HDR Support In Mesa   Intel   2017-05-22
It's Been Another Exciting Week Of RADV Development (Radeon Vulkan)   Vulkan   2016-09-10
AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project   AMD   2016-05-12
AMD Polaris Doesn't Support ETC2 Texture Compression   AMD   2016-04-13
Nouveau NVC0 Adds ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression For Newer GPUs   Mesa   2016-04-04
AMD Stoney APUs Bring ETC2 Open-Source Driver Support   AMD   2016-01-22
Nouveau Support For ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression   Nouveau   2015-12-19
Gallium3D Support For ASTC Compression Is Being Worked On   Mesa   2015-11-21
Intel Enables ASTC Texture Compression In Mesa For Skylake   Intel   2015-08-31
ASTC Texture Compression May Finally Supplant S3TC   Linux Gaming   2015-08-12
Radeon Gallium3D Tackles A Bit More, OpenGL 4.1 Patches Pending   Mesa   2015-07-28
Intel Skylake Adds ASTC Texture Compression, Open-Source Support Coming   Mesa   2015-05-20
X Rebirth Linux Alpha Now Available   Linux Gaming   2015-03-14
ETC2 Decoding Support In Mesa's Gallium3D For Freedreno   Mesa   2015-02-19
Changes I Made When Installing Fedora 21 On My New Ultrabook   Fedora   2015-02-08
Fedora 22 To Have Direct3D 9 Mesa State Tracker, Add Wine Support   Fedora   2015-01-14
Enlightenment's Evas OpenGL Now Supports S3TC Textures   Desktop   2014-07-04
Features You Will Not Find In Mesa 10.2   Mesa   2014-05-27
Enlightenment's Evas Adds OpenGL ETC2 Support   Desktop   2014-04-25
Intel Brings ETC Texture Compression To The Desktop   Intel   2014-01-14
DRIConf Is Still A Mess & Leaves A Lot To Be Desired   Mesa   2013-10-16
S3TC Is Still Problematic For Mesa Developers, Users   Mesa   2013-08-14
Unigine Heaven 3.0 Now Works For Radeon Gallium3D   Mesa   2013-07-30
Hardware Expectations For Valve's Steam Box   Valve   2013-03-08
Reasons Mesa 9.1 Is Still Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   2013-02-14
New OpenGL Support In Mesa 9.1   Mesa   2013-01-29
Intel Driver To Play A Bit Better With S3TC Compression   Intel   2013-01-21
Intel Merges ETC2 Texture Compression In Mesa   Intel   2012-12-07
Intel Continues Work On ETC2 Texture Compression   Mesa   2012-11-10
Marek Continues Improving Radeon Performance   Radeon   2012-11-06
ETC2 Texture Compression For Intel Is Happening   Intel   2012-10-20
Intel Mesa To Force On S3TC, Floating-Point Textures   Intel   2012-10-19
Nine Reasons Mesa 9.0 Is Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   2012-10-09
Nine Good Things About Mesa 9.0   Mesa   2012-10-09
ETC2 Texture Compression Looks Good For OpenGL   Mesa   2012-08-12
X.Org Foundation Joins Open Invention Network   X.Org   2012-08-10
OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0 Specifications Unveiled   Standards   2012-08-06
Khronos ASTC: Royalty-Free Next-Gen Texture Compression   Standards   2012-08-06
Ex-NVIDIA Engineer Patent Issue With Open-Source   NVIDIA   2012-07-26
What Should Valve Do For Linux & Open-Source?   Valve   2012-07-17
Mesa Support For ETC1 Texture Compression   Mesa   2012-07-16
Intel Publishes Ivy Bridge Programming Documentation   Intel   2012-06-23
Linux Driver Support Still Leaves A Lot To Desire   Hardware   2012-06-21
What Are The Biggest Problems With Linux?   Linux Kernel   2012-06-10
Nouveau NV10-NV20 Can Now Handle S3TC   Nouveau   2012-05-02
Unigine Pushes Engine Changes; More Mesa Friendly   Linux Gaming   2012-04-06
Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   2012-04-02
Unigine & Mesa Move Closer To Playing Along   Mesa   2012-01-28
Mesa Beginning To Need Application Workarounds   Mesa   2012-01-26
Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa 8.0   Mesa   2012-01-11
It's Official: Mesa 8.0 With OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   2012-01-09
What's Up With The S3 Graphics Linux Driver?   X.Org   2011-12-23
New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers   Linux Gaming   2011-11-15
Did Hell Freeze Over? Intel Mesa Does GLSL 1.30!   Intel   2011-11-12
S3TC Now Golden For Linux & Open-Source?   Free Software   2011-11-10
Intel Aims For Open-Source OpenGL 3.0 Driver By Year's End   Intel   2011-09-14
Mesa Developers Still Fear Patent Wrath With S2TC   Mesa   2011-08-09
Ryan Gordon Criticizes Open-Source Drivers Again   Linux Gaming   2011-08-08
HTC Is Buying Out S3 Graphics   Hardware   2011-07-06
Arch Linux Enables Mesa Floating Point Textures   Arch Linux   2011-06-01
Should Ubuntu Still Be Distributed As A CD ISO?   Ubuntu   2011-05-09
Super! Patented Mesa Floating-Point Is Merged!   Mesa   2011-04-15
An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   2011-04-10
Marek Files Patches For Floating-Point In Mesa Master   Free Software   2011-04-01
What Would Be Disastrous For Linux, Open-Source   Free Software   2011-04-01
Exciting Proposals For The Linux Community   Free Software   2011-03-31
What Would Be Crazy For Linux Right Now   Free Software   2011-03-31
VP8 Over VDPAU In Gallium3D Is Emeric's Target   Mesa   2011-03-29
Gallium3D OpenGL 4.1 State Tracker Redux   Mesa   2011-03-20
S3TC For Mesa Is Talked About Some More   Mesa   2011-03-19
Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   2011-03-18
Will The Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Bring Graphics Magic?   Linux Kernel   2011-03-14
What Was Decided With S3TC & Floating Points For Mesa   Mesa   2011-03-09
Patches Published For Merging S3TC Library Into Mesa   Mesa   2011-03-06
Pressing On For Mesa Floating Point Support   Mesa   2011-03-06
Will Floating Point Textures Be Merged Into Mesa?   Mesa   2011-03-04
The Mesa S3TC External Library Hits Version 1.0.0   Mesa   2011-03-01
Mesa Can Do EXT_texture_compression_RGTC   Mesa   2011-02-25
R600 Gallium3D Driver Now Supports S3TC Library   AMD   2011-02-15
How Old ATI GPUs Can Be Faster On Open Drivers   AMD   2011-02-13
If You Forgot, S3 Graphics Does Linux Drivers Too   X.Org   2010-11-23
S3TC Support For Mesa Brought Up Again   Mesa   2010-03-28
Tungsten's New VIA DRM, Mesa Driver Published   Mesa   2009-01-17
Tungsten Creates New VIA 3D Stack   Mesa   2009-01-07
Nouveau Companion 18   Nouveau   2007-04-25