Mesa 10.3 is a very significant H2-2014 update to the open-source Mesa OpenGL library.

Mesa 10.3 Articles & Reviews

Mesa Git Yields Performance Improvements For Newer AMD GPUs   Display Drivers   2014-11-26
Mesa 10.5-devel Brings Some Intel Haswell HD Graphics Changes Over Mesa 10.3   Display Drivers   2014-11-24
15-Way GPU Comparison With Mesa 10.3 + Linux 3.17   Display Drivers   2014-10-02
AMD Radeon R9 290 Open-Source Driver Works, But Has A Ways To Go   Display Drivers   2014-08-25
Radeon Graphics Yield Mixed Results With Linux 3.17 Kernel   Display Drivers   2014-08-23
Nouveau vs. Radeon vs. Intel Tests On Linux 3.16, Mesa 10.3-devel   Display Drivers   2014-07-25
AMD R600g/RadeonSI Performance On Linux 3.16 With Mesa 10.3-devel   Display Drivers   2014-07-23
LunarG ILO Gallium3D vs. Intel's DRI Driver On Mesa 10.3-devel   Display Drivers   2014-06-13
Updated Intel Graphics Stack On Ubuntu 14.04 Has Some Slowdowns   Display Drivers   2014-05-25
Until Re-Clocking Is Figured Out, Nouveau Remains Very Slow Against NVIDIA   Display Drivers   2014-05-18
Catalyst 14.4 Has Advantages Over Linux 3.15 + Mesa 10.3 Git   Display Drivers   2014-05-16
Intel vs. Radeon vs. Nouveau On Linux 3.15 + Mesa 10.3-devel   Display Drivers   2014-05-14
Radeon: Mesa 10.1 vs. Mesa Git On Ubuntu 14.04   Display Drivers   2014-05-07

Mesa 10.3 Linux & Open-Source News

Some Fresh Debian 8.4 vs. Debian Testing (Stretch) For A Xeon + Radeon System   Debian   2016-05-08
Mesa 10.5 Is In Ubuntu 15.04 For The Latest Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2015-02-27
My Initial Intel Broadwell Linux Experience With The ThinkPad X1 Carbon   Hardware   2015-01-23
New Mesa 10.3 & 10.4 Series Point Releases   Mesa   2015-01-12
Mesa 10.3 & 10.4 Point Releases For The New Year   Mesa   2014-12-30
ROSA Fresh R5 Release Finally Adds Proper Secure Boot Support   Operating Systems   2014-12-27
Mesa 10.4 Is Delayed A Few Days As It's Busted On Older GPUs   Mesa   2014-12-07
Nouveau On Mesa 10.5-devel Doesn't Change Much   Mesa   2014-12-01
Fedora 21 vs. Ubuntu 14.10 Performance Benchmarks   Fedora   2014-11-30
Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Installer For Ubuntu 14.04 & Fedora 20   Intel   2014-11-13
Ubuntu 14.10 vs. Scientific Linux 7.0 Trial Benchmarks With A Haswell-EP   Operating Systems   2014-11-10
Mesa 10.3.3 Has A Bunch Of Freedreno Fixes   Mesa   2014-11-08
AMD On Linux & Systemd Were Very Popular This Month   Phoronix   2014-10-31
Mesa 10.3.2 Has A Couple Bug-Fixes   Mesa   2014-10-24
Ubuntu 14.10 Officially Released   Ubuntu   2014-10-23
Mesa 10.3.1 Point Release Now Available   Mesa   2014-10-13
Intel Haswell HD Graphics With CS:GO On Linux   Intel   2014-09-29
OpenELEC 4.2 Works To Improve The Linux HTPC/Multimedia Experience   Operating Systems   2014-09-27
openSUSE 13.2 Beta 1 vs. Fedora Linux Benchmarks   SUSE   2014-09-25
Mesa 10.3 Landing For Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn"   Ubuntu   2014-09-24
Mesa 10.3 Released With The Latest Open-Source GPU Driver Improvements   Mesa   2014-09-19
Running The Oibaf PPA On Ubuntu 14.10   Mesa   2014-09-11
Catalyst For X.Org Server 1.16 Readied, Updates In Ubuntu 14.10   X.Org   2014-09-11
Mesa 10.3 RC2 Arrives Via Its New Release Manager   Mesa   2014-08-31
Ubuntu 14.10's Lack Of X.Org Server 1.16 Gets Blamed On AMD   AMD   2014-08-31
Checking On The Performance Of PHP 5.6   Programming   2014-08-28
Nouveau On Oibaf PPA Is Back To Running Well   Nouveau   2014-08-27
Mesa Has A New Release Manager   Mesa   2014-08-26
Nouveau Turns Into A Mess In Latest Linux 3.17 + Mesa 10.3-dev Tests   Nouveau   2014-08-26
The New Features Of Mesa 10.3   Mesa   2014-08-25
Running Ivy Bridge HD Graphics With Linux 3.16 + Mesa 10.3   Intel   2014-08-24
Preview Of AMD Radeon R9 290 Hawaii Open-Source Performance   Linux Kernel   2014-08-23
Intel Bay Trail Performance With Linux 3.16/3.17 & Mesa 10.3   Intel   2014-08-23
Mesa 10.3 Branched & RC1 Released, Mesa 10.4 On Master   Mesa   2014-08-21
Mesa 10.2.6 Has Plenty Of OpenGL Driver Bug Fixes   Mesa   2014-08-19
Mesa Now Supports Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension   Mesa   2014-08-19
The GLX Extension For Linux Game Developers Will Soon Work On More Drivers   Mesa   2014-08-15
R600g & RadeonSI Now Support BPTC Texture Compression   Mesa   2014-08-15
Geometry Shaders / OpenGL 3.2 Finally Comes To Intel Sandy Bridge   Mesa   2014-08-14
Linux 3.17 Doesn't Do Much For AMD Kaveri's Graphics Performance   AMD   2014-08-13
BPTC Texture Compression Support Lands In Mesa   Mesa   2014-08-12
AMD's Radeon DDX Enables Hawaii Acceleration By Default   Radeon   2014-08-12
Intel Adds Support For ARB_copy_image   Mesa   2014-08-11
The Exciting Features Merged So Far For Linux 3.17   Linux Kernel   2014-08-10
Broadcom VC4 Gallium3D Driver Soon To Merge Into Mesa   Mesa   2014-08-07
Perf-Per-Watt: Catalyst vs. Radeon Gallium3D   Radeon   2014-08-06
Mesa 10.2.5 Officially Released   Mesa   2014-08-03
Drivers & Drama Dominated Linux Talk In July   Phoronix   2014-07-31
Hawaii Bug-Fixes Start Hitting Mainline RadeonSI Gallium3D   Radeon   2014-07-29
Intel Adds BPTC Texture Compression To Their Mesa Driver   Intel   2014-07-22
RadeonSI Gallium3D Now Supports GL4 Indirect Drawing Too   Radeon   2014-07-18
Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Now Supports Indirect Drawing   Nouveau   2014-07-16
More "Mega Driver" Work Merged For Mesa   Mesa   2014-07-10
AMD's GL Performance Monitor Gets Wired Up For Nouveau   Nouveau   2014-07-05
GLX DRI3 GPU Offloading Lands In Mesa   Mesa   2014-07-01
Mesa 10.1.5 & Mesa 10.2.2 Released   Mesa   2014-06-25
Intel Starts Landing Another OpenGL 4.3 Extension   Mesa   2014-06-22
Nouveau NVC0 Gets Close On Another OpenGL 4 extension   Nouveau   2014-06-15
Gallium3D Softpipe Hits GLSL 3.30 Compliance   Mesa   2014-06-11
Intel Takes Another Stab At OpenGL 4 In Mesa   Mesa   2014-06-09
Mesa 10.2 Officially Released With Tons Of Features   Mesa   2014-06-07
RadeonSI Moves A Bit Closer To GLSL 4.00 (OpenGL 4.0)   Mesa   2014-06-07
Radeon H.264 VCE Video Encoding With OpenMAX Lands In Mesa   Radeon   2014-06-05
Mesa Shader Compiler Cache Proposed, Reduces Game Start Times   Mesa   2014-06-02
The Dirty List Of GPUs With Open-Source Drivers Gone Wildly Wrong   Hardware   2014-05-31
The 60+ GPUs For The Biggest-Ever Linux GPU Comparison   Hardware   2014-05-31
AMD Adds Gallium3D H.264 Profile Encoding Support   AMD   2014-05-30
Running LLVMpipe With OpenGL 3.3 On Mesa 10.3-devel   Mesa   2014-05-30
Sandy Bridge Gets Layered Rendering, Fixes Longtime Regression   Intel   2014-05-29
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Support Lands In Mainline Mesa   Nouveau   2014-05-27
NVIDIA Posts Mesa Patches For GK20A Gallium3D Support   NVIDIA   2014-05-27
Intel Iris Graphics With Linux 3.15 & Mesa 10.3-devel   Intel   2014-05-25
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Handles sRGB Textures, OpenGL 2.1   Mesa   2014-05-17
Nouveau Lands Maxwell GPU Support In Mesa Gallium3D   Mesa   2014-05-15
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 2.0   Mesa   2014-05-14
RadeonSI Starts Beating Catalyst In Some Linux Tests   Radeon   2014-05-09
Mesa 10.2 Release Candidate 1 Is Out   Mesa   2014-05-03