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Darktable Articles & Reviews

NVIDIA vs. AMD OpenCL Linux Benchmarks With Darktable 2.2   Software   2016-12-27
Blender & Darktable OpenCL Benchmarks On 13 NVIDIA GPUs   Software   2016-12-21
NVIDIA GTX 680 To GTX 1080 Blender OpenCL Benchmarks   Graphics Cards   2016-11-30
20-Way NVIDIA/AMD GPU Darktable OpenCL Photography Performance   Software   2016-11-28

Darktable Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 22.3 Lands New "Rusticl" OpenCL 3.0 Implementation   Mesa   2022-09-12
Mesa's Rust OpenCL Implementation Expected To Be Merged In Coming Days   Mesa   2022-09-02
Systemd Creator At Microsoft, Retbleed, Rust's Continued Growth & Other July Highlights   Phoronix   2022-08-01
Darktable 4.0 Released With Rewritten UI, Much Improved OpenCL Performance   Free Software   2022-07-02
Linux 5.20 To Support The XP-PEN Deco L Drawing Tablet   Hardware   2022-06-18
Mesa's "Rusticl" Implementation Now Manages To Handle Darktable OpenCL   Mesa   2022-05-05
Darktable 3.8 Released For This Great Open-Source Alternative To Adobe Lightroom   Free Software   2021-12-24
Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support   Mesa   2021-10-18
Darktable 3.6 Released For This Free Alternative To Adobe Lightroom   Free Software   2021-07-03
AMD Clarifies ROCm Compute Support For GUI Applications   Radeon   2021-03-10
Exiv2 Looks To Team Up With The KDE Project   KDE   2021-03-06
Radeon ROCm Updates Documentation Reinforcing Focus On Headless, Non-GUI Workloads   Radeon   2021-03-01
Darktable 3.4 Released For Leading Open-Source RAW Photography Software   Free Software   2020-12-24
Mesa Moves Closer To Having OpenCL 3.0 Support In Clover Gallium3D   Mesa   2020-11-06
Nouveau + LLVMpipe Drivers Enable OpenCL Image Support   Mesa   2020-10-21
ROCm 3.7 Has Open-Source OpenCL Image Module Included   Radeon   2020-08-28
GNOME X.Org vs. Wayland Performance + Power Usage On Fedora 32 With AMD Renoir Laptop   Fedora   2020-06-14
Darktable 3.0 Photography Software Released With Complete GUI Rework, Many New Features   Free Software   2019-12-24
Darktable 3.0 RC1 Released With Greater Undo/Redo Support, More SSE Optimizations   Free Software   2019-11-14
Darktable 3.0 Approaching With Many New Features   Free Software   2019-11-04
Spectre/Meltdown/L1TF/MDS Mitigation Costs On An Intel Dual Core + HT Laptop   Hardware   2019-05-21
Spotify Tops Ubuntu's Snap Store Downloads While GIMP Tops Flatpak's Flathub   Desktop   2019-01-05
Darktable 2.6 Released With Experimental PPC64LE Support, New Modules & More   Desktop   2018-12-24
Darktable 2.6 Release Cycle Kicks Off With New Modules, PPC64LE Support   Free Software   2018-12-03
Six Years After Launch, AMD Piledriver CPU Tuning Gets Reworked In LLVM Clang   AMD   2018-10-28
RawTherapee 5.4 Released For Open-Source, Cross-Platform RAW Image Editing   Desktop   2018-03-24
The Open Benchmarks So Far Available For Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016   Phoronix Test Suite   2018-03-19
Darktable 2.4 Released With Many New Features, Windows Support   Free Software   2017-12-24
Darktable 2.4-RC1 Rolls Out With Windows Support, OpenCL Improvements   Desktop   2017-12-11
Open-Source OpenCL Adoption Is Sadly An Issue In 2017   X.Org   2017-09-22
A Few OpenCL Benchmarks With Radeon Vega Frontier Edition On Linux   Radeon   2017-07-02
Trying Out Intel's OpenCL 2.0 Beignet On Broadwell-U   Intel   2017-04-28
GIMP's Progress In 2016, What's Ahead For 2017   GNU   2017-01-15
What Open-Source/Linux Kaby Lake CPU Benchmarks Would You Like To See?   Intel   2017-01-06
Darktable 2.2 NVIDIA OpenCL Benchmarks   Free Software   2016-12-26
DarkTable 2.2 RAW Digital Photography Program Released, Better OpenCL Support   Free Software   2016-12-24
More Darktable GPU/CPU Benchmarks - 27 Different Setups   Free Software   2016-11-28
Darktable 2.2 Being Prepared For Release With Many Changes   Free Software   2016-11-24
The State of GIMP & Its Future   GNOME   2016-07-30
Fedora 24 Will Indeed Be Delayed, Plus Other Changes Approved   Fedora   2016-01-08
Darktable 2.0 Released, Now A GTK3 App With New Features   Free Software   2015-12-24
DarkTable 1.4 Has A Lua Engine, WebP Export Support   Free Software   2013-12-31
DarkTable 1.2 Handles JPEG2000, Profiled Denoising   Free Software   2013-04-07
DarkTable 1.1 Supports OpenCL For Images   Free Software   2012-12-06
Darktable For Open-Source Photography   Free Software   2012-01-21