Windows 10 vs. Eight Linux Distributions In Various "Creator" Workloads On An Intel Core i9
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 1 October 2019. Page 4 of 5. Add A Comment

When running SVT-AV1 on the supported platforms, the Windows 10 Pro performance in the heavy "enc mode 4" task was just ahead of Debian 10.1 but behind the other Linux distributions. Clear Linux's optimizations were paying off in this benchmark with it coming out measurably ahead of the other Linux distributions.

With the faster (and default) encode mode level, Windows 10 was more competitive and in-line with the various Linux distributions. But Clear Linux here was about 14% faster than Windows 10 and the other Linux distributions.

With SVT-HEVC, Clear Linux was about 5% faster over Windows 10.

The Blender 3D modeling software continues to deliver much speedier render performance on Linux compared to Windows 10.

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