SilverStone SG01 Sugo SFF

Written by Michael Larabel in Enclosures on 6 August 2005 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 3 of 5. Add A Comment.

Opening up the SilverStone Technology Sugo SG01, we were impressed with the amount of room provided inside considering all of the different features and overall case size. The first item we'll point out inside are the 5.25" drive bays. Unfortunately, they aren't tool-less but the design of the case makes it relatively easy to simply slide in the drive and then secure it in place with the included screws. Although the motherboard and PSU compatibility with the SG01 is near universal, a few areas may cause concern with certain components. One of the compatibility issues to keep in mind is that the combined depth of the power supply and optical drive(s) can't exceed 355mm, as they simply wouldn't be able to fit inside of the chassis.

Underneath the SG01 5.25" drive bays, is the internal 3.5" HDD cage. Mounted on the end of the cage is an 80mm SilverStone fan rated for 2050 RPM @ 21dBA. The fan should be able to drive heat away from the two 3.5" HDD bays. To remove this cage, simply remove the two screws from above the cage and then slide out and lift the metal cage. When doing so, all of the front panel connectors and cables can be seen. When looking at these cables, we were extremely impressed by their length. All of these front panel cables can nearly reach the rear of the chassis, so there should be no problems with the cables not being able to reach the motherboard. Like with the 5.25" bays, 3.5" hard drives can be installed simply by attaching screws to each side of the device.

Spanning the length of the case is a support bar to re-enforce the Sugo and it also supports an additional PSU bracket and the expansion 60mm fan slot. On the bottom of the case, are all of the stand offs already pre-installed for supporting any standard micro ATX motherboard. At the rear of the case, is the 60mm exhaust fan immediately above the expansion slots. Next to the previously mentioned expansion slots and exhaust fan is the I/O panel and ATX PSU mount. Like usual for SilverStone Technology chassis' we found the build quality to be astonishing and there were no significant engineering or manufacturing flaws.

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