SilverStone SG01 Sugo SFF

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Although the SilverStone Sugo series is entirely new, the exterior of the SG01 reminded us very much of previous chassis' from the Lascala series. The first items to catch our attention on the aluminum/acrylic front panel are the two 5.25" drive bays. These drive bays are situated in the upper right hand corner of the case and covering the available bays are metal covers, which can be removed by unscrewing them from inside the chassis. The design of the Sugo SG01 is very innovative in the fact it's so small yet allows for so many items - including the dual 5.25" bays. Immediately below the 5.25" bays are a series of front panel ports that consist of four USB 2.0, one Firewire, and two audio (earphone & microphone). To the left of these front panel ports are the power and reset switches along with the power and hard drive activity blue LEDs. Like with the SilverStone LC-14 and other models, these switch faces are composed of aluminum and match precisely with the rest of the front bezel. In the upper left hand corner remains the SilverStone Technology emblem.

As cooling SFF PCs can often be a difficult challenge, SilverStone has lined both sides of the Sugo SG01with an array of holes for assisting in some heat dissipation while at the top of the chassis is another series of holes that line directly above the optional 60mm fan mount. The fan mount lines up directly above the four expansion slots to assist in cooling any of these cards.

At the rear of the SG01 is a standard ATX PSU mount, 60mm exhaust fan, I/O panel, four expansion slots, and another optional fan mount that can be found between the I/O panel and ATX PSU. One unfortunate problem about the SG01 is that the 60mm exhaust fan needs to be removed when installing any expansion cards because it blocks the screws for each individual slot. Also, as we'll later discuss the design of the exhaust mount may possibly cause some problems with your peripherals.

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