An Extensive Look At The AMD Naples vs. Rome Power Efficiency / Performance-Per-Watt

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 5 December 2019. Page 4 of 9. 10 Comments

The dav1d AV1 video decode performance also showed a significant leap in power efficiency from Naples to Rome.

Not only do these 7nm sever CPUs offer options with more cores than Naples, but the peak frequencies being achieved are much better.

The EPYC 7002 series processors cooled by the Noctua TR4-SP3 4U-friendly heatsink continued doing a fine job. Even with more cores and higher clocks over Naples, the Rome CPU temperatures weren't that much higher.

While a synthetic test with Coremark we can see all of the CPU cores quite busy and the EPYC 7002 series delivering much uplift. Even with the EPYC 7742 having double the threads/cores as the EPYC 7601, in this benchmark the new flagship AMD server CPU is 2.25x the speed of the former. For the 32-core EPYC 7551 to EPYC 7502 CPUs is 1.31x the performance in Coremark.

The EPYC 7551 to EPYC 7502 saw 1.2x the performance-per-Watt, the EPYC 7351P to 7302 was even better at 1.4x, and the EPYC 7302 to 7402 had 1.18x the performance-per-Watt.

The peak CPU frequencies being achieved were much higher with the EPYC 7002 series.

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