SilverStone Temjin TJ10

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 22 August 2007 at 10:00 AM EDT. Page 3 of 5. 3 Comments.

The rear of the TJ10 chassis is virtually the same as the TJ09, but instead of solid expansion slot covers, SilverStone has turned to slotted ones that offer a slight cooling advantage. There are seven expansion slots and one 120mm fan at the rear of the chassis. The TJ10 also has two predrilled holes to use for water-cooling. At the bottom of the case are four aluminum feet along with a metal mesh where there is the power supply and hard drive area above.

Inside the case, the TJ10 is almost the same as the TJ09. Below the four 5.25" drive bays and one external 3.5" bay are the two removable hard drive cages. Each cage supports three hard drives with vibration dampening while positioned between the two cages is a 120mm fan slot. No fan is included in this fan slot but if you are using multiple hard drives it's recommended to install a fan. A good fan for this slot would be the adjustable-speed SilverStone FM123. Next to the hard drive cages is the side air vent for its unique 120mm cooling solution. One of the internal differences between the TJ09 and TJ10 is that this model supports extended-length graphics cards up to 12 inches long. The mid-duct cooling solution has a "graphics card holder" which helps supports the longer graphics cards.

The reversible power supply mount remains at the bottom of the chassis and the TJ10 can handle power supplies up to 300mm in length. At the top of the case are dual 120mm fan slots. Another strong point of the TJ09 that was continued with the TJ10 is the reinforced EATX motherboard tray, which is also tool-less. The motherboard tray supports ATX, Extended ATX, and SSI motherboards. At the back of the motherboard tray is a pre-installed 120mm, 1200RPM, 12dBA exhaust fan.

So what does the TJ09 look like up against the TJ10? Below are a few pictures of the SST-TJ10B-W and the previously reviewed SST-TJ09B-W. The TJ10 took the top position while the TJ09 was on the bottom.

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