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Liquorix Articles & Reviews

Linux 5.19 Looking Real Good On The HP Dev One, XanMod + Liquorix Also Tested   Computers   2022-07-11
XanMod, Liquorix Kernels Offer Some Advantages On AMD Ryzen 5 Notebook   Software   2021-07-26
XanMod's Linux 5.10 Kernel Helping Tap Extra Performance With The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X   Operating Systems   2021-01-19
The XanMod Kernel Is Working Well To Boost Ubuntu Desktop / Workstation Performance   Operating Systems   2020-01-10
Linux 5.4 vs. Liquorix Kernel Benchmarks For AMD Ryzen + Radeon Gaming On Ubuntu   Linux Gaming   2020-01-04
Benchmarking Ubuntu's Low-Latency Kernel & Liquorix Post-Meltdown   Software   2018-01-14
Linux 4.3 vs. Liquorix 4.3 vs. Linux 4.4 Kernel Tests   Software   2016-01-10
Liquorix 3.11 Kernel Benchmarks   Software   2013-10-17
Liquorix 3.8 Kernel Has Some Performance Wins Over Linux   Software   2013-04-15
Running Ubuntu 12.04 With The Liquorix Kernel   Software   2012-03-27

Liquorix Linux & Open-Source News

MGLRU v15 Published For Last Minute Testing Of This Major Linux Improvement   Linux Kernel   2022-09-18
Systemd Creator At Microsoft, Retbleed, Rust's Continued Growth & Other July Highlights   Phoronix   2022-08-01
MGLRU v13 Published, Benchmarks Continue Looking Good For This Kernel Feature   Linux Kernel   2022-07-07
Performance-Boosting MGLRU Patches Updated Against Current Linux 5.19 State   Linux Kernel   2022-06-14
MGLRU Revved Once More For Promising Linux Performance Improvements   Linux Kernel   2022-05-19
Con Kolivas Contemplates Ending Kernel Development, Retiring MuQSS & -ck Patches   Linux Kernel   2021-08-31
Linux 5.11-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.208 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2021-02-18
Linux 5.11, Pyston, Wayland & Other January Excitement   Phoronix   2021-02-01
Happy New Year! A Look Back At The Most Popular Phoronix Content Of 2020   Phoronix   2020-12-31
Linux 5.10-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2020-12-31
AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, Timely New Open-Source GPU Support   AMD   2020-12-29
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics Of January   Phoronix   2020-02-01
Benchmarks Of Arch Linux's Zen Kernel Flavor   Arch Linux   2020-01-17
Benchmarks Of Clear Linux's Native Kernel Against Current/Mainline/Preempt-RT Kernels   Clear Linux   2020-01-08
Linux Kernel "Zen" Downstream Pulls In A MuQSS Fix To Help Gaming Performance   Linux Gaming   2020-01-07
Benchmarks Of The Liquorix Linux 4.17 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-07-03
2016 Has Been Off To A Great Start For Open-Source & Linux   Free Software   2016-01-17
Linux-Based XanMod Kernel Tests   Linux Kernel   2016-01-11
Liquorix Kernel Benchmarked Against Linux 4.2, Linux 4.3 Kernels   Linux Kernel   2015-10-13
The Liquorix Kernel Is Still Ticking, Currently Based On Linux 4.1   Linux Kernel   2015-08-27
On Old Hardware, Think Twice About Ubuntu 12.04   Ubuntu   2012-03-28
Reiser4 Still Lacks Mainline Ambitions   Linux Storage   2012-01-09