An Extensive Look At The AMD Naples vs. Rome Power Efficiency / Performance-Per-Watt

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 5 December 2019. Page 5 of 9. 10 Comments

Stockfish is one of the chess benchmarks that happily scales out to as many cores/threads as you can toss at it and thus loves Rome.

The performance-per-Watt evolution with Rome is very healthy in the EPYC 7402 having 1.26x the perf-per-Watt of the EPYC 7401P, the EPYC 7502 being at 1.48x the perf-per-Watt of the EPYC 7551, and even the EPYC 7302 coming in at 1.3x on the EPYC 7351P.

In the case of 7-Zip, the EPYC 7302 had 1.63x the performance-per-Watt of the EPYC 7351P up to the EPYC 7742 having 2.4x the performance-per-Watt of the former flagship EPYC 7601.

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